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Internet use in school

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Started: 6/7/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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There should be no internet use in school. Besides for educational purposes. For example, the internet should not be used for youtube videos at school. The only time the internet should be used is when little kids play educational games and when MS and HS have to do research on the computer for a class.


I thank my opponent for allowing me to debate this topic.

I will break my argument in favor of internet use in school into 3 categories.


There is plenty of reasons why a student would like to use the internet in school, and many of these reasons aren't necessarily a bad thing. For instance, a student may want to look up some information about homework or schoolwork on their phone. Another might want to use the internet to look up homework assignments on a class website.

Of course, there is no clear way to distinguish this use of the internet with other uses such as going on youtube videos. As a result, a full on ban on internet use in school would have major drawbacks and only help a few people that waste time in class. I doubt many of these students would pay attention in class either way. They could just find something else to distract them.

Recreational Use

Students should certainly be able to use the internet at school during their breaks. Breaks, such as brunch and lunch at my school, are meant for the students to have some fun and relaxation time during the school day. There is no good reason why students should not be able to use the internet on their own breaks to do as they please. Some students may want to hang out with friends, some want to play sports, some want to play videogames, and others may want to use the internet for their amusement. There is nothing wrong with any of these activities during a time designated for student leisure.

Class Enforcement

An effective method of preventing students from doing undesirable things on the internet during class time is to have the teacher deal with it. If the teacher notices that a student is being distracted significantly from his work, then he could ask him to put away the phone. It could be as simple as that, and that's what my teachers have done to ensure work gets done. The benefit of this method of stopping bad use of the internet during class also doesn't have the drawback of hurting students that would otherwise benefit from using the internet. This one-size-fits-all ban of the internet is an insult to the individuality of students in schools. All students are different and must be treated as a unique individuals in order for them to most effectively learn in school.
Debate Round No. 1


JulieS forfeited this round.


Well maybe con will come back next round...
Debate Round No. 2


I do agree with you. But my main point is that internet should be used for homework and research but i mean for games anf stuff the students can do that at home. Plus they can also do their homework and research at home too.


"I do agree with you. But my main point is that internet should be used for homework and research but i mean for games anf stuff the students can do that at home. Plus they can also do their homework and research at home too."

It seems as though con concedes to all of my points. To finish up, he states people can do games and stuff at home. This ignores the purpose of breaks in school, which is to have a break between classes. If people want to use the internet during a break, there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to.

He states homework and research could be done at home too. This is true, but students should also be able to use the internet to do these things in school if they want to. There are plenty of times when this could benefit the student, without any drawbacks. There is no reason to inhibit a student's ability to do homework and research in school.

With all the drawbacks of an internet ban in schools outlined, it is evident that this idea should not be implemented in schools. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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