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Started: 1/8/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 6 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello sir.

You may recall on previous accounts that i antagonised you saying that you needed therapy for your misogynistic ideologies, however this won't be the case this time.

I want to understand your views and why you feel the way you do, in order for us to debate coherently and professionally, about topics such as gender roles and feminism etc. I believe women can benefit society because they're smarter than men, whereas you believe they should be our slaves.

Here are the rules so no boundaries are crossed

1: Topical personal, one quick look at my profiles and u can see im an antagonistic lunatic, but at the same time very knowledgeable, so we'll stay respectful.

2: Honesty over ego, both of us need to be honest about our opinions.

3:The aim of this is to bridge the gap between extremist views and socially acceptable views.

Look forward to your response.

Honesty: Disclaimer to me being impartial: I fear women socially because i have issues with mother, emotionally neglected me. Porn addiction, so views of women distorted. My grandmother does everything for me almost. Nonetheless i dont publicly defame women, i let them do their own thing. They're statically smarter as mentioned, n know how to work around our ego.

pray tell ur opinions of women.


Hello, so I've been a masculinity extremist for a few years now. I support the notion that men are superior to women in most aspects.
The main reason my views have grown somewhat extreme is in response to the extremists views of feminists and the left in general.

I aim to help you understand my views and develop a new found respect for men. I hope we may learn from one another.
Debate Round No. 1


So I will start of by arguing in defence of why gender roles are unprogressively to society. This first post will be impartial arguing both for pro and con, in order to be authentic and unbias.

Last year at uni I produced an education on Norway's; government model and how they are such as stable, not corrupt, peaceful country due to their female employment policy ( ie a board of directors must include a min. 2 women).

It is fact that women excel in industries such as nursing, education, and business, whereas men are more hands on as mentioned. Some people, esp. conservatives believe in gender roles because it worked for their parents whilst growing up, however this doesn't factor for families suffering domestic abuse. Abuse of all kind is unnecessary, one should treat someone how one wants to be treated.

On the other hand, here is why feminism has gone too far: Women are more powerful than men think, this hurts our ego, they can have a baby with someone else and we'd never know (paternity tests aside). They have the birth to our kin, we have no control over this. Women in general are so temperamental and fragile, we just want to chat, whereas all they do is shout (generic), its painful for mens' mental state.

Gender pay gap: A man shouldn't earn more than his equivalent female counterpart in the same role just cos he is a man. Again more discrimination. I don't like discrimination, discrimination only causes more hate, educate don't hate.

Sexual energy: Some people express their energies in a rough manner, this might be due to their difficult upbringing, but know that BDSM and rape are not socially acceptable, so if one does have such desires, it should remain to himself and his partner, not the general public.

Religion: Man can not claim god created men before women just because the bible proclaims it, because the bible was written by man, not god.

My main problem with women: They are soooo hypocritical, always telling us we don't listen to them, but they do their own thing themselves.

My main admiration of women: They are so delicate, but at the same time so determined to make it in this world.


Feminism has gone too far I agree with you.

We have issues as you say where a board of directors must include at least 2 women, this means a less qualified woman may get a placement instead of a better qualified male. This is hypocritical to what is trying to be achieved as favoring a woman just for being a women is sexist towards men. It's sexist to all, suggesting that women need representatives, in turn further dividing the sexes. Women represent themselves quite well by being simply women.

Women with extreme feminist ideologies in positions of power such as that of a board of directors, is harmful to men and women. These extreme feminists will push ideas such as women in combat roles, which will put the women in danger by breaking down their 'fragile' bodies as you put it and increasing the burden of male combatants who may have to look after fatigued or easily injured female soldiers.
The logic for these decisions is, "equality" and takes no considerations to the practical implications that may result of having pushed such an idea. Any arguments against the proposed idea will be labeled as misogynistic and anti-woman.

The pay gap mythos

You bought up women getting payed less than men, as proven by a statistic, but do you understand this feminist propaganda? It's true, but taken out of context, so let me explain.
Women do not literally get payed less per hour for the same job. The statistic is an average taken across EVERY man and women, it shows that men typically earn more because they have better jobs, not because they get payed more for doing the same job, that would be illegal and every company would hire women to save costs.

This blatant bending of the truth is clear cut proof of how potentially dangerous this feminist, anti-male campaigning is.
We cannot prevent this anti-male hate from occurring by being reasonable, the Jews during the era of Nazi Germany were reasonable and look at where that got them.
By using the male testosterone driven fury that has bought man-kind into the modern era we must fight this fanny driven suppression and dominate as our ancestors once did. Rather than living a soft, penis tucked between legs life that we are currently living. Stand up to the mouthy cows and show them that equality is not so comfortable, not when I'll hit a bi*ch who thinks she's a man. No sir.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright then well demonstrate/explain how you'd want men to treat women. Honestly I'm at a crossroads when it comes to women, trying to have a discussion with one is like talking to a god damn brick wall. When we tell them the truth, they cry and turn it into something massive for reason. Or they'll argue and bring up irrelevant sh1t from the past.

Il give you quick anecdote. Just earlier today i was cooking food, telling my aunt 'did you know the one block of cheese is equivalent to 2 days of fat', allsofa sudden she started having a go at me saying i can't cook properly, n that i never listen to her.' Da Fuq??! how irrelevant.

Anyways, considering my mother emotionally neglected me, and considering i lack a strong father figure, i have always been socially afraid of women. Through in the porn addiction n depression to deal with it, its safe to say I'm no man's man.

I've literally wasted my life trying to bond with my gran and aunts, they're so stuck up and hypocritical, they don't want/let the men in the house do anything, then shout at us for doing nothing! When we do do stuff, they get in our way. Bullsh1t, don't understand women at all LOOOOOL.

Also someone in the comments, can you correct me if I'm wrong but do women like to be disrespected? . The less we talk to you, the more helpful you are, conversely the more we help, the more barriers you put up, its madness. Why such madness........


I would start by questioning why you are trying to bond with older women? Let's look at this from a logical perspective. Your grandmother is from a bygone era and in no way represents the typical female of the modern day, with this in mind, getting to know her is not an insight into women. The same rule somewhat applies to your aunt. If they're being b*tches you need to leave them alone.
Older women are in a phase known as 'post-menopausal' which basically means their hormones are messed up. These women don't think like normal women, rationality is not something they're able to utilize, not when their emotional instability is running rampant.

You've asked if women need to be disrespected, the short answer is not all, but some of them do. If a b*itch is being disrespectful, then she needs to be disrespected. It's as simple as that.

The issue with women is their emotional irrationality, you've mentioned it yourself. Regardless of how intelligent women may be, it matters not if they allow their emotions to dictate their decisions. This is why women are problematic in positions of power, not all, but most.
Debate Round No. 3


Well that's where my dilemma lies. Since I have a such a non existent relationship with my parents, I'd argue that those women were the only ones I know, especially considering my isolated child-teenhood. It can be construed that those women have groomed me in a way that I'm psychologically dependant on them, however that is my individual perception n have no actual proof apart from them being so bloody manipulative.

Now this is where i am exposed, and further explains why i decided to debate you. Almost all the time, i have impulses and in fact do hit my grandmother, despite my love for her, it's simply because she is so Goddmn psychologically controlling. For example, she plays so many mind games n guilt trips, it p1sses me off. Moreover if i do show my affections, her response seems unauthenticate n contemptible. She does the same thing to everyone, yet everyone comes crawling for her advice n assistance. In her defence, she probably fears old age, however it shouldn't allow her to do the things she goes. Moreover she is so backwards and against antidepressants n counselling, further highlighting her control issues. Hence this discussion to get your opinion on how to improve masculinity.

Now quickly on to my aunts, I'd say they were my true mothers as a youth, i even had desires to marry one of them (see oepidus effect), it was weird I always used to 'slap' her butt, she didn't say anything, i was not even 10. Anyway as soon she got married it seems like they totally forgot about me. They constantly put me down for not being vocal or social enough, that in turn had an opposite, mentally damaging effect (its scientifically proven that if you constantly highlight someone's flaws, it gets 10x worse), psychologically destroying me. Now when i point this out to them, they turn it round saying I'm malevolent, that i throw their help in their face, that i use them whenever I feel like. Bullsh1t.

Yep so I'm sure you can understand why it so difficult to become an independent man's man given these circumstances, please do give your opinions and explain your way of life, n how people like me should live in order to become fearless of women. This may have to continue after the rounds end. it's easy to say just fuk them but not if you are so broken mentally. Tupac before he became famous was so respectful towards women, but he soon learned that b1tches aint nothing,that get only get in our way. I'm starting to realise that now.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Masterful 6 months ago
Slappin your aunts butt? Get in there my son lmao. What instigated the butt slapping? I wonder if she was a child molester.

With regards to hitting your nan I'd advise you to not hit her. If you leave a mark you'll go to prison, now if you strangle her with your arm, you shouldn't leave any marks.
Posted by Masterful 6 months ago
My weekend involved beer and social activity. My bad.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 6 months ago
Why you forfeit for? Twas interesting
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 6 months ago
Also i just recently started listening to the classic song 'Mercy, Mr Percy', one of the lines by Valletta is 'i don't care if you hit me, as long as you don't quite me', This is so confusing, so do women enjoy being submissive? I'm so confused mate
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 6 months ago
^ for no reason.
Posted by Masterful 6 months ago
You don't want gender roles, but advocate having positions specifically reserved for females (which would be gender roles.)
You also attribute Norway's success to this.

Widespread economic regulation and weak checks on the performance of public sector employees encourage corruption. It has nothing to do with the number of females in positions of power. As it happens, Noways is an economically stable country, this would be the biggest factor as to why corruption in Norway is low.

[1] "Last year at uni I produced an education on Norway's; government model and how they are such as stable, not corrupt, peaceful country due to their female employment policy ( ie a board of directors must include a min. 2 women)."
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 6 months ago
* Produced to presentation on....
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 6 months ago
* So I will start off by stating why gender roles won't benefit today's society...
Posted by Maryam_mosawy 6 months ago
I personally don't hate men.
But I'm obviously going to hate some men who are extremists about their views of women.
Posted by Masterful 6 months ago
you going to post?
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