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If someone is suffering from a terminal illness they should have the right to euthanasia

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Started: 10/16/2016 Category: Health
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It is not right for a terminally Ill person to continue to pay for medical bills when they are not going to benefit from any of the services or medications that they are prescribed! The hospitals and nursing homes should not benefit from people who are dying! B


You seem to make the sweeping generalisation that terminally ill people do not benefit from services and medication used to prolong their life. My philosophy is that life should be lived until nature takes its toll, and that a life is always worth living. We should take death as a positive and necessary experience.

To define euthanasia;
the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma.

Now I personally would not consider switching off life support as euthanasia. I would also not consider discontinuation of medication as euthanasia. These are unnatural solutions to elongate ones life. I do believe that these medications can reduce pain however, and that services provided by hospital staff, carers, and the like can make the dying process more comfortable.

I believe your starting argument is flawed. Who is even to say whether a terminally ill person needs to take medication, or even pay for medication, as opposed to staying in bed at home and allowing themselves to die? As for hospitals and nursing homes benefitting from people who are dying, I would argue that it is a muually beneficial relationship - one that is always entered with consent of the patient given they are capable of doing so.
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Yes, my arguement may flawed but I know there are many variation of the dying process . This incluudes physicans assisted suicide or a do not resitate compliance order. Perhaps you missed my point, or I was not that clear on my position. Please allow me to reinterate my debate opposition. I think one should be given ethanasia to die ,especially, if they are suffering and feeling like they are burden. With this in mind, terminally ill patients should not be a paycheck for someone when they no longer have the desire to exist.
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