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Started: 8/2/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1: Opponent chooses 1 of the 3 topics listed below. Present either side. Opponent leaves me 3 choices. (Please nothing totally OTF)

Round 2: Both our topics are presented without rebuttal. Judges choose who made the better presentation.

OPPONENT's Choices:
1) NASA / Space exploration is too expensive
2) Wood bats should be used at all levels of baseball
3) Pierced belly buttons or lower back tattoos are not trashy



- These bodily decorations draw attention to reserved areas. OFTEN VERY UNATTRACTIVE. Many corpulent women pierce their fat belly button flesh or imprint a tattoo just above their but crack. Society has developed laws of decency, urinating in public is illegal, so why should a big fat behind be able to hang out with a pictorial image stamped on it?
- Perhaps stereotypical, but who do you see with lower region tattoos and belly rings? Biker chicks, hormonal adolescent girls, prostitutes. Are those people trashy? Yes.
- People with those decorations expose those regions. For example, a woman with a belly button ring would often where a short camisole, flaunting off her mid section. A person with a lower region tattoo would yank their pants down, exposing their tattoo, thong and large behind. The less clothing you are clad in, the more you are categorized as 'trashy'.
- Lower Region Tattoos are often not tasteful, lacking meaning and significance.
- Trashy, not classy - normally unintelligent. Who would etch designs permanently onto their skin? For example, a young immature girls gets a playboy bunny on her lower back. Flash forward a few years - she's thirty with two kids. "Mom, what is that on your bum?" "It's a bunny" "Oh, the same one I saw in daddy's magazine?"
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent did not offer 3 topics for me to choose from, so I will simply argue to PRO side of the topic he picked. Judges, please remember that there is NO rebuttal for either side. Opponent should place a random alphanumeric in round 2. Thank you.

I affirm that pierced belly buttons or lower back tattoos are not trashy.

C-1: Subjectivity. What one person may appreciate, another may not. Yet that should not prevent others from that choice. Picture yourself holding a remote control. There are shows that I will not watch, yet other people may enjoy them. I can simply change the channel to something I would rather see, without impeding someone else's privilege.

Idiom Definitions for 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'
What is useless to one person might be valuable to another.'s+trash+is+another+man's+treasure.html

C-2: Art
In the same ball park as C-1, many people consider piercings and tatoos as a form of art. Different people appreciate different types of art including music, painting, sketching, sculpting, dance, and many other things. Body art fits into that category.

C-3: Definition & examples:
Definition: trash�y (trsh)
adj. trash�i�er, trash�i�est
1. Resembling or containing trash; cheap or worthless: trashy merchandise.
2. In very poor taste or of very poor quality:

Piercing example

Tattoo example

These examples clearly do not fit the defintion of trashy. Many would likely say they are nice, pretty, or even classy. They would be visible in the equivalent of a bikini which is acceptable beach wear. Some may choose to wear a high cut blouse, or some may choose to keep it covered for people of their choosing to view. In other words, it could be private or intimate, exclusive to the person of their choice.

Conclusion: Given the above, I have demonstrated that piercings can be appreciated, and do not fit the definition of trashy. Thanks.


Apple14 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by twsurber 7 years ago
Hey Apple, You can leave me 3 topics here in the comments, or I can just argue the pro side. Let me know your druthers.
Posted by twsurber 7 years ago
Apple, you were supposed to leave me 3 topics to choose from and make your argument in the 2nd round.
Posted by InsertNameHere 7 years ago
He will be choosing a side depending on which stance you take.
Posted by Apple14 7 years ago
Are you for or against?
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