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Internet Blocked At School

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Started: 1/9/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 6 months ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Have you ever asked yourself why do our schools have to watch every little thing we do,and then when you find out they can see what you are doing when you are on your electronics with a app or website. Well I think that our schools should stop filtering,blocking,and watching what we do on our electronics.
You sometimes think too much about the content that you block, they limit our opportunities to succeed, explore the passions, and discover our strengths and talents. see when you block us from
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Posted by bigwigaustin 6 months ago
Apparently I, and many others, cannot accept this debate because the qualifications set don't match our accomplishments/rank/etc. I recommend you create a new debate without the set qualifications or, at the very least, challenge at least one of the interested people, of which I am included, to a debate on this contentious topic.

Thank you.
Posted by Defro 6 months ago
I am interested in debating this issue. If you would like to have this debate with me, please message me.
Posted by ShyreWolf 6 months ago
i will send nudes if let me ddebate
Posted by ShyreWolf 6 months ago
Yo fagg0t let me hav dis shet
Posted by Ski 6 months ago
You cannot accept this challenge because you do not match the Instigator's age and/or rank criteria. Why I can't participate in this debate, please let me.
Posted by SupaDudz 6 months ago
Please please let me let me do this debate challenge!!!!! Send me a request
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