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Iphone 5 vs. GS3

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Started: 10/23/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con=Iphone 5

Round 1- Accept
Round 2- Opening Arguments
Round 3- Rebuttal
Round 4- Conclusion

This will be fun!


i shall except your debate and look forward for a fun debate good sir
Debate Round No. 1


I look forward to this as well.

The GS3 is manufactured by Samsung, Apple's biggest competition. It is a dependable and advanced product that blows the Iphone 5 out of the water. I will be focusing on 5 key points that consumers focus on: Battery Life, Network Speed, Operating System, HD Video Capabilities, and Maps.

A) Battery Life-
The GS3 has a 2100mAh battery that can last 45 minutes to an hour longer than the Iphone 5. You can also buy replaceable batteries for the GS3 if you are going to be going a long time without access to a charger. You can't do that on an Iphone.

B) Network Speed-
When running the same download speed monitor on both the GS3 and the Iphone 5, the GS3 delivered much more consistent and fast results, while the Iphone 5 tests were completely random and all over the spectrum.

C) Operating System- The GS3 OS is superior to the Iphone 5's because of how customizable it is compared to IOS6. On the latest Android OS you can customize everything from your keyboard layout to your home screen setup, unlike the Iphone5 where you have strict, set formats for everything.

D) HD Video Capabilities- The GS3 has a larger display than the Iphone 5 and has true HD video capabilities, something it's competitor dosen't have.

E) Maps- It is no secret that the Iphone 5's map capabilities are pathetic if that. I doubt I could find my own gas station a couple miles down the road with it, whereas the Android map app is effective and reliable.

I turn this over to my opponent.


SAN FRANCISCO " Apple introduced a new iPhone on Wednesday with a larger screen, faster wireless Internet speeds and a more powerful chip, as the company again seeks to demonstrate the staying power of one of the technology industry's great franchises.

Read more here:
The bigger screen in the iPhone 5 marks the first time Apple has altered the dimensions of the iPhone's display, which has measured 3.5 inches diagonally since the original iPhone Apple released in 2007. While the display at that time seemed gigantic compared with the tiny screens on most cellphones, Apple's competitors have been far more aggressive in pushing more roomy displays on their smartphones, with some screens approaching nearly 5 inches.

Apple said the new display offered a bigger canvas for activities like reading a book, browsing websites and watching movies. It also shows how the dividing line between phones and tablet computers is becoming fuzzier.

Read more here:

The new, faster Apple-designed chip inside the iPhone will let users open emails, load music and interact with other applications more quickly. The game developer Electronic Arts showed a photo-realistic car-racing game running on the new device with graphics that closely resemble those of high-end console systems. The device will also work on the latest variety of high-speed data networks with wireless carriers, known as LTE.

The iPhone 5 has a new feature that will allow users to easily stitch together multiple images into a panorama, a feature that has been available in some apps and stand-alone digital cameras for some time.

Read more here:
the GS3 does not have a panoramic camera
Debate Round No. 2


I have several responses to my opponents arguments-

A) I fail to see how Apple changing the screen size to 4 inches makes it superior in that it overs a bigger canvas for apps and such. The GS3 offers a 4.8 inch screen which is nearly an inch bigger canvas for apps. Plus screen size is a matter of preference and differentiates between people. It does not give any sort of edge overall.

B) Apple may have introduced a new processing core, but they are behind on the game. It has the 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor which can run multiple high-intensity apps (Pandora, Netflix, etc.) without slowing down or lagging. It also has a whopping 2 GB of RAM, whereas the Iphone 5 only has 1 GB. (check out the "processor" section)

C) I would like to direct you back to one of my other sources stated that the GS3 does indeed have a panoramic camera (something the GS line has had for over a year). (check out the "camera" section)

Before I turn this argument back over to my opponent, I would also like to point out that unlike the Iphone 5 the GS3 uses a standard micro-USB charging cable and adapter. The Iphone 5 has switched to the Lightning adapter, which is not only non-standard to most other markets, it is even non-standard to Apple itself. It screwed customers over by forcing them to buy an overpriced adapter to connect the Lightning to old Iphone accessories. (same as first source, but check out the "Iphone connector issue" section)


yes it is true about the lightning charger but alas its all about the big corporations making money not about what the consumer wishes for chargers after all it is a phone and possesses the intentions of making more money
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent seems to have given up on this debate. I have no further debating and I turn this back over to my opponent for his conclusions. Vote Pro!!!


vote con if you like your ipods and or iphones also if you like pie
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
Lol. Would you mind voting?
Posted by Samyul 5 years ago
Con had a chance to represent the iPhone 5 users on here, what happened? You have let us down
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Reasons for voting decision: The cat daddy gave up, so his arguments were lost. He also posted sources for one less round than pro did. Confession: I love my GS3! My fiance has the 5 and I'm happy I got the GS3!