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Iron Man is objectively a better superhero than Batman.

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Started: 7/21/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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With the Dark knight rises and The Avengers movies past, I present an argument.

I believe that Iron Man is a better super hero than Batman.

We split the BOP. I have to show why Iron Man is better and my opponent must show why Batman is better.

Now because comic book universes are so vast, we are only allowed to use the mainstream continuity of the respective super heros and/or their most recent film franchises. Also critiquing opponent's super hero is very much allowed.

3 rounds of debate, 1st is for acceptance. PLEASE DON'T ACCEPT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT AND PLAN TO ACTUALLY FINISH THE DEBATE. I have yet to actually finish one and its starting to get discouraging.


I have actually had the same debate which is now in the voting period I think 4 rounds is to but the heck with it I am just gonna argue that Batman would beat Ironman in a fight. I only have until tomorrow to argue so pls save the time and post your argument at the least possible time cause I would be in school but I promise I would not be forfieting the rounds like your past opponent.


Batma:Bruce Wayne's personal wealth is estimated at $6.8 billion, thanks to Wayne Corp. and a sizeable inheritance.

Iron Man: Tony Stark's wealth, meanwhile, is a comparably paltry $3 billion, almost entirely from Stark Industries.

: Both numbers come courtesy of Forbes magazine and were determined by pulling random numbers out of thin air. Both combatants are obscenely wealthy and can buy and sell anything they want. Neither faces any limitation.

Edge: Draw
So they both are rich which means both of them will be making something to outwit the other


Batman: Spurred to be a crime-fighter after witnessing his parents' death, Bruce Wayne is motivated by guilt and hatred to clean up the streets of Gotham.

Iron Man: Tony Stark becomes Iron Man after being captured and held as a prisoner of war. A true hero, he selflessly and altruistically decides to better mankind through his technology.

Verdict: As for behavioral modification, any Psych 101 student could tell you that positive reinforcement just doesn't come close to negative reinforcement in terms of knowledge, duration and strength. Iron Man might eventually take pity on you, but Batman will always hate you. In a battle of wills, that counts for something.

Edge: Batman


Batman: Genius-level intellect, called the world's greatest detective by his enemy Ra's al Ghul.

Iron Man: Genius-level intellect, called the world's greatest "futurist" by fellow superhero Reed Richards.

Verdict: Both are highly capable thinkers, but IQ is a relative measure, not an absolute one. So how do they stack up to their peers? Batman is universally hailed as the smartest man in D.C. Comics, with Lex Luthor his only real competition. Iron Man, by contrast, is at least the fifth or sixth smartest character in the Marvel universe, with Richards, Victor Von Doom, Bruce Banner and Hank Pym all believed to be more intelligent.

Edge: Batman
With Batman being the smartest one in DC and IronMan only the 3-6th spot you can say that Batman will outwit Ironman by making an rpg whcih will malfunction Ironman


Batman: The perfect human specimen, Batman has spent years training himself into peak physical condition. He is proficient in all forms of fighting and a master of martial arts.

Iron Man: Stark's strength comes from his superpower armor, which houses the world's best weapons systems. In addition, the suit grants him preternatural strength and endurance and enables him to fly.

Verdict: In hand-to-hand combat, it's no contest. Stark's armor is so powerful, it might very well swing the entire contest in his favor.

Edge: Iron Man
Here yes Ironman exceeds but not by much since Batman has this suit
He can use anyone of those


Iron Man: Jim Rhodes, the superhuman War Machine, who wears a suit of armor that has powers darn close to the one worn by Stark. Stark is also an integral part of the Avengers, and can therefore call upon just about every Marvel hero, from the Fantastic Four to the god Thor.

Batman: Dick Grayson, a prepubescent boy in tights. Most of the rest of the Justice League wouldn't spit on him if he were on fire.

Verdict: If our heroes need to call in some support, Stark wins in a landslide.

Edge: Iron Man
Ironman takes this category to but since its a one on one match you cannot count this

Glaring Weakness

Iron Man: Stark has been known to hit the bottle every once in a while, making him vulnerable at best and unavailable at worst.

Batman: Due to his upbringing and strict moral code, Wayne is unable to trust people and, oftentimes, isn't able to see any good in them at all.

Verdict: Batman's biggest weakness may turn out to be his greatest strength. Because he was unable to trust the Justice League, for instance, he kept dossiers on all the members, learning their secret identities and weaknesses should he ever need to take them down. He investigated Superman. Do we think he wouldn't also have a file on that goody-goody Tony Stark? Stark's weakness, meanwhile, just makes him incorrigible.

Edge: Batman

Biggest Battle

Iron Man: In the recent comic miniseries "World War Hulk," Stark took on and was utterly embarrassed by the big green guy. For good measure, the Hulk even destroyed Stark Tower.

Batman: Batman has beaten Superman.

Verdict: Batman beat the Man of Steel. 'Nuff said.

Edge: Batman


In close combat, and with no preparation, Iron Man would make mince meat out of the Dark Knight with his superior strength. But Batman knows this and would not only then know Stark's weaknesses, but would have a contingency plan to take him down. This plan would probably involve overtaking Stark's armor, making him Batman's slave.

One-on-one, it's not really close: Batman in a landslide.
SO Batman clearly wins this since He has beaten Superman plus he has a suit that withstood Superman's punches in his berserk mode so if he wears that How would IronMan hurt Him PLs If Ironman was beaten by Hulk and Batman beat Superman it clearly shows

Debate Round No. 1


Two things. 1. We were supposed to be debating in rounds 2-3 but whatever. 2 who could win in a fight does not determine the better superhero. But I'll bite.

Wealth: I agree that Forbes should stick to finances and not comics but here's a point. What does Bruce Wayne do with his billions? We know he keeps buying Batman parts. But Bruce Wayne splurges his money pretending to be an idiot. Tony Stark has built thousands of acres of intelli-crops to feed starving kids in Africa and all over the world.

Motivation: This is an irrelevant point. I don't see why we should compare why they fight crime. Just because Iron Man didn't see his parents murdered doesn't mean he wants to fight crime any less.

Intelligence: First and foremost I'm sick of people saying Batman is as smart as or smarter than Tony Stark. All evidence points to the contrary. Just look at that Batman suit compared to Iron man's! One uses a revolutionary power source, can fly at Mach 10 speeds, has its on UI complete with AI and thought interface, and allows the user to lift over 100 tons. The other has a glider, a grapple hook,and a utility belt.

" With Batman being the smartest one in DC and IronMan only the 3-6th spot you can say that Batman will outwit Ironman by making an rpg whcih will malfunction Ironman "

OK non-sequitor. Just because he's the smartest in DCU doesn't make him smarter than literally everyone else in MU. Btw for the longest time Reed Richards was considered the smartest in the Marvel universe until Iron Man took the extremis virus increasing his thought capacity ten fold. He beat Reed on 5 different chess boards at the exact same time using different moves on each board.

Note that all batman vs iron man always come down to "well Batman could invent something to...". Batman doesn't invent nothing. Morgan Freeman apparently builds all his gear so if he can't even create his own armor how's he going to take down someone's a thousand of times more advanced?

Biggest Battle: Did you seriously just bring up world war hulk? For those of you who don't know, Iron Man was defeated by the Hulk during the World War Hulk event. However let me give you a back story first. Hulk was blaming the death of his wife and son on certain Earth heroes. He. Beats. Everyone. He beats Black Bolt who's voice could vaporize earth if he so much as yawned. He then beats two teams of xmen including Cyclops, wolverine, and the unstoppable Juggernaut. He defeats the avengers and the fantastic four at the same time and Ghost Rider. The hulks power is literally unlimited. He could survive on the surface of the sun. Tony Stark( and this is before extremis ) dons his HulkBuster armor and actually would have defeated the hulk but someone sabotaged his suit. As a result he got crushed under Stark Tower but was perfectly fine. He later fixes the part that was broken and defeats the hulk who had gotten so enraged his footsteps were destroying Earth. That is the true story of world war Hulk.

The rest of my opponents argument shows that he has no idea what he's talking about. I strongly suggest he check out iron mans long list of power, abilities and weapons.

I'll even copy and paste some from that page.

Stark is a mutated human due to the injection of the Extremis bio-virus and the "Bleeding Edge" armor nanotubes which are powered by the arc reactor in his chest.

Psi-Shields: Due to new S.H.I.E.L.D treatments, Stark's mind is shielded from even the strongest telepaths.

Direct Cybernetic Interface: The Extremis virus has fused Stark's armor to his body. Initially the inner layers of the Iron Man armor were stored in the hollows of his bones, but later his entire exo-armor would be contained within carbon nanotubes. He is able to manifest and control the armor through direct brain impulses and even utilize some of its powers when unsurfaced. He has direct, cyberpathic control over the communication devices, scanning equipment, and recording devices located in his helmet.

Wireless Communication: He is also able to remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers throughout the world. Stark is also capable of projecting his voice through transmitting sound systems such as cellular phones via electric transmissions from his central nervous system.

Superhuman Reflexes: The Extremis virus grants him enhanced speed reactions and movements.

Regenerative Systems: Stark is capable has the ability to biologically heal himself and repair the armor.

Limited Shapeshifting: His armor is made up of nano-machines that can be commanded to turn into any type of structure upon Stark's skin. Examples include clothes, other armors, additional weapons over his armor like a boxing glove or a modified laser cannon by having the nano-machines change their properties into whatever Stark wants them to. They can also dissociate to transform into the Iron Man armor whenever Stark wishes.

Iron Man Armor

Iron Man's primary powers come from his armored suit.

Suiting up the Iron Armor: The armor used to require several machines to put on the suit, in a lengthy process. Later, this was changed to having it in a suitcase, which shortened the suiting up time, but was not very effective on the battlefield. However, recently, it has been shown that Stark can hold the armor within himself, and use it when needed, and spring into action in mere seconds.

Support Powers

Superhuman Strength: He is capable of lifting up to 100 tons when wearing his armor and can achieve higher levels of strength when powered by a sufficiently more powerful source.

Superhuman Speed: Even when not traveling for extended distances, the armor enables the wearer to move and react at very high speeds.

Flight: The armor can typically reach speeds in excess of Mach 10, in recent comics however Iron Man has been depicted as able to reach orbital escape velocities (5 miles per second) and up to speeds that can outrun black holes. Use of the jet boots provide enough power to lift a load of about 500 tons.

Power Cells: The armor is powered by a combination of solar converters, electrical batteries and an on-board generator that uses beta particle absorption as a fuel source. Not to mention the arc reactor that also powers the suit.

Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is also able to absorb and convert nearby or far away energy sources, such as heat, solar, electrical, magnetic, geo-thermal or kinetic energy or energy from the planet itself into electricity, or even drain energy directly into the batteries for recharge.

Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation, biological, chemical, corrosive, kinetic, and electrical attacks as well.

Magnetism: The armor can generate magnetic fields to pull or push metal objects at will.

Onboard Computer: The armor has an internal onboard computer operating system that aids Stark in providing strategies, background information on opponents, surroundings, the status of the suit, and prevents a lock on from targeting systems.

Sensor Array: Known sensors include radar/lidar, night vision, and physiological/medical scanners that allow Stark to take and monitor the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans. These scans also provide Stark with real-time personal physiological data. They are also capable of an all-environmental scan for atmospheric content or life forms--including astral energy projections.

So what exactly can Batman do? Face it. He's outmatched and outclassed.


DebateBehemoth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


What is that? Like 6 in a row?


I am sorry I do not have time to debate on such a topic PLS VOTE TIE
Debate Round No. 3


No. I deserve the win. I told any challenger not to accept unless they could finished. You accepted and you couldn't. So you broke the rules of the debate. You lose.


Nope I did not lose my lack of time helped me win this here is my refutal
Nope the point it that Bruce wayne has more money meaning he woulf have more stuff to help him win the match you beat on.
True but since Bruce saw his parents dying at a young age of 7-8.While Tony was in the age of 17-18 a child would normally be damaged more by those events.Tony Stark did not even planning on fighting crime in the start while Bruce's goal at his young age was already to avenge his parents.
Umm Correction not even HULK BUSTER can lift 100 tons.Batman's itema where also designed by him.He made them with his knowledge.The possibility is still there Batamn can disarm the IronMan suit which is weaker than Superman another possibilty is Batman can design a weaponto fire rpg's or even diamonds which he can afford destroying the suit.Batman has proved many times before that he can outwit anyone meaning he has proven that he can subdue that suit.
Biggest Battle
Correction the suit was not sabotaged the nano bots that drain Gamma Radiation where and that would not help either since Hulk has unlimited Gamma Energy.The thing used to stop the Hulk was a satellite plus it was Plot induced stupidity to stop the comic cause Hulk would just get angrier restoring said Gamma radiation they made it so that he reverted back to finish the comic which was desinged to last 5 issues'
you seem to not have refuted the fact that Batman Beat superman in which you cannot argue that Ironman can beat Superman.
I do not think telepathy would be a factor since Batman would not be trying to conytol Stark Himself
Enhancing speed reactions and movements those not prove that he would evade Batman's attacks maybe he can sense it but time and time again has he been shown to continusly get hit by people
I have not seen him repair his armor but I would take your word for it.Would this help if Batman lands and RPG on him which completely destroys the system meaning batamn would be unseen and Batman could come in and completely destroy him while he is trying to regenerate
I do agree he can lift 100 tons but only at his current suit I take back my past argument about not having the ability to do this since he cannot even lift a car with his mark 3 suit if I am correct in his Movie
He can sense other life beings but with batman's ability to prepare which you did not take into account Batman would make sure he cannot be detected in the night or morning they would be fighting since stealth is his main weapon
Batman would prepare and beat Ironman at his own game with time and preparation in which you did not state not to be used.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ishallannoyyo 6 years ago
This is completely not a tie, if I could vote I would. The number of forfeits makes it so Agent_Orange deserves a win (if I understand the voting system correctly, and I can't vote, sorry)
Posted by DebateBehemoth 6 years ago
Not at bi.h move if you accpeted my proposition and continued this debate in the future who would have won and me not having to do such a move
Posted by Agent_Orange 6 years ago
That's a b*tch move con. Anyway you fail to recognize that Batman cannot harm the suit. It's impossible. In the Dark Knight Rises Batman gets destroyed by Bane. Absolutely owned. Iron Man is a thousand times stronger, faster and smarter. In the Avengers, he is able to hold his own vs. A God.
Posted by Maikuru 6 years ago
Con, why would you even include points that favor your opponent?
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