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Imaginary sonic character: who's better?

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Started: 12/14/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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First I want to say yomama12 is my brother, so this is SIBLING RIVALRY!!

1st round acceptance

2nd round introduction/ back story

3rd round powers/ abilities

4th round how ones character can beat the other


I accept bro.
Debate Round No. 1


Name: Samuel "mantle" O'connor

Species: Badger

outfit: leather cowboy hat, utility belt

Backstory: A member of an ancient civilization known as Ossotto empire,and his destroyed during the Great War, Sam sought refuge at Knothole village, he eventually became a member of the Freedom Fighters, bringing his combat skills and his extrodinary powers to the team. He befriended sonic and Miles"tails" Prower, and after the Freedom fighters were destroyed,he went with them on there adventures and helps the fight against Dr. Eggman, who killed his father long ago. Sam is a skilled blacksmith, forging the best weapons and items on the face of the planet. He has a serious personality, but at times loosens up and joins the fun in beating the living tar out of Eggmans goons.


Name: sabre

Species: hedgehog

Backstory: a quiet tactitian whose parents were roboticized in the early conflicts wirh Dr. Robotnik, he quicklyjoined the freedom fighters in efforts to rescue his lost family. His efforts succeeded, and his parents were rescued. He still stayed with the freedom fighters though. He is currently part of team fighters, the hit and run team led by Sonic. He is a smart, agile and cunning, taking a more level headed aproach. He is a stategist, preffering to learn the opponent's battle strategy, and then diguring out the best stategy to beat them. I await my brother's next round.
Debate Round No. 2



Lava, Sam is able to produce an almost infinite amout of molten material from his body, he has to recharge with a heat source

Super form, if he is supercharged, Sam will transform into Blitz Sam, with this form he is able to fly, distenagrate anything with a simple touch, and cause fear to even the bravest of foes

Breathe in toxic envirements, Sam can breath in water, lava( he is not affected by any heat) and even in the vaccum of space


Training, Sam is a skilled martial artist

Swordsmanship, a master of swords and spears

Blacksmith, though not useful for fights, he is able to craft the best materials on the face of the planet



Chaos powers: sabre can use all chaos powers :control, blast, spear, etc. and a move that is unique to him: chaos counter: a brown bubble ( the same color as him) that deflects any attack and sends it back to the one who did it at twice the speed and power.

Super Form: using all 7 chaos emeralds or equal power, he can transform into Holy Sabre, a version that dons golden armor, and wings, enabling flight, allowing him to travel at the speed of light, and triples all his attack's power. Unfortunately, like all powerful forms, there's a time limit: about 5-10 minutes.

Abilities: swordsmanship: sabre always has his trusty sword: a katana with about a 2 foot blade and made of titanium with the blade coated with diamond, ensuring the blade never breaks or dulls.

Gadgets: sabre is on par with Tails in smarts, and has come up with some gadgets to aid him in battle, namely, the band around his wrist, also coated with diamond, that has many things built in: a teleportation device, which he has learned to use it we'll in combat, a tracking device, a hidden blade, etc.

Loyalty: he has earned the trust of almost every tribe/kingdom in the world, ensuring that wherever he goes, if he asks for backup, he'll get it.
Debate Round No. 3


How my character could beat yours:

While Sabre is a decent opponent, Sam is quite better. Sam could easily backflip behind him and slap his sword out of his hands, and Chuck his sword off a cliff. And finish him off with a spear to the spine. If he had to, he could transform into blitz Sam, since he carries a flame orb( an invention of his own, it has a small star inside it) and distenegrate him on touch. He could also sneak and steal Sabre's wrist thing and teleport both of them into space, where Sam would be able to breath, but Sabre would ultimately suffocate in space and be frozen forever.


Dam, forgot to mention that sabre is good in almost every martial art.

How Sabre can beat Sam:

First off, you never said he had a spear, you only said that he knew how to use one. (And Ik he said he was a blacksmith, but how would Sam know this fight would happen? It's not like Sabre sent him a note saying " I'm gonna beat your azz down at ** at **o'clock!) So your argument is irrelevant. Secondly: I think Sabre would know better than to let his band come off easily.

Sword: Sabre can either slash Sam, or the fire orb so he can't become Blitz Sam. Where else would Sam keep it? Easily visible on his belt?

Holy Sabre: most likely ( because it's like this on every other incredibly challenging battles in the Sonic universe), the 7 chaos emeralds or equal power(ex. The master emerald) would be somewhere near. That means that Sabre can transform into his super form, and obliterate Sam. ( also, you never said he could turn super from the chaos emeralds or equal power.

Chaos powers: like Shadow, Sabre can use the chaos powers. So if Sam fires of magma or fire, Sabre can use Chaos Counter to stop it, and while Sam is getting ready for another attack, Sabre can either use chaos control then slash him with sword, chaos blast him, or chaos spear him, in any way, Sam's going down.

Backup: like I said before: if Sabre wanted backup, he would get it.

I hope I have stated my character we'll, and you can see that Sabre is simply better than Sam. I hope you liked this debate, and please vote con. :)
Debate Round No. 4
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