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Im more funny then anyone

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Started: 10/6/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 9 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I can beet anyone who don't believe that I am funny so come at me peeps.


I accept.

To wrap up the first round I just want to say the only thing that"s hilarious is that the first thing an 18 year old does after they recently just joined a day ago is trying to boost their self esteem by proving their funny. But that"s not intentional, therefore that doesn"t count as your sense of humor.
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Posted by Youraverageunicorn 9 months ago
OH MY GOD BE COMDEDIAN, Pikachu! It's like, on point
Posted by PowerPikachu21 9 months ago
I'd better make some jokes too. I might be a Slowpoke, but my humor's not too Farfetch'd. I can Raichu as many Pokepuns as you'd want, but I'd have to Eggxecute them well. So far, this chain Espurr-fect, but I'll check with my Maw, wile I discover some even better Pokepuns. Just Bewear my next few, they can get quite... Onyx-pected.
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