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In United States public K-12 schools, the probable cause standard ought to apply to se

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Started: 9/25/2016 Category: Education
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Note: The framework of this debate is based on net benefit promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people more specifically that students" safety is the most important duty of public schools.
Our first contention is that probable cause is detrimental to school safety. Without probable cause, it is much harder for law enforcement and school administration to find hidden weapons, with can lead to school shootings. In these situations, students" lives are at stake. Students" safety is imperatively more important than a privacy of an individual. Also, the Preamble of the Constitution states that the purpose of the government is to protect the general welfare of its citizens. This clearly shows that the safety of many outweighs the privacy of an individual.
In our 2nd contention, we discussed that anonymous tips will become useless if the probable cause standard is implemented. Because anonymous tips are not enough for probable cause, then they will be rendered useless, despite the fact that they can provide information that can be used in life and death.

Thus I negate.


Probable cause does not have an acceptance for schools. There is no difference in where it is mandated, nor is there any difference in arguments for and against it just because the victims in this case are children. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." He explains in this quote that if we let the government into everything we own in certain cases, they gain access to what they want if their best interests begin to differ from ours. The at most about 30 students that die in a school shooting won't compare to the insurmountable lives lost from a governance that allows no privacy. Not to mention that the quote negates your point on the constitution. Bottom line is if we have teachers learn to properly use a weapon and ensure they're sane, we can arm them and protect children easily, more definitely, and without violating the rights of the populace.
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