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Iggy Azalea is a superior rapper to Nicki Minaj.

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Started: 10/27/2014 Category: Entertainment
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This is open voting just to warn you (my other debate is 2,500 Elo minimum to vote).

First round is your case for Iggy. I will then present my case in Round 2 and counteract the points that you raised in Round 1.

[FYI: This was a personal challenge as I am playing devil's advocate here.]


Observation: personally I have only listened to 6 or so of Iggy's songs so I don't have much knowledge on these 2 rappers but based off what I hear from both I believe Iggy is better so will be a kind of troll debate I guess.

Cont 1: Iggy has better lyricism then Nicki
Both have made pop songs and we have heard their verses but Iggy's are more uniqe and have more of an impact. Nicki wasn't bad when she was making mix tapes but her music is becoming very strange and out there one major example is Anaconda.

Cont 2: Iggy's music has more meaning then Nicki's
Nicki is making terrible songs with little meaning like "bees in a trap" Anaconda" etc. Iggy at least has some songs that mean things and represent who she is even fancy which was just a sort of club/party song had more meaning then NIcki's songs.

COnt 3: Nicki got dissed by lil kim
Lil kim dissed Nicki bad and put her in her place.

Conclusion: Personaly like I said I don't know much about these 2 artist I have listened to Nicki longer then Iggy but agan I usually listen to male artist like Logic, drake, or childish Gambino. So this is just a troll debate for fun.
Debate Round No. 1


At the age of 31, Nicki's net worth is $50 million. At the age of 24, Iggy is only worth $6 million. Put into perspective, over 7 extra years of life, Nicki has almost 9 times the wealth of Iggy.

Observe the videos on the right. If you are unable to view any of them in your country look at the following list:

(1) Nicki Minaj - Blazin' 00:27

Achieves a speed and rhyme-streak that Iggy can only dream of. The flow is pure perfection and on top of that when she slows down she doesn't randomly make words loud for the sake of rhyme like Iggy does but genuinely emphasises words that have significance.

(2)Drake ft. Nicki Minaj - Make me Proud 01:27

displays how even when she is semi-fast she is 100% audible, literally every word is so easily understandable thanks to her jaw muscles and ability to pronounce every word so clearly. Iggy is inaudible even when she's slow because her accent is so fake and overly done, on the other hand Nicki's faux-ghetto accent is done perfectly with pure clarity. In face Nicki has a huge range of accents she can do which I will come to later.

(3) Nicki Minaj - Pills N' Potions (the whole song)

In this song Nicki displays her singing ability. While this has no weight on her rapping ability, the fact that she can do the singing parts to her own tracks saves her having to share profits to a collab. partner and is probably why she's almost 9 times as rich as Iggy. In addition, she shows her capability to incorporate drug abuse with the regrets felt after a break-up. Very few rappers are capable of combining sentimentality with drug usage. In fact this is one of the only raps to explain that resorting to drugs to overcome emotional issues achieves nothing as she will 'still love him' regardless so numbing the pain was useless. In addition, the verses were more about the struggle of working up the food chain to get where she is in her career. Iggy just whines about having to work alone in Miami, Nicki had it just as hard, read (4) for more.

(4) Nicki Minaj - Dear Old Nicki

This level of emotional sentimentality is perhaps not possible for Iggy to do yet as she is still in the 'old nicki' mode somewhat. Nonetheless, this is one example of how Nicki combines singing and rapping. She is actually possibly the only rapper other than Drake to both sing and rap whilst not diverging to reggae (keep in mind that Drake did it after Nicki got famous for it).

(5) This is an argument, that refers to multiple videos:

Nicki has 15 alter egos.

In Nicki Minaj's Monster verse you see The Harajuku Barbie in her prime; super egotistical and very loud and extreme in the way she says words. She sometimes even apologizes for her other alter ego's (especially Roman's) behavior. The black text in it is not Barbie but is Roman, the red text is Barbie.

Her alter ego Roman Zolanski is supposed to be a homosexual male more rambunctious and wild than the real Nicki is. In her 'Bottoms Up' verse you see how the gay character thinks he is a lady but is really just a whore for other rappers.

Her other alter egos either feature in music videos, as 'talking part' in intros, outros or choruses or simply as younger Nickis. Iggy has one alter-ego (in fact her entire rap career is her alter ego) which is the ghetto white trash she pretend sot be when she's actually a posh Aussie who came to Miami. Some of Nicki's other alter egos do rap but Roman and Barbie are her alpha ones, so to speak.

In fact look at Nicki Minaj as Roman in outta My Mind and you will see how fantastically she raps in her slut-mode.

(6) This is regarding point 5.

Nicki not only does so many different accents in her music videos (look at that Latifa interview and skip to 05:40)
She does one of the sexiest Spanish accents ever and then does one of the best cockney ones I ever heard at 06:55, as well as slaying the Valley girl at 07:36. She uses these accents in her songs very often (although not the Spanish one but that was just so hot I mentioned it).

Iggy can do 1 fake accent; ghetto white trash.

This is so stupid because what even is ghetto to white trash, that's a juxtaposition in itself and is the most ridiculous fusion of black and white slum whores that I have ever heard.

I conclude that Nicki Minaj is just so superior to Iggy.



Nicki isn't that good

1. Nicki has a fake butt

2. Nicki raps about dick to much

3. NIcki was a crappy judge on American idol


1. She displays uniqe ideas like in black widow going off the perspective of what a black widow does. The female devours the male after they yeah. So she connects this concept to eh song and compares it to real life situation.

2. Iggy can rap a certain way if she wanted to she was trained a bit by king los.
Debate Round No. 2


All my points have not been addressed/rebutted. Con has given zero evidence for supporting his rather subjective and prejudiced outlook on Nicki Minaj.


1. IF you hear nicki sing live her singing ability is limited like Drakes
2. Monster is a older song which proves she is losing her rapping ability since my opponent didn't put anything recently.
Debate Round No. 3


Pills and Potions is a new song... So the second point is negated.

Drake is a multi-millionaire rapper so I'm proud that you compared Nicki to him.


pills n potions is a song so doesn't prove her rapping abilitiy.

Just cause your a multi millionare doesn't mean your good. One major example is the guy that does gang ham style. Idk if I spelled it right but yeah.
Debate Round No. 4


Literally 0 of my points have been rebutted and pills and potions has a ridiculous amount of in depth emotional rap... Just... I am not even going to bother.

Nothing Pro said had any evidence to back it up. everything I said was completely explained.

Thanks and bye.

Pro had full BoP here by the way.


pills n potions is a song so doesn't prove her rapping abilitiy.

iggy is better rapper overall and raps have more meaning.

You haven't proven she has any good rap songs right now. Just form the past which proves she is slipping off.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Imperfiect 3 years ago
Do you wanna turn it into a 4 round debate?
Posted by Imperfiect 3 years ago
This was actually meant to prepare me for the me being Pro one.
Posted by Imperfiect 3 years ago
This was actually meant to prepare me for the me being Pro one.
Posted by Imperfiect 3 years ago
I am sorry but I do not do troll debates... I will take this pretty serious...
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