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Insurance makes health care too expensive

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Started: 12/24/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Health insurance, whether it is tax-financed or not, costs too much because there is nothing keeping health professionals from jacking up their prices for products and services. At least there is nothing that I am aware of that does that. Please educate me on why I'm wrong.


Okay, so the main concerns which are brought up by those who are opposed to private health insurance is that it jacks up prices because of the profit incentive which drives capitalism. Now at face value this argument seems rational, after all we as humans we have a tendency for self advancement even if it is at the cost of others, however once we apply some economics to this issue the case FOR health insurance becomes clear.

The main reason why prices wont go up because of you and I- the consumer. If the price they give is too high we will not be able to use their service and provide them with a profit, or worse go to a different health company or insurer who will give us a lower deal. As Adam Smith described the "invisible hand" necessitates an improvement in quality while at the same time guaranteeing affordability for the masses. This means as long as the health insurance remains relatively deregulated and without extortionate taxation companies will be able to provide better services for a lower price. Due to the nature of different people having different incomes there will be a higher end of insurance provided such as the mayo clinic or other top end medical practices however the nature of free market competition means that in time the standard which these institutions provide can be improved upon and made available to the average person.
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Thanks for debating, I wanted to learn more about this issue. So I know you never said this but I am not a single-payer proponent; thought I'd get that out of the way. You and I agree on deregulation and lower taxes, so that's good. I know the "invisible hand" describes better quality and lower prices, and I think that concept could work in a healthcare market without insurance at all. Doctors are forced to lower prices to attract consumers. However, when a doctor is getting paid with insurance money, there seems to be no reason for him/her to create affordable prices for the services they provide, as insurance provides a large pool of money for doctors to tap into. It can also lead to patients becoming less conscientious about their spending, you know the saying "it's easy to be generous with other people's money." So the main question is this: when there is insurance that provides a pool of money for doctors, what is stopping them from raising their prices for goods and services?
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