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Imabench's vote for my debate was completely wrong

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Started: 5/9/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I recently had a debate with awesomeness;

Where Imabench voted for awesomeness because of his claim that I didn't have a convincing argument. He completely ignores the fact that my OPPONENT did NOT have an argument at all. I hope he can defend his assertion that an irrelevant argument is better than an argument that is relevant.


First off here is the debate we are talking about:

" Imabench voted for awesomeness because of his claim that I didn't have a convincing argument"

Which is completely legal.....

"He completely ignores the fact that my OPPONENT did NOT have an argument at all."

Maybe you were looking at a different debate, here is what I saw.

Awesomeness started a debate about why personal electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers should be allowed in a classroom, and proceeded on listing 18 reasons about why they would be beneficial to learning in class, which I have rewritten below. The ones I have underlined were the ones that made the most sense to me

1 - They have built in dictionaries and tools to improve grammar
2 - They can integrate video to make learning more stimulating
3 - Some have access to newspapers
4 - They save money on textbooks
5 - They save money on fictional books
6 - Valuable skills in logic
7 - Access to educational websites
8 - Interactive and extra curricular learning
9 - It improves graduation rates in schools that implement these policies
10 - It improves Standardized Test Scores in schools that implement these policies
11 - Improves writing skills among students in schools that also implement these technologies
12 - Twice as many students meet state standards in courses compared to those students who dont have this access to these devices
13 - Encourages diversity
14 - More interaction in learning (he counted this twice)
15 - Peer feedback
16 - Can encourage the flow of ideas between individuals
17 - Efficient working where students can access work on different computers
18 - Improves learning experience
19 - Improves grades in 76% of cases where students have access to these gadgets

That was the Pro's opening arguments, the Con (DeadBrownApple) responded not by showing that personal devices like phones more often are used for social media and prove to be just distractions, or source any evidence suggesting that the Pro's claims are false, and instead bases his entire argument that electronic devices decrease the quality of education, even though Awesomeness showed four times how it has a dramatic increase on it.

DBA then starts by saying that the frontal lobes of these students are not fully developed and thus would decrease their performance, but he does not show why students still show improvement in their grades with these devices despite allegedly having undeveloped frontal lobes.

Then after that DBA Immediately quotes that

"I do agree with the contention that Electronic Devices administered by the school would help in the quality of education. "

Which completely nullifies everything he just argued and reinforces Awesomeness's claim that these electronic devices do help students. He then gives a borderline semantics argument about how since the students dont own the devices and are renting them from the school that these devices all of a sudden cant be used as evidence.

After that, DBA drops all other arguments, dismisses the rest of them as inelegible since "they can be learned without electronical devices" and then argues that since they dont need those devices that they shouldnt be allowed, even though the Pro only was arguing that they IMPROVE these things.

That was round 2, In Round 3 awesomeness responds to the few arguments that DBA did not drop and argues that these devices could be put away so as they would not be used for cheating. DBA then does the unthinkable and then starts to counter the arguments that he had previously dropped in the final round when Awesomeness cannot argue against is and after DBA had already dropped all of those arguments.

On top of that poor conduct DBA even finishes the debate by saying,
"You basically argued for the wrong thing and therefore it is automatically void. You have lost this debate. At the very least, I hope you understood why you lost this debate."

And that alone could have cost him conduct, along with arguing dropped points when Pro could not defend his own points because it was the final round


As for my actual vote, I could have easily given the Pro (Awesomeness) arguments and sources and conduct since the Con (DBA) didnt source any statistics and had very poor conduct, particularly at the end of the debate. But instead I simply gave the arguments point to the Pro (Awesomness) since the con dropped over half of the Pro's arguments, then readdressed them at the very end of the debate, and still wasnt very convincing.

So my vote was not only justified, but I was giving DBA some mercy by only giving Awesomeness 3 points when I could have justifiably given him 6.

Debate Round No. 1


Mr.DeadBrownApple forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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