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Illuminati was not kill

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Started: 1/12/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I can proov dat illumininity is reel:
b igbrother watch ingus teh illumininity is wachi ngu omg ery1 knos dat teh 9/11 wasan insidej ob lizzareds heeple didit obama is shaepsiftin gloomnary spyder 2 enslaevew orld jz uzen hi shands 2 m8ke duiamund diamod is lominiti satan signe cuz teh guvernmenturs r cntrolledb y tringles tey r propibly lookin g@ ur skreen now r tey tryi ngtot ell us datwe r mindcentroled aera51 is holoram to tric krussia alien sdid it becau se#tehtruth whatar ethey hifing f romus the liminartii is @murica ciz dair symbolz r on teh bak of ou rseal teh un is tryig to kut of our supp lychain cuz day knoedat ebolawaz uzeed by lomiiinitsy to cantrole the afrkkaas dis iz y lenovo m8k3s books by schrome lenoxo haz 6leterz ciz it is saytanlife because chinafou nd teh tiem warppadcuz teh nazisma de hiteler klones to taekov er wurld whene ussr mafe him killlhim self they tuuk hisbones to stophim bu theisba ck &he will findu dey have had atlantealweath er cuntroll for yeers nd tey uzin it to killja pan cuzof anime the guvernmentorz r m8king poisun ous snow to kill peple.


I acept ur dank argument and i fel lik u r am worty aponento. u r am cheeky skrub and teh illuminatoy will get shrekt ell. preper ur anus cuz it will be rekt.
Debate Round No. 1


Butt i can has proof dat Russia asks "how do i evil"? Moon can be proved as faek kuz ov loomynartys

Russia maed a staregate to wakeup de god osiris frum sleep de moo n was made az a hologram 2 cover thee deadstar maed by obama omg tdeh @merica nev erlanded on tehmoon cus dey new that osamab inladen iz in teh cia. nikimanagge iz shoin one eyet o camara nda ythe pheotiogrsphers r wit dem 2 dat ois y thryb rin gthe slippard people to deh photoe sjoots becausse thay knoe datb hitler clonesa rer terewand diroties are luminary alzo febause they ne3ded to send soem ak47’s to teh union in civil war so dey cpuld win they used a tiem maciene to go bak and give dem assaul twapons licnoln wasnt shot by buth he was sot bye johnfkennedy and becase dey ertr mad they weant dack in time and killed jfk aall het kkk woer maskd so hide gtheir fa cesfrum teh goodpeo pleso thet could be bad anend make frankenstien so wen 9/11 hapened no one wuld think bush di dit did tehy make us slabes whata re they hiding f romus is fazecklan poweful to kill loomynrty bit atlantis died abd whales r contruling the weeather and accausi global lwarming the myan calender waz twu becauuse the phantum time hypothesis we areent in 2015 we r in 1715 cuz theey moved 300ye ars frum teh callender so we r gonna die in myantime helloe kitty waz made bye person bec auseshe made a deal wit devile to save frum moutch cancer and tatswhy wev eben wattchibg hellokitsy. Dis iz y skrek cant has loomynarty cuz illuminati backwards=cia!!!
dis iz y they are watchin gyou and the governments are cuntrolled by tringles.


DankMan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


shrek is ugly u know what else is ugly… yomama.

yomama was teh name of the last person u were debating.

beginning to see the connections?

yomama has 12 after his name

you know what else has 12?

That right-- the twelve tribes of judah.

Judah is in the bible.

The bible has 66 books…

The bible also has 2 testaments.

12 tribes divided by 2 testaments is 6.

66 books plus 6 is 666.

You know what else has 666?

Thats right, athiests.

some atheists are professional athiests.

they have trilbies.



tri lbies



Tri is in trilbies.


666/3= 222.

add 2+2+2=6

6=6 because 6=6.


Angles has 6 letters.

Iz Skrek lominrty?



DankMan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
why U ca11 m3 ug1y? :(
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