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Increase taxes for the Wealthy

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: Politics
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P1: Increasing taxes on the wealthy can increase the federal spending budget. With a larger spending budget the government can allocate more funds towards projects such as; low-income housing development, academically focused after-school programs, activity-focused centers for the elderly, employment programs for youth, the homeless, and college graduates, health care, financial aid, improvements on public spaces (e.g. parks, roads, highways), and natural disaster preparedness/prevention.

P2: By raising how much the wealthy get taxed it may lower the inequalities that exist between the super-rich, the upper and lower middle classes, and the people living in extreme poverty.

C: The United States should increase taxes for the wealthy.


1) Although taxes would be used on these things, it is unfair to increase taxes on the wealthy. It is unfair because that would be punishing them for accumulating a higher income than everyone else. Everyone should enjoy the fruits of their own labor and should spend their money how they please.

2) The amount of taxes everyone pays should be equal.

3) There should not be an increase in tax on the wealthy .
Debate Round No. 1


Unfair is the fact that individuals who make a fraction of what the wealthy make, have to pay a larger proportion of taxes from their hard earned income than the wealthy do. Meanwhile the wealthy have loopholes and tax breaks that allow them to legally avoid paying taxes. Everyone else experiences a sort of punishment for an identical endeavor, the accumulation of income, yet the super-rich get rewarded for the same behavior with even more capital. People do have the choice to enjoy the "fruits of their labor"; the super-rich compared to other socio-economic groups just have the freedom to make different sacrifices when it comes to such leisure. That is the problem, the amount of taxes paid by everyone in this country is not equal.


I agree that there are many loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy, however that is not their fault. You can not blame them for using these systems that were created by the government to benefit themserlves, especially if it isn't illegal. There are many governmental services the not so wealthy benefit from such as food stamps and welfare and etc. We all benefit from the economy on some way or another.
Debate Round No. 2


The wealthy may not be at fault for such policies, however that does not mean it is morally acceptable to let such behavior continue to occur within this country. They are taking advantage of the system and it has to be stopped, if not, at least an attempt must be made to regulate and balance the inequalities that occur from such an unjust income gap. The individuals that belong to such a group must be aware of the decisions they make and how others are effected by such choices. If such groups actively participate in this economy, to the extent that other socio-economics groups do, they will not only continue to generate wealth for themselves, but make it so that others benefit, in a positive way, from their active participation.


Is it morally acceptable for unemployed citizens to receive state and federal assistance to help them live their lives while they sit on their behinds all day. Although the wealthy does not pay as much taxes as other citizens would like them to, they do make up for it. There are many wealthy individuals who fund hospitals, scholarships for schools and charitable organizations and etc. It is not like they are accumulating higher income and being stingy with their money. Where do you think funding for most institutions come from? Many of the wealthy citizens have worked hard to get to the positions they are in today. They have made sacrifices and you can not punish someone for their ingenuity and God given talents.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
That is an ungodly statement.All that does is create a freeloader society. Freeloading is a corrupt lifestyle.Johnson's great society programs spent trillions on the war on poverty and it is still here.Because when a person is in a freeloader lifestyle they become useless. And that is not anything a person wants to be,or should be. We are more than that.
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