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In a face-off: who would win? A crocodile or a tiger?

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Started: 8/11/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe that a crocodile would be the victor in this scenario, due to their camouflage, strength, and speed when attacking. Anyone disagree?

Accept this debate, then.

I look forward to your arguments!


I thank my opponent for starting this debate. For my first argument:
Debate Round No. 1


I have several counterarguments to the Tiger vs. Crocodile video.

1. This video was posted on the internet (or television) because someone considered it to be special. This implies that this is either a rare happening, or one that was surprising. Do you see what I'm saying here?

2. You may notice, that in all the pictures, the crocodile is in one location: on land, and on sticky, mud-like substances, limiting his movement and silence, but not at all hindering the tiger. Unable to utilize any of his skills due to an unfair terrain advantage to the tiger, the crocodile will, naturally, lose.

3. Every single time, the crocodile is facing away from the tiger when he is attacked. What does this tell us? That the crocodile was attacked- and defeated - when he didn't expect it. That isn't a fight. That's an ambush.

Let us now reverse these roles:
The crocodile is not at a gapingly obvious disadvantage. Instead, a tiger pads up to a nearby water source for a drink. A crocodile makes use of his camouflage and nose higher than his mouth. He glides across the water towards the tiger, the only two things visible are his eyes and nose, and even those blend well with the brownish water, which allows dense reeds and tall grasses to grow nearby. Even the vision of the tiger cannot surpass this camouflage. Soon, the tiger is within striking distance. With lightning speed, the crocodile strikes. Even of the tiger is fast too, and the crocodile only grasps a small portion of his leg, the tiger is doomed. Five tons of bitepower close around the tiger's leg, and drag it into the water. With the aid of a powerful swipe of his tail, the crocodile knocks the tiger of his feet. The tiger, bellowing in pain, attempts to land a deadly blow; but cannot. The crocodile's vulnerable belly and neck are not exposed. The tiger will now inevitably die; either drowned or killed by the crocodile's mighty jaws. Soon, the crocodile will perform what is called the 'death roll'. In a twisting motion, he will tear off the tiger's limb which is grasped in his jaws and commence feeding.

Poor tiger, really.

Now, in the previous paragraph, I mentioned some of the crocodile's skills. Her I will highlight them more clearly.

- Crocodile's murky brown camouflage enable them to blend perfectly with their surroundings (like water, reeds, etc.) and sneak up on prey.
- Crocodile's upturned nose at the tip of its mouth allows it to breathe while being almost completely underwater.
-A second eyelid, beneath the first, is transparent and closes over the eye when the crocodile is underwater, allowing it to see in the murkiest of waters.
- A crocodile has a long mouth, allowing it to grasp entire limbs in its mouth.
A crocodile has more than FIVE TONS of bitepower when it bites down. Try stopping your car from falling. Now you know what it feels like to try keeping a crocodile's mouth open.
-A crocodile often uses its tail to knock an animal off its feet, and sometimes even breaks bones in the process.
- A crocodile is extremely armored. Several layers of thick carapace cover its back, head, tail, and legs.

The list goes on and on, but for the sake of time and space, I think I'll cut it short. I thank Con for accepting my debate, and look forward to his arguments!


badger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponents forfeit caught me a little off guard. It also has consequences. By forfeiting, my opponent tells us two things: firstly, he accepts all my previous arguments as true and makes no attempt to refute them. Secondly, he presents no new evidence, implying that the Pro side wins. Nevertheless, I shall present more evidence to support my side of the debate.

Both crocodiles and tigers are predators. They hunt and kill other animals for food every day. However, tigers and crocodiles are different in this way: tigers are not predators to everything. They back off when faced with animals out of their league, such as a small, long-clawed relative of a bear. Crocodiles, on the other hand, back off before nothing. Anything that comes near the water is prey. In simpler words: give a tiger a choice between attacking a crocodile or escaping, he'll escape. Give crocodile the same choice, he'll eagerly have the tiger for dinner.

Another interesting point to make is that crocodiles roamed the earth during the time of the dinosaurs. Since then, evolution has spared them any major change apart from decrease in size. What does this tell us about crocodile anatomy? It tells us that crocodiles were perfectly built since the time of the dinosaurs. No room for improvement- if there was, evolution would have taken care of it in the past 120 million years. Can the same be said for tigers?

The sheer size of a crocodile is a major factor in a battle. The average crocodile measures at about 4.5 meters in length (over. 14 feet). As the species grow larger, we begin to see crocodiles reach 6 meters long (over 20 feet)! These giants are more common than you would think; Nile crocodiles can grow even longer. The weight of a six-foot crocodile is well over a ton (2,000 pounds). To conclude this little size segment, let us observe the size of the largest crocodile of our time... 7 meters, or over 23 feet. Such a beast is able to send the bravest of tigers scurrying away, its tail between its legs.

Now, let's continue the list of a crocodile's physical qualities.

- A crocodile has a valve in its throat which prevents water from entering the mouth when a crocodile loosens its jaw underwater.

- Approximately 80 teeth fill the mouth of a crocodile (ouch!)

- A crocodile can generally gain the advantage in a fight by dragging another animal into the water and drowning it.

Two main weapons:
The tail:
The tail, covered in a thick, bulletproof carapace, can be used to slam another animal into the water. In addition, any animal (including tigers) can suffer a broken spine after receiving a good tail whack.

The Mouth:
When five tons of bite-power clasp around your leg and a ton and a half of weight begin to drag you under, there isn't much you can do. Add another 80 razor-sharp to the mix, and even a tiger will get the picture.

In conclusion, I think we can all agree that in a fight, a crocodile, the supreme predator, perfectly engineered by 120 million years of evolution, and driven with an instinct to kill, would be able to overcome any foolhardy tiger daring enough to challenge the largest lizard on earth.


Sorry about the forfeit.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tigris 3 years ago
It's a known fact that tigers hunt crocodiles. I wish I could have debated this.
Posted by badger 7 years ago
i don't want the win anyway wjm but my arguments wrecked his lol.
Posted by badger 7 years ago
Posted by TheCat 7 years ago
Actually, I'm going to have internet access here... So, never mind about forfeiting! I'm playin' tu win! :)
:) Vote pro:)
Posted by TheCat 7 years ago
Badger- I'm going away for eight days. So, I'm going to have to forfeit the next round, and, maybe even the one after that.

Also, voters:
when I forfeit the next arguments, it isn't because I have no more arguments; it's because I'm unable to post them.
Posted by whatledge 7 years ago
Wow, nice Round 1 argument lol.
Posted by InsertNameHere 7 years ago
In that case, I think this would be a pretty close match, twsurber.
Posted by twsurber 7 years ago
Crocs have the advantage in the water, Tigers have the advantage on land.

A croc would probably eat a tiger, but a tiger probably wouldn't eat a croc

Tigers have 2 attack with mouth & paws, crocs attack with their mouth and tail?

Tigers are faster and more agile

Crocs throat and belly are better protected by lower center of gravity
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