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Started: 5/20/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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Opponent will list my choices in Round 1, and argue their choice in Round 2.

Opponents choices for Round 2:
a) People over 68 shall not be allowed to drive an automobile
b) People cannot receive social security disbursements if they haven't paid into it
c) 20% flat tax with no loop holes for all Americans

Voters will decide who presented the better argument either for or against.


Good luck, TW!

Firstly I will note that I choose the topic, "People over 68 shall not be allowed to drive an automobile."

Next I grant my opponent the following three choices:

1. The British Army was truly the best in the world and still remains incredibly powerful (Among the top Five) to this day.

2. President Obama should be impeached.

3. The United States and UN should pull out of Afghanistan and let the Taliban alone.

Hence you get Military, Politics and Controversy.

Have fun!
Debate Round No. 1


1. The British Army was truly the best in the world and still remains incredibly powerful (Among the top Five) to this day.

Without the aid of much research, thus impromptu, I concur with topic #1.

Definition: Great Britain = England, Scotland, & Wales. United Kingdom = Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

CONTENTION 1: At some point in history, Britain has without a doubt, been the strongest military force. It is difficult to precisely dates the beginning and ending, but with a built in degree of enigmatic ambiguity, they have unquestionably been the premier force for some unspecified period of time.

CONTENTION 2: Being a former military member, I would say that I have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the world forces. Having studied history in school, and observed the world events, I would have to say that Britain remains one of the top five powers in the world today. I would venture to guess a rough ranking system as such:
1. USA
2. China
3. Russian Federation
4. Great Britain
5. Israel

Honorable Mentions (Others receiving votes :o) Canada, Germany, Iran, Australia, France, India, North Korea, South Korea

While many nations have enjoyed periods of prominence, Britain has persevered for centuries, and continues to be recognized as a world power. British weaponry is featured and heralded in Jane's, one of the leaders in military information. Further, some of the most regarded leaders have come from Britain. William the Conqueror, William Churchill, and Margaret Thatcher just to name a few. Further, how can any debater think of Britain, and leave out John Locke? Impossible!

CONCLUSION: Yes, Britain was and continues to be a military power.


As a note, I also restrained my research to one site in the spirit of impromptu (though I will look and reference the results of a television series). And I have cited it.

a) People over 68 shall not be allowed to drive an automobile

I have a variety of points to argue regarding this topic, though the first can summarise the rest.

The first point is that to prohibit seniors from driving an automobile while they are capable of passing written, driving and eye tests is discrimination due to age. The Government has long been fighting this discrimination in a variety of methods, including ensuring that children who perform a job are paid at the same rate as an adult who does the same job. The Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms declares, "15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability." ( ). Hence, it would be discriminatory to ban aging people from the road if they are medically fit and not on any form of medication that effects reaction or decision.

I will also argue that Seniors particularly need automobiles at this time in life. At this time their children are gone and likely have families. In order to travel and perform errands effectively, the seniors obviously need to utilize an automobile. When the legs weaken, it becomes difficult to walk substantial distances in order to purchase a trivial item such as the daily newspaper, or purchase a cup of coffee at the local diner. Grocery shopping is a necessity, and what is a senior to do if nobody will grocery shop for them? Be defrauded of their pensions by the unscrupulous proprietors of extravagantly priced Corner convenience stores for a few food items? I think not! Many seniors are snowbirds and choose these years to travel now that they are bereft of children. How are they supposed to do that without an automobile?

Furthermore, we should respect the seniors of our society, as they are our parents and grandparents; people who achieved great things for our nations, including liberty, equality of rights and even universal suffrage for women. Millions fought and died for freedom and the democracy.

Obviously an essential stipulation is the fact that we are referring to any senior who passes the written tests, road tests and eye tests, not to mention physicals. Without these, a person is likely prohibited medically, anyway.

Also, some of these older drivers are the most experienced possible. I have a Great Great Grandfather who is 87 years old, and he has farmed all of his life but never driven a transport truck. Yet, last year he walked into the Ministry Office, completed the test, passed and then walked out to endure the road section. When he met the test instructor, the man asked him, "So where's your truck?" Being a spry farmer, my Great Grandfather automatically assumed that the man meant his pickup, which he had actually brought to the Ministry office. However, the man emitted a laugh and said, "I mean your transport truck." My Great Grandpa had passed an AZ written test with only one wrong - and that was regarding airbrakes. Afterwards he proclaimed, "It's only common sense." These wise and elderly people have often driven for over sixty years - many of them as heavy equipment operators or transport truck drivers. Nobody can gain more experience than a transport truck driver.

Some are spryer than younger people (particularly obese/inactive or sick people. Isn't the heaviest man of the world only fourty-some? Nine hundred pounds.). As I have mentioned, my Great Grandfather is 87 and still a farmer. I have a Grandma who is approximately 68 and walks everywhere - she could probably join a marathon and decimate any member of this site in a 20 kilometre walk). I also am acquainted with young people too lazy or irresponsible to move from the couch, or middle aged citizens who are terrible drivers. Recently, the Canadian television network aired a show called, "Worst Drivers of Canada." The result came down to three people; all under 68. The person who lost was a middle ages man; probably of fourty years old. Second worst was an irate lady of roughly fifty. Third was an irresponsible teenager who partied and attended the last road test with a hangover (she insensibly partied and drank all night long before the test. The other two had the common sense to sleep early). The young girl even somehow crashed her vehicle through a doughnut store front window and attempted to bribe her way into passing the tests at the television show.

One of our rants against aging people is that seniors are sometimes a little slower on the roadways. Cautious drivers are sometimes the best drivers. Any Driver's Ed teacher will proclaim, "Be safe! Be a cautious - and defensive driver." Perhaps we should take a lesson from these elderly and slow down, enjoy life - and driving.

Lastly, 68 and older are less likely to get drunk and party, unlike teenagers and young adults. Have you ever observed a man or woman of 68 or older drink three cans of beer and then stagger to the vehicle before attempting to drive home? I haven't, but I have observed and intervened in three incidents regarding younger people.

thanks for the debate. I'll look up the "Worst Drivers of Canada" Television show and post it in comments.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
Thanks, same to you!
Posted by twsurber 7 years ago
Well done! My compliments!
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
A condensed description of the television show, "Canada's Worst Driver":'s_Worst_Driver
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