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In The Hunger Games , I, Noprisu, Would Win If Skrone was my only opponent.

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Started: 5/8/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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In this debate, I will argue my superiority in the skills required to survive and win the hunger games if, and only if, my opponent was only Skrone, a fellow DDO member.

The rules are as follows:
1. No false information
2. 4 Rounds, 1st is for acceptance.
3. We will use the 1st Arena used in the Hunger Games novels as the setting if the question arises.

I look forward to this Debate


Obviously, to defend my hungry tactics and honor, I accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, lets do this:

I. I am a great marksmen/Fighter

I am a regular archer. I own a series of bows and practice year round and I am a good shot. In Boy Scouts, there is an archery merit badge. It gives you 30 Arrows in 6 rounds to qualify for the last requirement. I qualified in four rounds, using only 2 arrows in the 4th round. In my class, over half of the participants had to retry the last requirement.
b. At a young age, I was enrolled In fencing(swordplay) class for 7 years. While I do not continue, I do have a practice saber that I still hone my skills with. I was not the best in my class, but I was sufficient to advance every year, a feat that many could not say that they did.

II.I am a survivalist
a. I am a Boy Scout and an avid camper. I have been camping for an upwards of 7 years and am sort of an "expert" on unconventional ways of camping. We have a camp out every year in November that poses a challenge to not use tents or cooking stoves during the camp out. I have accepted and have received the "Most Secure" and "Most Water-Proof" shelter reward in the past 2 years. I have also been able to prepare food for the weekend using fish that I caught, cut and cooked on a flat, thin stone using a fire and coals I made from a bow-wood fire and from an abundance of native, edible plants for filling like natural berries and roots.

III. My Physical Advantage

a. I have played football since I was young as a linemen. I can bench 170 on a good day. I have been trained in unarmed self defence and have recently started boxing as a workout plan.

VI. My Tactical Skill

a. As a child, I spent a lot of time playing games that required much though, and therefore I have a heightened sense of strategy when it comes to individual and group-based combat. I am an avid player of Magic: The Gathering and other card games that require a great deal of concentration and analysis of the game.



(sorry for not formatting this all debate like like you did. I'm lazy) As of the bow, I am make and use a slingshot. I have hit squirrels at 20-30yds in the eye and killed them (no joke) I used to LARP and started training with a metal sword (full weight gladius) so therefore even with your fencing I may have the upperhand in sword fighting. As I am also a veteran boy scout, survivin is my deal. I can pick out which mushrooms and berries are edible and which will kill you. Also, some of these mushrooms and berries juices can be used as a deadly poison on the end of a blade. In the Hunger Games, you must remember the girl Rue. I, like her, am a tree climber and can move through the forest silently and quickly. True, you may have a physical strength over me, but I ran track for 4 years and can get away from anyone I need to. In tactical skill, I am an FPS and MMO player that works well leading a team, or taking out a team by myself. In many of these games, I would have to successfully observe the entire situation and map, and infiltrate the enemy base without their noticing. Which I did.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your response


Firstly, Regarding your weapons argument, your slingshot cannot compare to the lethality or range of a bow. You could argue that you have a nearly unlimited supply of ammunition, but the amount of lethal material that you can find would be lower than the amount of arrows I would have. Not to mention, due to my survival prowess, I could tip my arrows with the poisonous berry juices to cause a normally insignificant wound to become a life-threatening ailment. There are not many spots that can be hit with an arrow that would not require immediate attention in order to be survivable. In contrast, the stones that you would throw would have to be heavier, which would make them less accurate. There are only a few parts that you could hit with a slingshot that would be lethal if they hit.

Regarding your sword training, I would like to bring up two points. 1. you offer no authority in your training of your swordsmanship. I recalled a class that I participated in for years, while you offer "training" as your source. I am not doubting your honesty, just the fact that you cannot call a real authority on your training. 2. In a situation like the Hunger Games, even a small wound can tern deadly without proper treatment. My fencing classes used REAL sabers and foils. I was trained in the art of dexterity and speed, rather than power. Even a small cut, over time, would cause you to lose blood and concentration later on in the fight. This would end in my success.

Regarding your survival skills, I can personally vouch for you and your skill, but I believe that we have an equal skill level.

Regarding your tactical level, I can also vouch for this, but only on a minimal scale. I have only see references of a skill of leadership within games and simulators. I have led teams and squads in real-life encounters and competitions with real goals on the line.


True the lethality of a slingshot is less, but the maneuverability on the ground or trees is much much better. Also, the speed in which I can run with it. Sorry for not explaining my sword training, but I trained sword techniques and my body with swords for about a week or so. Yeah it isn't extensive, but using a full weight sword rather than the light fencing blade makes me more used to the blades going to be in the cornucopia. One thing that I personally think we failed in addressing this topic is thus, this isn't really a Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games there won't just be both of us, but 24 other competitors. Truthfully, this should be that you would win in a duel of sorts. And another point, in this 'Hunger Games' are we having modern weapons, such as guns? I have had training from my FBI uncle in the use of ARs, SMGs, rifles, and pistols. I am a very good shot as well.
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you for your arguments.

I: In regards to your slingshot, I only need to hit you once to cause significant damage. You need to hit me multiple times in the same spot to even cause a bruise, not to mention killing me would take precision shot after shot. Skill is one thing, but the probability of hitting me in those places would be considerably lower than me hitting you once with a bow.

II: In regards to your sword training, a fencing sword is not a totally light sword, at least the ones I worked with were not. While you may have experience with a Gladius, there are not just heavy swords in the cornucopia. And once again, I am trained in a faster style of fighting, so my first blood would secure my victory.

III: You conceded your argument on tactical skill, since you did not respond to it in the last round.

VI: In response to your questions, the situation would play out like this: the games would start, and we would be the last ones alive. Likely, no, but possible, yes. As for conventional weapons, no. The environment and supplies would be as they were in the book/movie.

V: As for your movement argument, you cant move all the time. As good as you claim your endurance to be, no man can run for the length of an entire skirmish, not accounting for injuries and ailments that might befall you.

Vote Pro!



I. The slingshot is actually very effective. It can break through bone if I shoot hard enough, and if I hit you in the temple you would either be knocked out or dead.

II. If you recall from the movie, almost all of the swords were the strange curved swords like scimitars, and if you watch closely there are no light or semi-light rapiers. Also, power can beat speed if i can smash through your sword when you try to block.

III. Guess I did, wasn't very awake when I wrote that.

VI. For my movement, I wouldn't be solely 'running' Mostly that movement was based off of dodges and dashes to avoid your blade.

Vote for whomever you want to!
Debate Round No. 4
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