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Iran is being criticized.

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Started: 5/29/2014 Category: Politics
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I believe Iran is being criticized because of the nuclear power thing going on and because of its government and president.

As far as i am concerned, i am sure that Iran have not don anything to harm other countries even tough they have said some bad things.

In my opinion the people of Iran are the ones suffering and dying and why other countries do not help Iran, I do not know. Does anyone actually know how many people die in the hands of the government?

I also believe that this nuclear problem everyone has would be solved if countries helped Iran instead of mostly looking at the bad things.

Also, i do not get what America is going on about. It was them that dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan in WW2 was it not?! Do you know how many people, adults, children, babies who had not even learnt to speak died? And you (not you in specific but the people who say this) claim Iranians are terrorists?

I do not have any sources but i am sure if people searched into Iran they would find out many god things they have done, their cultures, food, clothes. It is interesting what new things you can find out, why not try? :)

Thank you all
- Pro


yes, I am sure you think that Iran is being criticized but that is not true. They have done some good things in the past but now the country is full of terrorists. This is partly the government's fault and partly the people's fault. For example the government gave in to terrorism and in turn the people gave in to the government. My uncle served there and he almost died four times. This Debate is from the heart.
Debate Round No. 1


That may be right, and i understand that your uncle nearly died serving there. But if you think of it logically; more Iranian people die than people who serve there. Iranian citizens are stoned, killed, jailed for life, everyday because of stupid reasons such as women exposing their hair or body; I am sure dying is worse than nearly dying. I have experienced someone in my family dying in the hands of the government. Not that you would understand but i still believe that the people of Iran are not to blame. Blaming the government fair enough, i agree with that; blaming the people, different story. What most people want is freedom of coarse all of the people don't but still. people will not get their freedom by just standing there listening to every word the government says, so they rebel. That is when civil war breaks out. Losing someone precious to you is very, very hard to get over. When they are gone, they are gone. For some people this has become a frequent thing for them. People like you and me have to go through things like these every year, month, week maybe, maybe even days. Treasures the people you love before they are gone.

I want people to open their eyes and see whats going on in this world of our. I can see that Iran needs help. That is what i see when i look at Iran. A country with a some what unfair, untrustworthy leader who uses the power for his/her own good, but i also see innocent people who are afraid or unsure, trapped in their own country. You know, it it says you are born in Iran on you pass port there is a 75% chance that they will call security and the manager on you. (depends what you travel with) This has happened to me and my family EVERY TIME we go on holiday, why? Because my parents are born in Iran, not even grown up there just born there and they have a god damn English pass, but guess what. The world does not work like that. I don't know about you, but i wouldn't like being accused for being a terrorist mostly everywhere i go. It is true that they do not tell me this but their actions do. People might not know this but the only country that easily gives visa to a person with an Iranian pass is turkey. That is it. However if you had escaped Iran before or during the revolution, you would now have more freedom.

I want Iran to change. i am sure others do as well. Because of that, i need to win this no matter what. I want to change people ways of thinking for the better, not only for Iran but maybe even for the world.

Thank for reading
- Pro


Bhawksfan234 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Neda 2 years ago
Someone to know what its like being Iranian like me...
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides' arguments are just chock full of claims and anecdotes. These do not arguments make, guys. The resolution doesn't even match Pro's R1, which appears to be saying that we are not validly criticizing Iran. But, given that Con never addressed that, I'm left with the arguments given. Pro has done enough (if just barely) to show that a) Iran hasn't used its nuclear weapons, b) the U.S. is being hypocritical in their criticisms, and c) that they may have done some good things. Con's sole response is that the country is full of terrorists. That's a pretty blanket accusation and it's not supported, and so Pro's arguments win out. As Con forfeited a round, I also award conduct to Pro. S&G was pretty bad on both sides, and no one used sources.