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Interracial Dating Negatively Impacts Cultures and Undermines true Diversity.

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Started: 12/5/2016 Category: Society
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The fabric of a culture, above is its traditions and sentiments, is its people. The people of a culture, having ties to said culture's history, share a collective interest in the well-being and perpetuation of ther culture. When two cultures are introduced into the same area, more often than not, cultures collide, inevitably comprising certain aspects of both cultures. Because so much of culture is fastened to race; when culture is compromised, often is race, resulting in the decline of true diversity. This is why interracial dating negatively impacts cultures, and undermines true diversity.


Hello, I'd like to thank you for opening the debate, and wish you the best of luck.

My opponent has attempted to tie culture and race together, when quite frankly, this is absurd. We can see countless examples of other races fully integrating into societies, and many societies are built off a melting pot of cultures, such as the US. Look at American culture. It has been influenced and created by blacks as much as whites. People like Michael Jackson, John Coltraine and Henry Tanner have done massive amounts for American culture and improved it in an amazing and terrific way. Cultures can be infinitely benefited by people of all races.

My opponent has not explained to any degree how race and culture is tied together. He's shown no examples or no evidence, and until he does, there is quite frankly nothing to even refute on the subject.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that it is necessary to restate my thesis, as my opponent has seemingly overlooked it. Nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different races can/cannot integrate into a racially uniform society, and nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different cultures cannot contribute to one collective culture. Furthermore, the example my opponent gave, regarding American cultures, proves my point that Interracial Dating undermines true diversity. American culture is one culture, one culture that is comprised of numerous compromised cultures, i.e. British, French, African, Native American, Latin, etc. My argument asserted that Interracial Dating -a graduated result of integration- inevitably compromises the integrity of the cultures involved, negatively impacting those cultures and threatening true racial diversity.

In merging two cultures and/or races, both are inevitably compromised. The same concept is present in mixing colors. When Red and Blue are combined, Purple is created at the expense of Red and Blue. No one is arguing that Red and Blue can't mix, but rather that their mixture inherently erodes the degree of diversity among colors. This is a truth that is undeniable by the standards of reality; any time two things are blended into one, you lose the initial properties of both things utilized in the mixture. When a Black person conceives a child with a White person, or any two people of any two different races do the same - for that matter-, the offspring is considered Mixed race. Needless to say, deductively, the cost of a mixed race child is always two relatively pure-raced individuals; which again, only reinforces my assertion that Interracial Dating undermines "variety" - a synonym of diversity.

Again, I'm not arguing the significance or merit of any one culture, nor am I arguing the ability of any one race or culture to integrate into a society comprising of other races/cultures; however, I am arguing that Interracial Dating poses an existential threat to race & culture and general diversity of both, requiring two races/cultures to be sacrificed for the creation of one.


I've already shown how integration doesn't effect culture, and how race doesn't necessarily effect culture. Race is not necessarily tied to culture, and my opponent has not shown how it is. What evidence is there that interacial dating compromises cultures? My opponent uses race and culture interchangeablely, even using cultures/races, despite claiming that interacial dating, a racial thing, negatively impacts culture. I've shown how interracial relations can benefit culture, my opponent has failed to show how it damages culture. For my opponent has yet to show how interracial dating has actually negatively effected cultures at all. If these two things are not tied together, interracial dating has no effect on culture whatsoever, thus negating the first part of his opening premise. Until then, you cannot use interracial dating and race in general as the same as the mixing of cultures.

The next section he has is saying that by mixing red and blue, as a metaphor, reduces the amount of colors. To target the metaphor, no, that's not true. We have three primary colors. Through mixing them, we have more colors, not less. That seems like a pretty obviously flawed analogy. This is quite frankly absurd, because no, the mixing of cultures does not destroy each culture. American culture is made from an integration of many cultures, as he admits, but these cultures still exist. They were not destroyed in their creation, but instead we got an extra culture without the loss of those that made it, increasing, no undermining, diversity. My opponent acknowledges that the American culture is built off many different cultures. Each culture has been influenced by other cultures, and this is how new cultures come about.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent asserts that "integration doesn't effect" culture, but has also asserted that "We can see countless examples of other races fully integrating into societies, and many societies are built off a melting pot of cultures". Seeing as my opponent has given examples of how racial and cultural integration do -in fact- effect culture positively, it is irrational to assert that there are only positive effects of integration, and even more irrational to be dismissive of the negative effects of integration, or assert that there are no negative effects of racial/cultural integration in the form of Interracial Dating, on society.

As I've said before, "Nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different races can/cannot integrate into a racially uniform society, and nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different cultures cannot contribute to one collective culture" - my opponent tends to miss the topic at hand. My opponent has given examples of the qualitative contributions of different races into a racially uniform society; however, that has absolutely nothing to do with the impact of Interracial Dating on culture and racial diversity. Interracial Dating does not only have qualitative implications on race/culture; meaning, the impact it has on society isn't solely in the form of contributions such as music, art, technological innovation etc... Interracial Dating also pertains to human reproduction, which has quantitative implications on race/culture. Humans/races, with respect to physical properties, are finite in population; whereas, colors are infinite in concept. As with the color analogy, my partner failed to correctly interpret the analogy. Color is simply wavelengths of light interpreted by the human eye. Therefore, color does not have the same physical properties as humans and cannot be subject to extinction, unlike humans and thus the cultures perpetuated by humans. My opponent mentioned that there are only three primary colors, and in mixing said colors, more colors are made; however, my opponent's assertion is predicated off the recognition of color as a concept that is not subjected to the same physical limitations as humans - it is not. For example: yes, on a computer screen, red and blue make purple; and thus, you've created three colors from two, without reducing the quantity of red and blue; however, in reality, a Black human and a White human produce a mixed person, decreasing the White and Black race, in order to increase the Mixed race. Similarly, when color is manifested in a finite form, and I have two vials -one vial being red dye and one vial being blue dye- mixing these vials would yield me purple die at the expense of the red and blue dye, leaving me with only one dye. This is the correct application of the "color mixing" analogy that I referenced, as it is interpreted in a way that is congruent with the physical properties of humans. For that matter, it is only logical that when a White person and a Black person have a child, two races are being combined and essentially sacrificed, for the sake of creating one race - there is no infinite wavelength of human beings that can be recreated and manipulated on a mere conceptual basis, the way my opponent's interpretation of color can be.

If we concede the reality that Interracial Dating takes from two races, and makes one race, then we must also concede the reality that the two people of different races are no longer around to perpetuate their different cultures, should they combine to create a mixed race child. Because Interracial Dating threatens racial diversity, and humans/races are the only means of perpetuating culture, it is only axiomatic that Interracial Dating poses the same threat to culture, as it does to racial diversity. My opponent has cited America as an example of a melting pot of races and cultures; however, this proves my point; seeing as, the uniform/pure cultures of each different race during America's early segregated times, have been compromised and altered through integration, and said integration has yielded one culture -known as American culture- comprised of many different cultures. Again, similar to the sacrificing of two finite colors in order to yield one new color, America has sacrificed the purity and vitality of many pure cultures, to make one American culture; by natural definition, this is a threat to diversity. My opponent requested that I give examples, and I will. Common Chinese holidays are the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Qing Ming Jie. None of these traditional holidays are recognized as normal American holidays, although many people of Chinese origin reside in the United States. Common Indian holidays are Ram Navami, Dussehra, and Krishna Janmashtami. None of these traditional holidays are recognized as normal American holidays, although many people of Indian origin reside in the United States. Digressing from culture and onto race: South America was a land of Native Americans. When the Spanish were sent by the Spanish Cardinal to annex and colonize South America, many of the Spanish men had children with the Native women, lessening the population of pure South American Natives and Spaniards, and increasing the population of mixed-raced Hispanics - the same can be said for the Portuguese Slave Trade in South America.

Again, "Nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different races can/cannot integrate into a racially uniform society, and nowhere in my thesis do I argue that different cultures cannot contribute to one collective culture." I've only proved that Interracial Dating negatively impacts culture and undermines racial diversity by subtracting from two races to produce one race, and therefore jeopardizing the existence of the cultures tied to those races, by eventually leaving no one to perpetuate said cultures.


My opponent in his opening does state that I've said integration doesn't effect culture, which is true. I apologize, it was a badly articulated statement. My following statement that race doesn't necessarily effect culture is what I was attempting to say. Still, my opponent admits that yes, there are positive effects of integration like I have pointed out that positively impact cultures, but he does not show any negative effects of races integrating into cultures, he simply says that they're there. Without any examples, this point simply doesn't stand. So far, we've only seen positive examples of it happening on a wide scale, and my opponent has failed to show the negatives.

My opponent then goes onto how discuss how that interracial dating does positively effect music, art and such, but never goes on to state any negatives of it in regard to culture.

My opponent attempts to then argue that interracial dating is exhausting the supply of "pure" races, which is absurd. This isn't a mixing of all blacks and all whites, there's more diversity being added as various mixed-races are coming about, combining the features of both. This is adding more races than there were before, adding a vibrancy of racial groups.We're not running out of white or black people in this example, as their population is still growing. The fact is simple. We only had the two groups of races, now we have more. More races are created from the different racial groups mixing, and these new "mixed" race groups will further diversify amongst themselves. We're not running out of black or white groups, only growing in the amount. If interracial dating did not take place, we'd only have the original races and nothing more, which is clearly less diverse.

My opponent once more states that people of a culture's original race are the only people able to perpetuate it. This is blatantly false, and my opponent has made no efforts to tie the concept of culture and race together. We can see different races perpetuating different cultures all the time throughout the world. Unless my opponent can tie these two concepts together, his point doesn't stand.

My opponent talks then about how the cultures that integrated to create the newfound American cultures were "sacrificed", but this blatantly isn't true. English and French cultures contributed greatly to the new American cultures, but they were not destroyed in doing so. No, instead a new culture came about without the loss of the founders, making this point ridiculous. He then goes how to talk about how since common Chinese holidays aren't "traditional" holidays in American culture, which not only disproves his point that only people of the original race can perpetuate a culture, seeing as we can see many mixed race groups celebrating the cultures of their new land, such as with African-English men celebrating St George's Day, but also fails to recognize that in return Caucasian people can move to China and celebrate their cultures.

My opponent has not only failed to tie race to culture, making claims like "Races are the only means of perpetuating culture", which we can see to be false with mixed race people celebrating the culture of the place they're in. He fails to acknowledge how culture is not destroyed in contributing to the building of a culture, seeing how French and English culture contributed to building a third culture without their destruction, increasing the amount of cultures, not lessening, he's failed to take into account that interracial dating increases the diversity through the mixing of these races, as where once we had two races we're now gaining additional ones, and we clearly haven't lost the original contributing races, only created a new more diverse group. Most importantly, my opponent continously makes the claim that only specific races can perpetuate cultures, which can see is false.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
PRO. Racially uniform societies can only come about by inter-racial sex. As I am unable to date I what?. Rape, kidnap, buy, artificially inseminate or do I marry a complete stranger?.
Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
PRO. So you think me ( white ) taking a woman ( black ) to a few movies and dances will make me forget my " roots "?. That dating someone for a few weeks/months will overcome decades of societal/cultural conditioning?. Will my date become " whiter " in her mannerisms and appearance?. You believe that a cultural shift will be based on a couple of hours, 3-4 times a week, for a few months. The idea is absurd. I do not say that a change in ones outlook is not possible but it is only accomplished by actually living alongside someone who is practising an alternate culture. We call that " picking up their habits ".
Posted by Jonbonbon 1 year ago
I can think of at least one example where your argument doesn't stand.
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