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Illegal immigration has ruined the US economy

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Started: 8/15/2013 Category: Society
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Simply put: the US economy "used" to be the greatest in the world because the people were paid well, and spent their money on businesses who made great profits, and could in turn pay their employees well, etc.

People come here (and I am totally not against them personally, lots of people would do the same thing) to make better money than they do where they come from, and send it home to their families. Well first of all, they send it elsewhere and don't put it back in the US economy (point 2 as I said of what made a great economy). Second of all, they work for less than the job used to pay. Employers here naturally were happy as heck. And they pay everyone else what these guys unknowingly settle for. These illegal immigrants could do better. That is, if they weren't illegal and desperate, being taken advantage of.

Make it a level playing field and the citizens of this country, including relatively recent legal immigrants, will do just fine. We are not all lazy and over-privileged - how do you think we built a great country? Pay people well for the job they are doing. But when people are illegal, they will work for crap, just because it is more than what they would make if they stayed home. It's unfair to them and it hurts the rest of us. We don't make enough to put back into the economy what we used to. And down the hill we go.

Shall there be no middle class? Corporate America would like nothing better. And it is the illegal immigrants who are making it happen.


The United States should let Illegal Immigrants into its borders. America started as a place for immigrants finding a better life from their own problematic countries, therefore we should admit those people into our country

Illegal Immigrants are actually better for our economy than illegal immigrants, to oppose my opponent's argument. There is little evidence that legal immigration is economically preferable to illegal immigration. Illegal Immigrants tend to be more flexile in their job selection, flocking to sectors that need more support. Legal immigrants cannot move easily between other jobs, limiting their benefit to the economy of the United States. Most illegal immigrants are law abiding and pay income tax towards the economy therefore helping the economy benefit. Although Illegal Immigration causes the wages for lowed skills workers to go down, the whole population of the United States is able to benefit because of lower prices on products because of lower wages. Unauthorized immigrants serve as a flexible component of our workforce, often a safety valve when demand is pressing and among the first to be discharged when the economy falters. On average, all immigrants will pay $80,000 more in taxes per capita than they use in government benefits over their lifetime.

Therefore, taking the illegal immigrants out of the United States would cause a large a economic disaster.
Debate Round No. 1


Another point about our country that made it great is, not just our economy, but that we were founded on the immigration of people who welcomed citizenship and knew that they could do well for themselves, if they worked hard. And they worked hard, and gained the success they deserved. That was the American Dream. And they wanted to be a part of it.

But if somebody works as hard as you do for half as much, what's your chance? Before any talk of the lazy American is claimed, what if it happened to (understood) you? Nobody cared about outsourcing when it first started, as it was only happening to factory workers. But when white collar jobs were sent to India, oh wow "outsourcing"is on the cover of every magazine at the doctor's office. There was nothing they could do about it by then though, as it was okay for it to happen to others. They told themselves things they buy made in factories would be cheaper so they didn't care. Are they?

I have heard people say that the cost of tomatoes would go up into dollar amounts each if we got rid of illegal immigration. First of all, it makes me sick that people do work like that for so little, as I did it myself on my ex-boyfriend's farm. But I have to say I find it hard to believe that tomatoes were delicacy items before illegal immigration. Who picked them before illegals immigrants? People who got paid more. Companies have been handed the addictive drug of paying people less for more, and the door was opened by letting them get away with hiring employees they could exploit.

I fear for our country's future because the greed is finally imploding. If you are not getting paid well, you are not buying things. If you are not buying things, companies aren't making money. But they don't care they will just lay people off, hire part-time, hire temps they can dispose of easily, etc. How can it be turned around, when companies don't care about the health of the country and see us all in worth of how much they get for how little?

Illegal immigration is much faster than legal immigration, but often the things that come easiest are more of a scam. These people are being exploited, and are being used as pawns in corporate-America's war on all our wallets.


America, like my opponent has states, is a great country. America was founded by people migrating from other countries that have had problems before to start a new life. They were willing to work hard to be successful in America, and it is the same scenario right now. History repeats itself. Illegal Immigrants tend to come from countries that have problems where they face poverty and disease and migrate into the United States. These Illegal Immigrants will work hard for their success in the United States and gain the success they deserve.

My opponent says that the future of the United States will decrease economically and politically, but as I have already said, illegal immigrant workers are crucial for the economy. Illegal immigrants have low skill, but crucial jobs that no one else is willing to do. Without these illegal immigrants working for these employers, then we don't have people that are manufacturing goods. Their minimum wage salary is not different from the salary of many other citizens of the United States. Because of their low salary, the products that they help make are lower, making it more convenient and cheap for the average consumer in the United States to buy, therefore there will be no economic fall like my opponent has said.

Illegal Immigrants are not being exploited as my opponent has said. The sole purpose of Illegal Immigration from underprivileged countries to the United States is to have a better life from the poverty of the other countries. They are willing to accept these jobs with very little pay to survive. It is a better opportunity than they would've had if they had stayed in their own country to suffer. Not only are they helping from themselves, but they are also helping to keep the economy of the United States afloat as well.

Also, illegal immigrants abide the laws and pay for what they use. They pay sales tax, gas tax, food tax, clothes tax and the list goes on. They pay rent or mortgage payments in an estimated 4 Million apartments or homes. If we deport them all what will those landlords do to make up this loss? Extend: On average, all immigrants will pay $80,000 more in taxes per capita than they use in government benefits over their lifetime.

All in all, they should be allowed for they have done nothing wrong
Debate Round No. 2


spankme forfeited this round.


choupidar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Bullish 5 years ago

I can take this debate.
Posted by SeanCEyler 5 years ago
I may accept your challenge in a few days (will be gone this weekend), Your debate topic is specific enough, but I disagree with the scope of your opening statements. I will check back on Sunday.
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Reasons for voting decision: Arguments go to Pro because CON doesn't even realize they are contradicting theirself. "Illegal Immigrants are not being exploited as my opponent has said" then he says.."They are willing to accept these jobs with very little pay to survive." That's exploitation is it not? Using their illegal status employers can artificially drive down wages. Illegals not knowing any better take the job and as a result of low pay, live in deplorable conditions... that's the very definition of exploitation.. Con argues that they pay more in taxes.. how if they are illegal and pay no income tax? Con also ignores pros point about the fact that these "low skill jobs" existed before the illegal immigration problem and the economy flourished. Cons assertion that there wont be anyone to manufacture goods is unfounded. Therefor Pro gets the argument.