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In defence of family, homework should be exceptional?

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Started: 12/11/2016 Category: Education
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Should homework be exeptional in defence of family? How many times did you argue with your kids about homework and here them say that it is too much or even if because their homework you can not do something in family with them?


Thanks for the Debate!

As an advantage, I reserve the option to improperly leverage the expertise and wisdom of a teenager that I know, (*cough) - as an expert reference! Also, "Heavy-Handed" voice comes from ... ah .. external drivers. ;)

I am hoping that the Burden of Proof is shared! :D

As Pro - I will argue that homework should be exceptional, in both senses of the term : "Exceptional as in Significant, Meaningful", and "Exceptional as in only very rarely".

1. Family Values Must be Demonstrated, Not Just Talked About - Our current, and soon-to-be-former President, Barack Obama - began his office citing parental responsibility, (though never really actually affirming that parental authority is exercised jointly - that fathers actually have joint rights of custody along with mothers). This "Rhetoric", by the President of the United States himself - proves the importance of not just "preaching family value" - but the imperative to demonstrate it, and walk with your children through it. Nothing - absolutely nothing - should be more important in education than teaching children the importance of family, and community. Consistently allowing other priorities to pre-empt family, and community is a systematic indoctrination that those values really are not that important.

2. An Unreasonable Double Standard - "No true adult that I know of", (please permit the no-true-Scotsman as I will define a "true adult" later), would ... (let alone have the ability to), re-engage puberty, with all of the hormonal changes, defy their own biological need to sleep, wake up at 7am every morning, have incredible limitations in diet, and the ability to snack as needed, focus all day, have no reprieve that they determine that they need, individually, (like watching a recording of a lecture, by themselves - rather than try to maintain focus in a one-time class lecture, etc ... etc ... etc... only to come home - to do it all over again, exhausted, and sacrifice potential quality with their family - this is not "maturity", (not true adulthood, in the classical sense). Further, humanity, (for the most part), has chosen to work a portion of the day, (external facing) and reserves two other portions of the day for: 1. Sleep; and 2. Personal (Inward) Pursuits that contribute to self. Children should be encouraged to understand this social attitude, and consensus - to contextualize, and to partition pursuits in their life - as adults do - but, effectively; as this is a skill that they will actually use, and is beneficial to them, and their community.

3. True Adulthood, True Maturity, Necessitates Holistic Social Development - Recognizing the Necessity to be "Complete" is a Philosophical, and even Theological principle, constant through the millennia. "True Maturity", "True Adulthood" - (from the Greek: telion) - comes from "Completeness", which is found in others, and unity. "Child social development" is the key Milestone - recognized in most every child development methodology ( - which is consistently sacrificed on a day-to-basis in most education systems in the United States. Academic Pursuit cannot be reasonably tackled without a foundation of Social development.

4. Freedom of Religion - If it cannot be pleaded as a prima-facie certainty, (by looking at thousands of years of human history), then at least it remains as an expression of religious freedom : the single constant, most effective, and assured mechanism for enduring the hardships of life is - each other : family, and community. By neglecting this fundamental principle - we are in effect sabotaging the one true strategy that can be relied upon universally. Granted - there is no 100%, but homework has never, and could never perform this role).

Consistent (traditional) homework, on a day to day basis, adds no value to family and social development - but "Significant Homework", could :

5. "Significant Homework" - however, which is different from academic pursuit - which engages with family, community - definitely has the potential to build stronger ties with family and community - even allowing children to be encouraged in their academic pursuits by their community.

Thank you, I am not running for president, and no - no president has ever approved this message.
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