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Indoctrination within religions should come to an end

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Started: 10/31/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be arguing that indoctrination within religions and their communities should come to an end.
The first round will be acceptance, the second round will be definitions and first arguments, the third and fourth rounds will be rebuttals and the fifth round will be closing arguments.


It's funny to me that I felt very drawn to debating this topic, while not being sure we necessarily disagree. The definition of indoctrination is certainly in question, but I feel I will help to define it within my response.

Indoctrination is essential in human development. We are taught throughout our childhoods what is and is not accepted by our societies. All of these tenets, while practical advice, are inherently arbitrary, and have no true ground in any realm of science or serious, modern philosophy.

Yet, they are important. We as humans don't act in strictly logical ways. An indoctrination into the customs of a community provides great benefit to those living within it, whether you believe in the metaphysical claims or not.

Thus, the metaphysical claims to belief, seem less important than it's practical realities, at least in my opinion. While I certainly agree that most beliefs in the divine lead to more violence, more distress, and more confusion than a purely secular view, I'd like to direct your view to a religion, oft forgotten and nearly lost to history: Jainism.

Jainism is a religion formed by Indians that follows many of the same tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism, but differs (in many small ways, but majorly) in the principle of non-violence. Jainism is truly a religion of peace. There will never be a Jainist suicide bomber or a Jainist crusade. Jainist monks take the tenet of non-violence so seriously that they wipe every chair they're about to sit on with a cloth to avoid accidentally sitting on an insect that might be mistakenly inhabiting that area.

The question I wish to poise to you is, if every person in the world was to wake up tomorrow, fully believing in and indoctrinated in this belief, would the world not be a better place?
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Posted by philochristos 1 year ago
I think you should offer some definitions in the first round so your opponent will know what's being debating before accepting. You especially need to define "indoctrination."
Posted by Pigney 1 year ago
While i agree there is much religious indoctrination, i also believe the phrase is over used, and thus we would have to define the phrase VERY well before i would enter it. Churches should not be barred from teaching, they should be barred from "mind washing" if you will.
Posted by Tree_of_Death 1 year ago
Agreed. It'd be useful for your opponent if you were to define indoctrination.
Posted by Verithenes 1 year ago
Aw man, I really wanted to debate but the problem is, I completely agree with you on this so I can't debate you on it.
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