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In Star Wars Neither the Republic or the Empire are Good or Bad

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Started: 7/16/2012 Category: Entertainment
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The first round will be for acceptance. I will be taking the Pro side proving that Neither the Empire or the Republic in Star Wars are Good or Bad

(This is my first debate so I'm pretty much doing it for fun and to get noob sniped :p)

(Definition) of Good [1]

morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man.
satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree: a good teacher; good health.
of high quality; excellent.
right; proper; fit: It is good that you are here. His credentials are good.

(Definition) Bad [2]

not good in any manner or degree.
having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible: There is no such thing as a bad boy.
of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient: a bad diamond; a bad spark plug.
inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use: bad heating; Living conditions in some areas are very bad.
inaccurate, incorrect, or faulty: a bad guess.



As an avid Star Wars fan I am very much looking forward to this debate (plus this is also my first debate here so we're evenly matched in that regard).

Taking the con side of the argument I understand that my task will be to convince you that one or both of The Empire or The Republic is either good or bad.

I will assume that by supplying multiple definitions that any or all of those definitions for good and bad may be referenced throughout the subsequent arguments.

I will also assume that 'Star Wars' refers to the entire expanded Star Wars universe and not merely the 6 movies.
'The Republic' will refer to the Galactic Republic that is prevalent in the prequel series and 'The Empire' will refer to the Galactic Empire founded by Supreme Chancellor, and later Emperor Palpatine after the fall of The Republic.

May The Force Be With You
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Certainly since we are both Star Wars fans this will not only be a good debate but a fun debate.

I would also like to make it clear, that since the Galactic Empire of Sidious was BASED off of the original Sith empire evidence of the Sith empire will be acceptable, but will not matter as much as the Galactic Empire. (Discussion on the Old and and New republic may also enter the conversation as it is the same republic just different sections of the Republics rain)

Many of you wonder. The Empire was obviously evil! how can you make a case for them?? The republic was obviously good they didn't dictate (AS MUCH) like the empire! and there was Freedom!

I challenge that the empire as a HOLE was not evil, and the republic as a HOLE was not good, But both where a set of ideals of opinions, with BOTH sides having good points, and different views on government.

So where should we start? The Empire? The republic? Well for this part of the debate I will argue the people views of the empire, and the Empire as a HOLE.

For over 2 decades no rebellion EVER started against the

(Remember in the Return of the sith. The senate LOVED the of a Empire...)

You see for 20 decades there was no rebellion. In fact
the majority of the people didn't mind being under the empire. As there really
was no interplanetary wars to worry about, (because the empire owned most of the
galaxy so they wouldn't allow one) the empire kept a strong hand against pirates
and smugglers so there wasn't nearly as much of that as there was with the
republic. In fact as long as you followed the laws, (Most of the laws common sense)
and stayed out of the empires hair, you where fine and most of the people where

But you see..

When Palpatine discovered Starkiller's existence he
forced Vader to fake Starkiller's death as part of a new plot to expose the
most influential traitors in the Empire.
Starkiller was healed from his near-fatal injury and tasked by Vader to
initiate a full-scale rebellion against the Empire. The apprentice believed that
the insurrection's purpose was to distract Palpatine so that he and his Master
could have another chance to kill the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith. However,
he was unaware that the Rebellion was Palpatine's plan to destroy the
disillusioned politicians within his
Empire. At the same time, he fully intended to train a new apprentice by
manipulating Starkiller into killing Darth Vader. Due to the extensive injuries
that Vader suffered on Mustafar,
Palpatine bitterly judged his hobbled disciple to be a failure. Yet in
Starkiller, he saw a chance to finally have an incredibly powerful apprentice
who was worthy to stand at his side.

However, Palpatine's plan to rout out the Empire's
subversive elements and secure Starkiller as his new apprentice ultimately
backfired in a way that he never anticipated. By finding redemption in the light side of the Force and the Jedi Way,
Galen Marek spared Vader's life in order to save a group of rebel senators. In
the ensuing showdown between Palpatine and Marek on the
incomplete Death Star, the former secret
apprentice perished in a sacrificial act of heroism that inspired the senators
to formally create the Alliance to Restore the Republic.
Palpatine regarded the death of Marek and the formation of the Alliance as
frustrating setbacks that threatened his entire reign and the rule of the Sith. In losing
Marek, the Emperor had no choice except to keep Vader alive for a while longer.
By losing control of the Alliance, he ironically had to fight against a
rebellion that he started in secret.

Palpatine in affect destroyed his own empire. By creating
the rebellion.

So for twenty years there was actually Fewer deaths then would
of probably happened under the republics government. Because the empire simply
would not allow war. IN FACT Palpatine was
famous among the people for most of his reign. As the Galactic Civil War broke out to determine the
fate of the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine stopped looking as an enlightened leader.
Under the doctrine of terror, Palpatine attempted to rule
through fear of the threat of force, symbolized by the Death Star upon its
completion in. But when the Empire suffered a devastating defeat at the Battle
of Yavin in the same year, the Emperor steadily began to lose the absolute
control over the galaxy that he had enjoyed for nearly two decades. The
destruction of the Death Star proved to be an pivotal turning point that
galvanized many beings throughout the galaxy to join the Alliance in open
rebellion against the Emperor's tyranny.

Please note that, it was only AFTER the rebel alliance war
started that palpatine moved to rule by FEAR. It was only after the rebel
alliance war started that he built the death star and destroyed alderaan (The
home world of one the rebel alliances core founder Princess Leia)

... But Costello! In the cool yellow text before the movies they call it the EVIL empire ect... Well this is only a personal belief... But that was Mr.lucas's VIEW that's how he viewed the empire and if you only had to go on the first 3 movies of Star Wars you to would come to the conclusion that they are evil.

But the first movies of star wars was the BEGINING of the empire rule of FEAR...

If Lucas made a movie of the 20 years of peace do you think anyone would go and watch it? BORRRRRINNNNGGG. Now in 2012 Star Wars has grown so much more then Lucas. If this debate was on JUST the movies of Star Wars no question the empires evil. But this isn't. its on the ENTIRE Star Wars world. Books (And other things) Have expanded on the LARGE spaces of time left OPEN by lucas's.

To this end I argue that as the empire did do a few evil
things they also did good things. Also this the EMPIRE AS A HOLE was
"Ok" not just palpatine. if
this where a debate on Palpatine is a good person that would just not work.
Palpatine in the long run was a evil person but the storm troopers imperial
officers pilots and Moffs as a hole where not and please note again the SENATE
there was a SENATE of the EMPIRE for TWENTY years.
I also argue that that the people as a HOLE where pretty
much happy with the PEACE that for the most part had come over the galaxy. The
Empire was a Idea of government that started LONG before the Galactic Empire
that works in its own "Special way".
I would like to note that since this is not real life and is a sci-fi topic on a entertainment theme finding in depth sources is harder.

There is a website however devoted to it and is "Fairly" reliable. (Please note that in this article the writer is a little biased towards the empire)

(Also as mentioned in my profile, my grammar is not that great. But I'm working on it. :)

Over to you Con!



Ok here we go:

First of all, the Empire was bad (both in a moral sense and in a 'poor or inferior quality sense) and so was the Republic. I believe the only people that were truly good in the Star Wars universe were the Jedi Order and the Wookies, but thats another story.

First of all, pro has stated that because the empire had no rebellion for 20 years and the rebellion only started because the Emperors own plan backfired. But doesn't the fact that the rebellion stuck prove that the Empire was a cause worth fighting against? The empire were bullies, they installed garrisons in places that really didn't need them, they sent Darth Vader out the terrorise the population and they meticulously killed off any Jedi they could find.

It was only a matter of time before the sinister side of the empire was shown, and with the Dark Lord of the Sith at the helm, it was inevitable that this sinister side would be very sinister indeed. So while it may have been the Emperor himself may have instigated the rebellion, it gained momentum as it went. (If you want proof for this read "The Last of the Jedi" series).

My next point, the empire rose to power in perhaps the most evil, malicious, way possible. They murdered tones of innocent people. The Emperor was responsible for the murder of innocent children. CHILDREN FOR SAKE! The only worse than murdering an innocent child is murdering an innocent Ewok child, which I'm sure the Empire would have done too if they're Scout troopers weren't so incompetent.

But wait, there's more! I know this example is blatantly obvious, but it just can not be ignored. The Empire blew up Alderaan, a peaceful, defenceless planet. Maybe if they had of blown up a planet like Tatooine, Mandalor or Geonosis they could claim that they were worried about the uprising of an army (especially in Mandalor's case) or that they were trying to rid the galaxy of some of it's low life inhabitants. But no, they chose Alderaan, a peaceful planet with no weapons, to make an example of. These people didn't attack the empire (with the exception of their faithful princess) so why were they destroyed? For two reason, 1: To make an example of them and send a message to the republic and 2: To further torture Leia. Now both reasons in themselves are morally BAD, then when you add the destruction of countless lives and an entire civilisation and culture on top of them it becomes almost unthinkable. A peaceful regime which was decidedly neutral, which is what you become when you are neither good nor bad, would never do anything like this and an act like thesis definitely not good, therefor it is definitely bad in a moral sense.

One last thing I feel i need to address before i hand it back over to pro is that he stated that this debate was a question of whether the empire as a HOLE was good or bad. Well seeing as the Empire is a government of a galaxy, and not a hole, i think it makes a pretty unsuccessful hole.

Yes I known I'm a smart arse, i can't help it. I believe what pro was trying to say is that the empire as a WHOLE was not bad. That is complete bantha doodoo. The empire as was feared by it's citizens, it sent it's armies out to enforce a strict rule and during Palpatines' reign there was not one democratic election. This is hardly good and it;s definitely not neutral. So what does that leave? BAD! The empire was bad, evil, malicious, rotten, wicked, vicious, nasty, vile and unjust.

Over to you Pro. I would say try your best, but we both know trying is definitely not acceptable in the Star Wars universe.
Debate Round No. 2


LOL! Yes I will most likely make a mistake like Hole instead of Whole from time to time.... Again... its in my profile...

Anyhow lets get started!

First: My opponent makes the claim that the empire AND the republic are bad.

(I would like to add he also said that only the Jedi Order and wookies are good... Sorry to burst your bubble but the Jedi are devoted to and are apart of the republic... so... if the republics bad as you say the Jedi are to...... And as far as wookies... well They are warriors....)

Consider this.

The republic today's equal is the United States of American (Having a congress and a president similar to the republics political structure) If the republic is Bad you must say the USA Is Bad.

Now consider this.

A Government called Senta has a King with a senate and a strong military force that owns most of the earth. The government keeps a strong hand against murder and Illegal goods. If the citizens mess around with a one of the military men physically and they aren't killed in the fight they get thrown in Jail. As long as you don't bother the army of this government be a good citizen pay your tax's and don't break any major rules you are perfectly fine and FREE to do whatever you want. This describes what the 20 years of peace was like. My opponent claims that the people would be unhappy under these conditions

(I would like to add that my opponent has given no true source on his information of why the people of the empire where unhappy with this a long with other things he claims to be true with no true source.. But like I said in Round 2 source material can be hard to find so I will take his unproven claims and try to show they are wrong to my unproven claims...)

Now after 20 years the King of Senta has become corrupt (COMPLETELY) Seeking to get rid of his current disciple and train a new one... So he makes a long elaborate plan on how to get rid of his current disciple and also get rid of some people he doesn't like in the government... The plan backfires COMPLETELY and he starts a rebellion against himself. The King for the first time with his empire having fear that he will lose control Builds Secret Atom bomb (At this point most people in the empire don't know it but the King has gone completely power crazy....

The rebellion destroys the first atom bomb but the second one kills a million people and sends Florida into the water.... At this point even the Sentas Generals surprised at the quick disappearance of the senate and the blowing of alderaan start to question if the empire stands for what it use to stand for... At this point of Sentas rule a historian in the future starts to make a movie AT THIS SPECIFIC downfall of senta showing the empire implode from the inside and more and more of senta joining the rebellion. If you had ONLY watched This historians movie you would have a VERY bad view of Senta and look at it as a complete dictatorship!

But Senta was hardly a dictatorship with the Senate making most of the decisions and the king just enjoying his rain of the earth training his disciple.....

Whenever someone thinks The EMPIRE!!! they instantly think very negatively about it... So what I have done here is replaced all the words of Empire with senta Moffs with generals (Along with other things....) To help you think more clearly on exactly what the empire was as a WHOLE. Also note that this King could see the future and protected his empire against anything he saw that would threaten it thus.. NO WAR. NO real CRIME ... There was PEACE.. Something the republic tried so hard but failed to really have because of all the war between so many species that hated other species other...

I'm short on time in writing this as my current 8 Hours and 28 Minutes will be when I'm sleeping... So excuse some of the grammar flaws I didn't have time to correct...

Now the republic... A place where species of all kinds could come together and look for a brighter future (But never really had one...)

The Republic ... (A lot like the USA) Wanted so many great things and tried to achieve them and succeeded for some time but behind that look of kindness was... Jedi not REALLY following the Jedi Code corrupt Senate members people JUST LIKE palpatine with only selfish ideas.... The republic was one big Hypocritical government... But at the same times even being Hypocritical achieved the many things they appeared to want for SOME time.....

So here we come to this conclusion...

The EMPIRE! Pros: Tons of peace no war no suffering no pirates smugglers TRUE protection (Had a senate)

Con:Sometimes seem to have gone a little to far in "Keeping the peace" in the END destroyed a PLANET (Flordia) and tried to rule by FEAR IN THE END... A long with some obvious little other things.

The republic:Pro Great Ideals and views TRYING to help and had a good goal of peace.

Con:Hypocrites no REAL peace lying war TRYING to help others but MANY times failing.

To this end we come to this conclusion....

The empire having flaws... was... OK

The republic having.. flaws... was.... OK

Over to you con! (With MANY more grammar mistakes you can make me laugh about :p)


I have to say this is turning out to be quite an interesting debate, and although Pros grammar is at times humours, his points present some interesting thinking.

Now, as I outlined very briefly in my last post the Galactic Republic was bad in the sense that it didn't work. In this case bad can be defined as: 'of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient: a bad diamond; a bad spark plug.'

Now before I go any further I need to acknowledge the fact that Pro has drawn a parallel between the republic and the United States of America. While on a shallow level the two may appear similar, I really don't think they are, and the arguments that follow this are really not intended to be derogatory towards America in any way. I am just an Aussie, all I do is ride around on kangaroos all day so what would I know anyway (sorry I'll start now).

First of all the only proof that you need that the republic was a bad system was that systems decided to leave. Sure they were lead by the evil Count Dooku, and some, like Nute Gunray and the trade federation, were probably only in it for the money, and the Zygerians just wanted slaves plus the Banking Clan were all selfish bastards and don't even get me started on Poggle the Lesser (sorry George, not your best moment). But other systems, like Sy Myrth and Ryflor, joined the Confederacy of Independent systems because of the turmoil that was engulfing the senate of the republic. Source:

Then theres the fact that they were stupid enough to appoint a nut case as supreme chancellor, although you can forgive them for this, he did make a very strong case, then they voted him emergency powers. Which basically meant the aforementioned nut job could do whatever they wanted.

Why was all this able to take place you ask? Because prolonged belief in a system that is fundamentally flawed leaves you vulnerable to make mistakes. For the dumbass senators (remember, galaxy far far away, not the USA(hooray for rhymes)), the signs should have been obvious. Blockades without any real reason, an outbreak of a droid army, coinciding with the return of the dark lord of the Sith. But when you start to get complacent, things like this scare you and when your scared you tend to lean towards self preservation, and for senators, the preservation of their people and their people alone. So what do they do? They go war, with an army that never should have been used after it was discovered that it had been created by a ghost. This very army then wiped out the protectors of the republic and ensured the rise to power of the empire.

Any system that allows this series of mistakes to happen cannot be considered good. Now pro may play the same card he used earlier here and say that for a long period of time the republic was able to maintain order so I'm just going to preempt him here and say that in the end they lost and thats what people remember. In 50 years time no ones going to say Adam Scott did really well at the british open for most the time, they're going to say he chocked in the last round and lost the tournament (for those of you who don't know, Scott was leading by 5 strokes at the start of the final round and lost). This will be the legacy that the republic leaves behind and no amount of peace before that can change it.

Now, back to the fact that the republic was allowed to stuff up. Complacency, is basically the problem. For far to long the senate had had nothing major to do and could just sit around on their haunches for the best part. In order to prevent this they could have turned over senators quicker to ensure their terms were not too long, actively discussed ways to end slavery in the outer rim or even been proactive and gone out and recruited planets like Tatooine to their cause! Did they? No and this proved to be very BAD. When the time came to do something they saw Palpatine as a way out.

I can imagine a conversation between two senators going something like this:

A: We're at war now, what are we going to do?
B: I dunno, I'll probably just go round to Dexters again and stuff my face
A: But seriously, shouldn't we do something to help save the republic
B: Relax, I've heard a rumour we got an army that seems to have come out of no where that no one knows anything about, I'm sure we'll be fine.
A:Yeah i guess so. Hey, heres an idea, why don't we give the chancellor emergency powers, that way he can do whatever he likes and make our problems go away.
B: Thats a great idea, it saves us arguing all the time as well.
A: Now what were you saying about Dexters?
B: I heard he's throwing an all you can eat buffet, only 60 credits!
A: Well what are we waiting for, I'm sure we have time, Palpatines just gonna solve our problems anyway.

Senator Amidala must have felt like Gary Ablett at a Gold Coast game (you'd probably have to be an Aussie to get this one, imagine KD playing for the Bobcats and you've pretty much got the gist of it).

Last but not least, I have to address one last flaw in the republic and that is, in large numbers, democracy breaks down. For two reasons: 1. The people are stupid and chose the wrong thing, or 2. Everyone gets selfish and wants something different. This is why they had so much in fighting in the first place which started the separatist movement in the first place. Sure they CIS had a democracy as well, but it was short and sharp, plus there weren't as many voices. If you want proof of this go watch SWTCW, I can't remember which episode it is but there is an example of a CIS vote.

Basically, the republic was full of senators that didn't do a lot, and was eventually taken down by one evil mastermind, and any system that is overwhelmed that easily is definitely of poor or inferior quality, or, in layman's terms, BAD.

Over to you Pro

P.s. I don't care if any one thinks SWTCW is stupid, I happen to think it is good, light entertainment. Plus Captain Rex is a beast.
Debate Round No. 3


I must agree with my opponent on this, This debate is proving to be very interesting and I am very much enjoying it!

(I continue to be pressed for time with "Obligations" But I will make room as best I can for this)(I almost forgot about posting my debate... very busy...)

My opponent has claimed that because the System of the republic didnt really work and a lot of the members of the government were in fact corrupt many were not. Many times they struggled to get anything done resulting in many deaths.. But many times they saved lifes by quick action... Many time there system did not work. But many times when it REALLY needed to it did.

(I want to kinda retract my earlier statement that the republic was like the USA... They are in ways a like but Im not going to even bother going there as it would be pointless)

But we are not talking about specificly the System of the republics government.. We are talking about the REPUBLIC as a WHOLE.

The republic was a place where many species could gather and not fire a blaster at eatchothers heads. They did prevent a lot of wars. And a lot of the people were very nice. With some senate members being corrupt others not some members of the republic wanting war others not some citizens of the republic being good people others bing scum.... It was a interesting system. But you cant say the Republic was Bad just because the system at many time didnt work.

But you cant say it was good as many of the corrupt actions of the government acts of the citizens and species that where members Started wars and where greedy resulting in MANY MANY MANY MANY Deaths... But they also Saved Many deaths.....

The republic and the Empire where two different kinds of systems with Great Ideas! and bad ones. Both systems were very imperfect but they still managed to get a lot done!

As my last Debate post.

I would like to thank my opponent so much for this wonderful debate!

I would like to thank everyone that put up with my grammar trouble and I hope to have improved on it for my next debate!

Vote PRO! And Live long and pros-.... wait.... umm.... Try... yeah umm... yeah thats it.. All ways try your best err... umm... Oh right... ILL BE BACK!... Yeah thats it right? *Whispers* Its not?.... oh.... *Whisper* ... Ah forget it heres a wonderful link of famous Star tre-... *Whisper* galacti- *Whisper* Star wars! Quotes! May the force be with you!



The last time I will be arguing in this debate. *wipes tear from eye*

First and foremost I feel I need to rebut something that my opponent has said in his last post. He mentioned that we are not talking specifically about the Republics government and then went on to mention that a lot of the people were very nice and didn't kill each other and used this to infer that the Republic was not all bad. I would like to point out that there were probably people in Nazi Germany who were nice people, many members of the Nazi party themselves were probably, in essence, nice people. Yet whenever we think of the Nazi's we think of Adolf Hitler and the killing of so many innocent people.

Pro also continues to insist that we must take into account the Empire and the Republic as a whole, before deciding whether the were good, bad, or indifferent. He says that both of these systems did things that were good and things that were bad, and that these acts balance combine to form an equilibrium between good and bad. Need I remind you that the Empire blew up a PLANET!

I'm sorry, but a basic sense of morality has to take over here. 20 years of tense, fear induced peace does counteract the murder of billions of innocent life forms, human or alien.

If a serial killer lived the first 20 years of their life without harming anyone then suddenly decides to kill a couple of people in cold blood would you still consider him to be, as a WHOLE, a neutral person. Noone in their right mind would ever think this. Every sane person would cry for this person to be locked away for the rest of their life for the atrocities they have committed.

So why should the same reasoning not apply to the Empire as a WHOLE? Sure you may argue that the Empire is a vast network and that when you examine each and every individual facet of the Empire you may be able to say, well this part was good, this part was bad and that part was fairly indifferent. But is my opponent is referring to the Empire as WHOLE, so this in depth analysis should not began into account. Only the total sum of everything that the Empire has done may be examined to truly look at it as a whole and in that case, the evil (or bad, whatever you want to call it) far outways the good.

This was the first debate I ever accepted on this site and I would like to sincerely thank my opponent for providing such an interesting and rather though provoking debate and I hope this can be the first of many debates between us (yes I do have some interesting Star Wars topics up my sleeve).

Also I would like to wish my opponent all the best with his grammar, which I know can be a rather daunting concept for every writer, no matter now good they are. In that regard I think this may come in handy:

Lastly I would like to briefly make my end of debate plea to the voters:
The Nature of this debate is such that I only have to be half right. If, for some reason, you didn't think I proved that the Empire was evil, but you agreed with me about the flaws in the republic (or vice versa) then I still win because I have proved that the statement "In Star Wars Neither the Republic or the Empire are Good or Bad" is incorrect.

(Or Jabba the Hut will feed you to the Rancor and there won't be any disguised bounty hunters or wookies around to save you!)
And the may the force be with you, always!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mstrainjr 5 years ago
"The only worse than murdering an innocent child is murdering an innocent Ewok child."

Okay, con. I have to give you the best quote. =P
Posted by Costello 6 years ago
Its over now and I had fun! but since this is the second voter that has voted in the case of alderaan I feel I must just point out for the sake of just justifing myself (Again grammar...)..

I Did make a comment on alderaan in the debate that I think completely defused the alderaan problem but that was one comment in a entire debate. You are right I should of focused on that a little more. (I also would of pursued the USA comparison but at the time I was doing a short week and a half school that took up most of my time during the middle of the debate...

Anyways! I made the comment I think along the lines of : The Empire saved more lifes in there 20 years of government then the destruction of alderaan. The idea was that if the republic was ruling and not the empire the death count would of been MUCH higher... Also I used the comparison to a fake government blowing up florida At the DISBANDING of the empire... I guess the empire didnt want to go out without a bang...

But I cant expect the voters to remember every sentence of my responses and it was a big flaw on my part for not focusing on the obvious first the more complicated later. I LOVED this debate and I think me and obiwan will have many more after this!
Posted by mark.marrocco 6 years ago
RFD - The burden of proof was on Pro to demonstrate that his counterintuitive claim was true. Pro makes a fairly solid case for the Republic being morally ambiguous -- I for one *do* think that the comparison to the USA was a useful and accurate analogy -- but whether he made a good enough case to prove that the republic wasn't good or bad is irrelevant to my decision. Because the Empire destroyed Alderaan, as Con pointed out, then this shows pretty clearly that they, at least, were bad. Con also made a pretty good point about the Republic being bad in the incompetent sense (again, that *does* remind me of home, especially the part about electing a *really* bad leader.) Pro really should have tried harder to justify the destruction of Alderaan if he wanted to win, as he barely even responded to this crucial point. I mean, in reality the U.S. justified the use of nuclear weapons against civilians, you could have at least tried to justify the destruction of a whole planet in the fictional universe. With that being said, thank both of you for a light and entertaining debate, and I hope to see more of these from you!
Posted by HonestDiscussioner 6 years ago
Or I decided to criticize you despite that fact it was pointed out in the debate already.
Posted by Costello 6 years ago
Either HonestDiscussioner is trolling or he didn't read the debate....
Posted by HonestDiscussioner 6 years ago

not HOLE.

The Empire as a HOLE means the empire was one gigantic gaping empty spot inside some other entity. You were looking for WHOLE.
Posted by Costello 6 years ago
In response to Maedis
"Con cited the destruction of Alderaan and the wiki a lot more. As a whole his argument was just a lot stronger and at times humorous. Both sides made great arguments but con won this time."

Thanks for voting! Yes I do wish I could of gave more links, But towards the end of the debate I started going through a extra temporary week and a half school that takes up a lot of time.
and I certainly do agree Obiwan did a good job in this debate. He surprised me when He took the route that the republic was bad making me have to change my case some.
Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
However, as Emperor Palpatine, I approve of your noble quest to show that the Empire was not entirely bad.
Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
Interesting... I would love to see Pro's argument for how the Empire isn't bad. It was pretty much written to be an evil government -- even the opening crawl calls it "the evil Galactic Empire."
Posted by CiRrK 6 years ago
CiRrK tempted to take this one. Ill check later to see if its still open.
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:06 
Reasons for voting decision: Con cited the destruction of Alderaan and the wiki a lot more. As a whole his argument was just a lot stronger and at times humorous. Both sides made great arguments but con won this time.