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Invisibility is better than Flight in urban areas

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Started: 2/24/2016 Category: Funny
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New to Thought I could get my feet wet debating superpowers, specifically, the most often used match-up: invisibility or flight.

This is a light-hearted debate folks. I'm not taking it too seriously - it's more to practice the mechanics of than anything else. Suggestions/tips are welcome.

Let's begin:

While I believe the power of flight would be amazing, I think invisibility would be the more useful when it comes to an urban area. Sure, out in the country or wilderness where there are few to no people, flying would be amazing. But the moment you get to an urban area, you'll quickly be spotted. Perhaps you'd have to only fly at night. With flight, you'd eventually end up on the radar of the authorities, and eventually, I'm assuming, you'd be captured - game over. So again, this debate is focused on powers in urban areas.

With invisibility, your main concern is staying out of the way of other people and things (cars, doors, and such). Especially on a crowded street, that could be a serious concern, possibly even life-threatening concern. Other problems could be being locked inside a building unable to get out. Or getting caught between a door being closed. However, with vigilance, I think these could be avoided. So sure, invisibility is not nearly as 'sexy' as flight, but, once again - in an urban environment, you'd be able to use your powers for much longer without being caught than with flight.



I understand that you made a typo in your debate topic, but I accepted this debate in the terms that I would be debating flight versus invisibility within the context of urban areas, and I will debating that flight is better than invisibility in urban areas.

First off, my opponent makes the accusation that "invisibility is not nearly as 'sexy' as flight". I completely agree with my opponent, but that completely helps my perspective. Added sexiness is a benefit of flight. I would love to have my super power make me more attractive.

Now, I will analyze the other benefits of flight over invisibility. If you have a superpower in the modern world that has no actual super villains, I would want people to know I have my superpower. That would lead to fame, potential riches, and social status. It's easy to show off your superpower with flight. In the context of an urban area, I could safely clean a window on a skyscraper, I could quickly rescue people from a burning building, and I could easily transport people who need help with mobility. Invisibility doesn't have that many practical uses. The only benefit to invisibility is that you won't as easily be caught, but being in the presence of other people is necessary for the human experience. It would be very hard to have friend groups if you were invisible, and most psychologists agree that friendship is very necessary for survival (1).

Another thing about flight versus invisibility is the clothing required to use your powers. To start flying, the only clothing requirement is that you must have something that won't fall off. Perhaps this means wearing tighter clothing, but that's really it. With invisibility, you have to be naked to use your powers. Your clothes do not receive any superpowers, and therefore, the inconvenience of having to strip down every time you become invisible is not attractive to me. Because you're invisible, people won't see you on the street, and yes, they might run into you. I don't want people running into me and feeling my genitals. Therefore, invisibility has drawbacks, and flight doesn't.

Both of these superpowers are more good than bad, but the fact that flight has less drawbacks and is more helpful to society as a whole, I would prefer flight in urban areas. The fame, the fortune, and the lifestyle I could have from being a flying man in the city would be a dream come true.

Debate Round No. 1


The fact that there are no Magnetos in the world does not imply safety. Once the people knew of your powers, you would become the target of world governments, politicians, scientists, corporations, religious fanatics, paparazzi, and leagues of obsessed fans. Everyone would know where you lived and where you went all of the time. Flying makes you extremely vulnerable and a literal target for all to see. You wouldn"t be safe at all.

Fame and riches often ruin people"s lives and sense of morality " just take a look at a number of celebrities who have done so. These can also lead to drugs, depression, and even suicide. (1, 2) Not desirable things.

Flight doesn"t equate to super-strength. Carrying an average person, let alone through a burning building, would be difficult and slow your ability to fly. What if you dropped that person? You would cause more harm than good. You would be sued, and face possible imprisonment. Also, you"re no more protected than anyone else in said building. In fact, you"re much more likely to run into something flying. You"d also be inhaling more carbon monoxide flying rather than crawling on the ground.

By saying, "The only benefit to invisibility is that you won't as easily be caught"" my opponent essentially says flight makes you more easily 'catchable'. Being caught implies some kind of restriction to using powers. This point alone proves the statement that invisibility is better than flight by the value that being in control of one"s powers and freedom for longer than shorter is better. Also, invisibility definitely has more than one benefit.

Claim: ""being in the presence of other people is necessary for the human experience. It would be very hard to have friend groups if you were invisible"" One wouldn"t be permanently invisible (or permanently flying for that matter). This debate assumes you can apply your power at will.

"Most psychologists agree that friendship is very necessary for survival (1)" Reading the source shows that "most psychologists" actually means just one"the psychologist writing the article who is summarizing points from a book written by someone with a journalism degree. (3) One isn"t able to make such a claim using this article since one psychologist is a far cry from most psychologists, so the source is invalid.

One would easily get used to not being without clothes with invisibility. And if it"s cold out, simply don"t spend more time outside than necessary. And unless people are hunched over holding out their hands as they walk everywhere, no one is going to feel your genitals.

Opponent claims flight is more helpful to society as a whole, but besides being able to easily wash windows, and *possibly* slowly carry someone a short distance, I don"t see how flight is helpful to society as a whole.

Invisibility has more benefits, and is potentially much more helpful to society as a whole. You can: use it day or night, inside or outside; prevent or solve crime; travel anywhere or attend concerts, theme parks, etc for free; be a master fighter if you knew martial arts; spying"you could be the greatest whistle-blower/muckraker of all time and root out corruption; much less likely to be caught; and you could have fun messing with people. (4)

Flight has more drawbacks: again, you"ll be a constant target, always having to watch your back; no more privacy ever again; any children you have would grow up with a slew of psychological issues; lightning strikes " any metal on you could trigger one (5); always have to wear goggles and protective gear as anything that strikes you while flying is going to be of more damage; weather; bugs; constant chance of running into power lines, building antennae, clothes-lines; at night you"d need to carry a giant flashlight to make sure you didn"t run into any of the above; breathing in all that air pollution that hangs above cities (6).

But what takes the cake in flight drawbacks is the fact that the human body cannot withstand heavy acceleration or deceleration. (7) You would have to be extremely careful while flying, and could not fly too quickly else risk becoming blind or losing consciousness (not to mention being torn apart with substantial Gs). Cautious flying: definitely not sexy. Flight itself is a drawback.

I have addressed and refuted each of my opponent's claims, and have used multiple sources. There are more benefits to invisibility, and more drawbacks to flight. The power of invisibility is clearly better than flight.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by philobudey 2 years ago
I'm realizing now that perhaps I should have reworded the title of this debate to be more specific. So, unofficially, I wish I had worded it: "You are more likely to be caught with the superpower of flight than invisibility in urban areas". But I understand that what's done is done.

And hello to you, my opponent, Boesball - I see you are a weathered debater. It looks as though I could have/should have outlined the debate rules/structure in my round one. So I guess you'll just be launching right in. And after looking at several of your previous debates - specifically "The Thumb Is A Finger Like A Stupid Fatso Is Still A Human Being" and "Having a mega-penguin friend would be better than having a robot butler" - we are in store for quite the opening argument in favor of flight, including (at least I hope!) multiple pictures, charts, and info-graphics ;)

Looks like you are an extremely dedicated an civil debater. I look forward to the conversation :)
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