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Interstellar is one of the best movies ever made.

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Started: 11/23/2015 Category: Movies
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The rules:

Pro defends the movie, saying it is exceptionally good.

Con attacks the movies, saying it was expectionally bad, or simply bad. Therefore, Con cannot say, that the movies was alirght or ok, etc.

Any arguments, that can be linked to the actual movie are accepted. Therefore, you cant make arguments like "Oh, but Inception did this better" and etc.

If you think you can withstand these criteria, then go ahead and click that "accept the debate" button.

Best of luck.


The movie ¨Interstellar¨ couldn't be further from the truth, being filled with so many misconceptions that makes it almost impossible to watch. A movie with so many errors, scientific or otherwise cannot be deemed a good movie let alone ¨exceptionally good¨. In the following paragraphs I am going to discuss some of the biggest errors in logic and plot holes that ruin the movie.

Possibly one of the biggest plot holes being that in order to get to the NASA Headquarters, Cooper has to decode the binary sequence. The binary was left the Murphy's ¨ghost¨ who turns out to be Cooper once traveling inside Gargantua. Cooper doesn't have the binary coordinates until being in the tesseract. Since he cannot get to the tesseract without going to the NASA Headquarters, that makes it impossible for him to get to the tesseract to give himself the coordinates. So nothing past the school scene is possible.

Secondly, when he was in the tesseract communicating in binary and morse. You cannot decode binary without knowing its encoding, making it extremely difficult to figure out. The decoding of the morse was impossible. To encode ¨Complex Quantum Data¨ in a way for those who know morse to understand it implies a verbalisation of the data and encoding the verbalisation. Due to the non-trivial nature of data the resulting encoding would be much larger. Decoding it would require recording every single beat of the clock and waiting for a pattern to emerge and repeat itself. Then, making sure that it covers the whole encoding and not just part that happened to repeat itself. Making 2 cycles needed to confirm the pattern. It has been approximated that it would require at least a few Megabytes to store that complex quantum data so the morse-verbalization encoding would take around 1 Gigabyte. That would be more than a billion movements of the second hand which translates to about 31 years. Since at least 1 repetition is needed to confirm the pattern it would take 62 years to decode.

Another big plot hole is the wormhole that exists near Saturn. In the end we learn that the wormhole wasn't created by aliens but by a future humanity. Again, the wormhole is needed to save the population, which would create the future generation to create the wormhole. Since the wormhole is needed to save the population so that a future population can create the wormhole, there is no possible way for the wormhole to be created in the first place. Not counting it being maintained for 50+ years assuming that somehow this ¨future population¨ has developed such technology.

Regarding the ¨future generation¨ if they have the powers to create and maintain a wormhole why couldn't they send the answer to the professor's secret equation? Why would they place the worm hole all the way by Saturn instead of some place closer? Or send them a way of making food or getting rid of the blight. Why was the plan to have Cooper almost died multiple times to just end up in the tesseract, when there could have been a solution so much easier?

So with all these major plot holes and errors how can ¨Interstellar¨ be considered an exceptionally good movie? How can a movie with so many scientific flaws be considered a scientific fiction film? How can it be considered one of the best movies ever made?

Debate Round No. 1


"Cooper realizes that the tesseract and wormhole were created by fifth dimensional beings from the future to enable him to communicate with Murphy through"gravitational waves, and that he is her "ghost"." -

1) Unless CON comprehends and understands properties of time and space in the 5th dimension, he cannot rationally state, that the time loop is irrational or somehow appears to be a plot hole. Where Cooper appears, there is no linear concept of time as we understand it here, in a third dimension. Theoretically speaking, Coopers appears in the place, where time is represented as a point, rather than a line, which relatively explains, within the plot of the movie, how he was able to send binary coordinates to Murph. Therefore, this concept cannot be called a plot hole.
2) "Secondly, when he was in the tesseract communicating in binary and morse. You cannot decode binary without knowing its encoding, making it extremely difficult to figure out." Which is why Cooper asked Tars to transfer to him the coordinates of NASA in binary. Did CON even paid attention during this movie? In terms of Quantum Data - it was never revealed in the movie which type of quantum data humans on Earth needed. For all we know, the question one to figure out correlation between gravity and quantum mechanics. The answer could have been a simple number. You cannot just make information that you do not know!
3) "Another big plot hole is the wormhole that exists near Saturn." Once again, CON questions time travel and technology developed by human beings. It seems that CON completely ignores that fact, that humans from the future were able to harvest 4th and 5th dimension, which bends time and space continuum as we know them. Once you let that sink it, it does not really surprise that much, that they were able to open a wormhole.
4) Regarding all of the CON's questions "why" - we simply do not know. We do not know the limitations and boundaries that people from future have. Perhaps, if it is a time loop, they had to repeat their actions exactly, as they did happen when they existed around our time. If our actions are predetermined, than this time loop was predetermined, which means changing such big events could cause a time-paradox, which would result in global catastrophe. You cannot criticise information that you do not have, can you?

Visual effects of the movies Interstellar were stunning. The image of space is portrayed on a level with such visually advanced pictures as Gravity, Avatar and the Martian. No wonder it was nominated for an Oscar.

Performance could not have been better. Matthew Mcconaughey delivers one of the best of his performances during a long continuous shot of his reaction to seeing a 21 years old video message from home. Anne Hatthaway does not disappoint either, by demonstrating an incredibly juxtaposition between scientific knowledge and reason, and her deep and flourishing love towards Dr Miller. A separate mentioning deserves Matt Damon, for an ability to intersect in the middle of the picture, and deliver an unusual and dubious spirit of an evil and ironically named Dr Mann. And god, what a brilliant performance by so young Mackenzie Foy. For someone of her age, acting and being so aware of her own emotions is truly mesmerizing.

A lot of people complained about music, by it being too loud and deafening. Hans Zimmer, the composer of the piece, explained that he wanted to deliver a sense of reality through the world of sounds, to make the audience delve into the atmosphere, trying to achieve a full detachment from reality.

And of course, there is no need to speak about directing. The scenes, landscapes, shots, cuts - they are essentially perfect. The famous docking scene is already listed on many tops as the best scene of the year -

After all, CON should remember, that this movie is a SCI-FI. If he can provide an example of an extremely accurate SCI-FI picture, than we can discuss it.

I have provided dozens of points, why Interstellar is one of the best movies ever made. I will present more arguments in the next round.
So far the only thing that CON debated is the plot.

I maintain my resolution.


iTziPocalyspe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


blackprtzl forfeited this round.


iTziPocalyspe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by iTziPocalyspe 2 years ago
Damn, ran out of time being at families and stuff. but overall it was a fun debate, Congrats
Posted by bbv275 2 years ago
Sorry, I am not agree with you. as far as concern about great movies......I recommended "The Godfather" is and "Scarface" are the best movies ever made.
Posted by iTziPocalyspe 2 years ago
For a "Sci-Fi" movie to be considered on of the best movies ever made, it should have 100% accuracy or at least an explanation for the inaccuracies. Since the debate is about the movie, one must forgo any information from the book. Also him getting the coordinates is a time loop, he needs to the NASA HQ to get to the tesseract to give himself the coordinates. I talked with a few Chem/Science teachers to get their insight. mvig I would like to thank you for your feedback, I am new to this site and will use a little more time in making my argument.
Posted by mvig 2 years ago
Pocalypse your opinions are invalid.

1st off, it's a "sci-fi" movie. No one claimed that the science was 100% accurate. Along those lines, the science was actually fairly close (to appeal to the viewer). If you read the book "Interstellar" by Kip Thorne, you will see this. The movie had real science behind it but needed to be simplified for the average viewer to understand.

With that in mind, it was definitely possible for the future Cooper to relay all of that information back to Murph in his past life. While in the tesseract, he had the ability to view any point in time he wished and make contact through gravity. Your statement that it's not possible for him to give his past self the coordinates is wrong. You are also wrong in assuming they would need a large amount of data to figure out the "equation". If you remember in the movie, there was only a small part of the equation that was missing, meaning he only needed to relay a very small part of information to complete the equation.

Anyway, I'm not a scientist but I do know that you should do more reading on the science behind it before you go on saying it was incorrect.
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