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In a hypothetical situation would MJ beat Chuck Norris in a battle?

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Started: 4/17/2011 Category: Entertainment
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First off allow me to state the rules of this debate
1st Round will be our Opening Statement
2nd Round will be my Constructive and my Opponent's Rebuttal
3rd Round will be just my Opponent's Constructive
4th will be my Rebuttal
5th will be our closing statements.(NO NEW EVIDENCE)
I would like everyone to take this debate lightheartedly and just as a way for two novices to practice.

As Pro is my belief that the King of Pop Michael Jackson would no doubt in the prime of his career defeat Chuck Norris in his prime based on MJ's dance moves, durability, and his flat out dominance in our world and other worlds.


As Con it is my belief that if Michael Jackson and Chuck Norris were to get in a fight, Chuck Norris would win—Michael Jackson is dead, whereas Chuck Norris is immortal. Even if Michael Jackson was resurrected, the answer is obviously still Chuck Norris on the basis of his being Chuck Norris.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I begin I would like to point out an inaccuracy in my opponent's opening. Chuck Norris is dead also as evident by where he is defeated by Bruce Lee and is thus just a ghost now.

Contention 1: Epic Dance Moves
MJ should obviously win because he can straight out dodge any of Chuck's roundhouse kicks with his moonwalking abilities and great bending. I will even argue that his roundhouse kick would be stronger than Chuck's own as the velocity of MJ's spin would decimate Mr. Norris.

Contention 2: Durability
MJ managed to survive a lot and still be alive until his recent death by a drug overdose. He withstood the fire of Pepsi Co. that assaulted his hair. He survived a pressuring father. Along with that he survived the great swarm of media frenzy that plagued his life. His fame was way bigger than Mr. Norris', and such has an emotional advantage in handling fame. This will allow him to stay focused in his battle with Mr. Norris and stay less distracted by any flashy moves he may pull out.

Contention 3: Dominance in Other Worlds
Not only has MJ managed to flat out dominate this world he also has dominated the virtual world in his amazing video game: Moonwalker. Watch as he saves little girls, beats bad guys with his dance moves(like he would in real life against Chuck Norris), and survives an annoying musical version of his moonwalker song.

I strongly urge you to VOTE PRO based on these three substantial arguments that prove his dominance over Chuck Norris. I await my opponent's rebuttal.


I would like to point out my opponent is slightly deluded—The Way of the Dragon was a film, fictional, and anything that happened to Chuck Norris in it did not really happen.
Contention 1 Rebuttal: Michael Jackson may be able to spin very fast but my opponent has no proof he can perform a roundhouse kick at such high velocities. The roundhouse kick requires a special gift, which Chuck Norris is shown to have. A somewhat lower speed roundhouse kick against none at all? Chuck Norris still wins.
Contention 2 Rebuttal: Chuck Norris went through his own problems and is still alive. His father had problems with drinking. His life at school was not good and he was often teased. Chuck Norris may not be as famous to the mainstream lately as much as Michael Jackson, but in the eighties he was up there with him, and he most likely still remembers what it was like.
Contention 3 Rebuttal: Once during a roundhouse kick Chuck Norris's foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart. Certainly he could dominate other worlds if he wanted to, but he chooses not to.
I strongly urge you to NOT VOTE CON based on these rebuttals that show Michael Jackson is not superior to Chuck Norris.
Debate Round No. 2


It is time for my opponent's constructive and I think she to Not Vote Pro on that so let us have that slide ok


Yes I did mean "NOT VOTE PRO." I thank my opponent for letting it slide.
Contention 1: Skill
Martial Arts: In 1997 Chuck Norris became one of the first Westerners to become an Eight Degree Black Belt Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do.
In this video Chuck Norris completely destroys Abraham Lincoln in a rap battle. You may point out that this Chuck Norris is a fake, but if Chuck Norris did not approve of this portrayal, he would faster-than-lightspeed roundhouse kick into the past, killing the creator of the video, and thus it would never be made.
Contention 2: Effect on Pop Culture
Michael Jackson did indeed have a massive effect on popular culture, but there is no website devoted solely to "Michael Jackson facts" that make claims of fantastical feats achieved by him. Therefore, he did not achieve any such feats, because if he did, they would be on the internet.
Contention 2: Good v. Evil
As we all know from all forms of media aimed at a young adult and below audience, good triumphs over evil. Chuck Norris cures cancer with his tears and when he dances, he ends draughts; Michael Jackson supposedly molested children.
I strongly urge you to VOTE CON based on these arguments that prove Chuck Norris would win in a fight against Michael Jackson. I await my opponent's rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 3


Allow my Rebuttal to Begin

Reb. against Contention 1: Research says Chuck Norris has lost a total of 10 battles in his career(actually 11 since he got pwned by Bruce Lee). This proves that Chuck is not invincible and Michael can make it loss number 12 for him. A fake rap battle, really! You dare say that my video of him being defeated by Lee is deluded(which is not since Chuck Norris agreed to battle him and agreed to be defeated and die, draining him of his epicness no doubt).

Reb. against Contention 2: These Chuck Norris Facts were actually taken from the Vin Diesel Fact Generator and thus are actually facts about Vin, not Chuck.

Reb. against Contention 3: Once again those facts are really Vin Diesel facts and Michael was acquitted in a court of law and thus did not molest a child.


Contention 1: If you watch in my moonwalker video, MJ can both spin and kick at great speeds, a combination of these used in succession can easily show how his kick would be far superior to Chuck's. Prove that Chuck has this "gift"!

Contention 2: "not be as famous" you say. That means that what he has endured pales in comparison to MJ's major skills.

Contention 2:You say he could dominate worlds but he chooses not to? I don't think so. I think he is too afraid to challenge these other worlds like MJ did and is thus a coward. He challenged the movie world and got defeated by Bruce Lee.

In the end all of these facts point up to one resolution VOTE PRO. It will be time for my final summary next.


Reb. against Contention 1: In the video, the high-speed spin and kick MJ is doing is not a roundhouse kick--there are sparkles coming from his foot that can only exist in Video Game Land doing the work, not his actual body.
Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick:
Reb. against Contention 2: I was actually referring to, where people submit their own facts.
Reb. against Contention 3: As Granny Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies once said, "Let 'em think you're licked, then attack!" Chuck Norris could be planning an attack on all universes at any moment now.
Once more the film was fiction and what happened in it, did not happen. Therefore, Chuck is still alive and was never really defeated by Bruce Lee.
Based on these rebuttals and my above contentions, I urge you to VOTE CON.
Debate Round No. 4


To clear up confusion I meant contention 3 after 2 not 2 then 2.
Also I allowed my opponent to rebut my answers for my own rebuttal as she argued i had new evidence.

Her 1st rebuttal: Chuck is doing the kick not MJ, proving nothing
Her 2nd rebuttal: still the idea is stolen from Vin Diesel, proving Chuck is just a second rate version of him.
Her 3rd rebuttal: No Chuck really got licked. Since Chuck had agreed to be defeated, it is still a loss and since he agreed to die, it is still a death, even if it is cinematically.

Now for my conclusion.

My facts prove one thing: That Chuck Norris would crumble under the emotional pressure, then get super turbo roundhouse kicked by MJ, while being blasted into Moonwalker world to then be beaten by the virtual MJ.
This adds up to one thing: YOU MUST VOTE PRO. IT IS THREE RUNS FOR ME AND THREE STRIKES FOR MY OPPONENT. THANK YOU. I await my opponent's final summary.


Clearing up confusion regarding my rebuttals:
1: The video was to show that Chuck does have the roundhouse kick gift.
3: In bringing up the Granny Clampett quote I was referring to my opponent's mention of Chuck being a coward for not choosing to dominate all universes. My mentioning Chuck's character's death in The Way of the Dragon was separate.
I apologize for the confusion.

My conclusion:
The facts prove that while Michael Jackson is an amazing dancer, even he can't dance someone to death. On the other hand, Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick is deadly. And since video games have a play in these arguments: Chuck Norris defeated Michael Jackson in my second video, whereas in your's, MJ just defeated random guys using sparkles from his dancing. I strongly urge you to VOTE CON. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 5
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