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India becomes a great country in future.

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Started: 8/25/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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India cannot become a great country in it's future. The present situation in India is very worse. As compared to other countries, india is very poor in many fields. The leaders of India are selfish and could not develop it. I think that the state of India worsens in future.Many leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi etc. imagined the future of India very nicely but their imaginations are wrong. India could not develop until it's people becomes unselfish and think for India like of great indian lovers.


India has great potential because of its love and respect for animals. Also, India is non-violent due to the principle of Ahisma. [0]

Also due to the fact that Hindus see all life as sacred.

"3. All Life is Sacred

As all of life is created by God, all life is sacred. You should not harm any creature " and particularly "Holy" animals, such as cows, which represent the selfless love of God to its people. Indeed, one should not even think or speak badly towards others, due to karma." [1]

As I see it India is being beaten up by stronger more violent factions. Although in the short and medium term India's future may not be that bright, I have high hopes for the long term. People are getting fed up with animal abuse. Factory farming is losing popularity. Vegetarian is gaining ground slowly but surely as more scientific articles point towards the health benefits of vegetarian.

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