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In the game Destiny, year 1 things should be updated for year 2.

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Games
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In Destiny, after the first year the game came out, all of the guns and armor in year one lost much of their attack and defense, meaning you took and did less damage. The 3 major year one events, Prison of Elders, Vault of Glass, and Crota's End, now only drop year one items, making them basically worthless. For example, exotic (the rarest class of items) year one stuff has lower attack and defense then year 2 uncommon stuff, which is easily found. So because you can't get good loot from year one Raids and Prison of Elders, few players play them.

This can easily be fixed. Bungie, the developer, should edit these year one things to make them meaningful in year 2 and beyond. The expansion, "The Dark Below" is pointless, as the missions drop nothing, finishing all the missions gives you nothing, and the Raid gives you nothing. This is 20 dollars, which is now useless. Doing this would prolong the life of the game as people would have more content to beat. Instead of doing 2 Raids (Normal and hard mode), you could do 6! People would be worn out so much less.

So my case is simple: Make year one levels be meaningful in year 2.

Just follow standard rules. This is a less serious debate, so I'm not typing them up.


Destiny, is an addictive game, in my opinion, but I don't know if you mean they are buffed when year 2 comes. Of course some weapons can be upgraded to year two, and this could be a better solution. I mean, I know the year 1 Hawkmoon in year two only does 160 damage, but again, this makes it fun and challenging for some to go and fight to earn a buffed up Hawkmoon or Badjuju. Now, you might say that upgrading it is not fun, and in some ways I might agree. But I have to keep my ground. And yes, the weapons do get updated: they are either buffed or nerfed. There are year two versions of weapons however. In some ways it is disappointing, in some ways it is challenging.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting!

I agree with you, but my point was that they should update the old content. You focused on the guns, but not the old content.

So next round, can you focus on updating old content, like PoE or VoG?


As the Taken King rolled out, The Prison of Elders did feature the Taken, and year two loot does come, however, only from the Level 42 PoE. This supports that, although The PoE was not updated, a two new ones were added. However, when you say the Vault of Glass should be updated, I disagree. Like every other raid, it maintains it's same raid-ish feel. Can you imagine a pro player before year two beating the raid on hard solo? And then a year two dude doing on year two easy, and getting way better loot, and exp.? Back on with the Prison of Elders and the April update, the Challenge of Elders (Level 42 PoE) does give you exotic loot and is present to TTK and THoW. Here is video proof. (PLEASE DON'T REMOVE BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT.)
Destiny: EXOTIC PRISON LOOT! Challenge of The Elders Sigil & Variks Reward Packages (April Update)
by Unknown Player.
This video is owned by him, not me.

(This is a fun debate)
Debate Round No. 2



Fair enough, PoE got a replacement.

"when you say the Vault of Glass should be updated, I disagree. Like every other raid, it maintains it's same raid-ish feel. Can you imagine a pro player before year two beating the raid on hard solo? And then a year two dude doing on year two easy, and getting way better loot, and exp.?"
- So what I'm getting from this is that the old raids shouldn't be updated because players can solo them. This is silly. First, the amount of players who can actually solo a raid is very low. And, it isn't even a bad thing that players can solo raids. That takes immense skill, and there are no downsides to the community if players can solo a raid.

My opponents argument is basically this, "I don't want players who solo raids to get great rewards." This falls apart for 2 reasons. First, he doesn't explain how this is a bad thing, and secondly, his solution (making no one get good loot), hurts everyone in the community, as the money they spent on the game to do the raids is now useless, as they will get nothing good from the raid. Raids are hard. And when you give no good loot for a tough level, no one will do the level.

This is a problem because now there is only 1 raid that gives good loot, and 2 that don't. First, this limits the amount of things you can do in the game. Secondly, the money you spent, expecting to do the raid and get good loot, is now wasted.

This problem can easily be fixed. Update the loot to make it drop at year 2 values.

Make Destiny great again!


Ah yes, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I did not state that I did not want extreme hardcore gamers to get bad loot, but I just was afraid that loot that a hardcore gamer would be nerfed. How do I state this? Ok. Imagine there is a guy named John. He does VoG on hard mode and gets 247 kills and 46 assists. He gets a 160 hawk moon. Then year two comes. Sean does VoG on easy mode and gets a 320 Hawkmoon. Do you see this inequality? When things are updated, many things are degraded. I had a year one hawk moon. It got nerfed. Even the "o-mighty" Gjallahorn got nerfed. When things are updated, things are given a lower level of usefulness. For a real life-ish example, I bought all the Destiny expansions (The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King) one by one, for an overall cost for the whole game of destiny at around $100. When The Taken King came out and a few months passed, you could get the whole thing for $60 USD. THE ORIGINAL PRICE! The price shouldn't be updated. VoG shouldn't be updated. YEAR TWO SHOULD NEVER OF HAPPENED! It should have just been a shrug for bungie. NOT A WHOLE GAME CHANGER. (Don't worry I'm not angry, I'm only trying to emphasize my arguments)
Now if they do update the weapons, the whole point of updating to year two would be pointless. Year two has a evolution for destiny. To introduce new things and toss behind old things. Like tossing your old clothes to get new, more fitting clothes.

Vote For Me!
(Thanks for making this debate, bro. Good luck to you. This was fun.)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
There are unwritten rules to playing Destiny.One of them is do not replay 1st year missions unless you've got a mission for it.Do not team up with anyone who is 2 or more levels below you.(Your own pickups will mostly be at their level).Never,I repeat NEVER have you and your team run through a mission you MUST kill everything.The more you kill, the more pickups,the more pickups the better they get.In the 2nd year you must kill the bosses with your super sun hammers.There are dozens and dozens of little tricksy bits in Destiny but if you want the precious you must learn them.
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