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If the US and China should go to war, the US will have a greater chance of winning.

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Started: 4/3/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Resolution: The US will have a greater chance of winning the war

Things to consider in this debate...

1. Country size
2. Population size
3. Military size
4. Allies
5. Defense Spending
6. National Security
7. History of wars
8. Influence
9. Warheads
10. Resources
11. Style of military (Compulsory or Volunteer)

BoP is shared.


1. The first round is for acceptance and appreciation. (only)
2. A forfeit or concession is not allowed.
3. No semantics, trolling, or lawyering.
4. All arguments must be visible inside this debate.
5. Debate resolution, definitions, rules, and structure cannot be changed without asking in the comments before you post your round 1 argument. Debate resolution, definitions, rules, and structure cannot be changed in the middle of the debate. All resoultion, definitions, rules, and structures are as stated.

Voters, we hope you enjoy the debate. And that your vote is as stand.

Debate Structure

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Presenting all arguments
Round 3: Refutation of opponent's arguments (no new arguments)
Round 4: Refutation of opponents previous refutation (in round 3)
Round 5: Defending your original arguments and conclusion (no new arguments)


1. Country size in a war like this is a weakness, smaller country has an easyer time defending and in a large war like this defense is the most important thing

2. Chinas population as of 2011 reported by CIA which is the most accurate is 1,344,130,000 and U.S. is 313,914,040 as of 2012. China has 4 times our population

3. U.S. military size is bigger than Chinas military by around 1,000 troops, but in total war at max military for both countries China would have around 70,000 more troops

4. For allies it would not even mater to avoid world war it would be a 1v1

5. Defense spending met forced labor... its more affective

6. See point 5

7. History has told me US is bad against gorilla warfare, china uses gorilla warfare

8. See point 4

9. Both countries have something in the back pocket so we can know

10. See point 5 ( again )

11. See point 3 conscription = a better military

P.S. Please try to make new points dont just refrains one you have already said.
See point # gets old
Debate Round No. 1


1. Country size matters in this debate. With a larger country and development there is a larger population and population density. Now if the country was small it likely that the other country military move around easily whereas in a bigger country they have from place to place and the country military can move.

2. Population contribute significant to war. When there's a war, the patriots and nationalistic will pick up a gun to defend their motherland. Now in terms of population China has a greater chance. But in terms of patriots and nationalistic Americans will likely defend their motherland as they enjoy more freedom.

3. The U.S has the most powerful military force in the world. It can take on any country, ex: Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time. The US has more branches of military than the US. The US has...Army, Navy, Marine, Navy seal, Coast Guard, National Guard, Air Force. If this war was to play out the "Army will be on ground", the "Air Force fighting in the air", "Navy" fighting in the sea, and Marine fighting "Land and Sea." While our "Navy Seal" secretly try to take out their leaders. This is fighting aboard. And than if they come to fight in our land the "National guard" will act as the army while the "Coast Guard" act as the navy. this is fighting at home.

4. In this debate let's forget about allies. Because you're right it'll lead to World War. This is just 1 on 1.

5. The US has a much greater Defense spending than China.

6. The US has a much higher national security than that of China.
National Security agency in America...
1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
2. National Intelleigency Agency/Central Security Service
3. United States National Security Council
4. Department of Homeland Security
5. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
6. Defense Intelligence Agency
7. National Defense University

There are alot of security agency, but these are the few's. These agency are vital to the US security and these can prevent or encounter attacks as fact as possible. Now i'm not saying China doesn't have agency but they do not have as much as the US.

8. Influence will also be taken out of this debate. It was suppose to talk about the influence each nation have alround the world. And simply put it US has a much greater influence the world so alot of nation will back it up. but since this is 1 on 1 we talking about its out of the debate.

9. Yes both countries have something in the back pocket so we can know. but which one have more? US of course. We got more warheads than any other nation on earth.

10. Resources in this case of all of the the things you need to fight a war. manpower, weapons, information, everything.

11. The US has a style of military that is volunteer. While China is compulsory. so China has a much higher advantages of simply sending people in the war.

P.S i clarify the points for you. I went into further detail. so i am not refraining it.


ArcticLAST forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Breaks rule: Forfiet!


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Debate Round No. 3


vote pro.


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Debate Round No. 4


ArcticLAST forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by hilton16 4 years ago
Both in the China and U.S.
Posted by Legitdebater 4 years ago
Where exactly would the war take place? In China? In the U.S.?
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