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Iron man is better then Batman

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Started: 10/20/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Batman is Batman. Batman is the Chuck Norris of superheroes, he MADE DC off of one issue. Batman's appearance in Detective Comics #27 caused an entire comic company to change it's name. As for Batman himself, he fights for all that is just and fair, Granted it's for vengence. However, his choice to fight crime in response to a common criminal murdering his parents has changed the fate of Gotham, and the world, in a positive way. He shows people that not every man in a mask is evil and someone will stand up to injustice and tyranny,
Bruce Wayne, his public self, is also a philantropist, playboy, and holds many degrees of education in a variety of fields. Through Wayne Enterprises, Batman is able to acquire a varitey of equipment, not just a suit. With said equipment he cleans the streets of gotham and aids the universe in times of need. He also funds men women and intelligent lifeforms across the universe realize their heroic potential through Batman Incorporated. Batman Inc. helps vigilantes defeat evil-doers in all corners of the universe. Not only did he start somewhat tribute society to himself but, he also established the Justice League with Superman, Hawkman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and The Green Lantern(Hal Jordan).

Now what's with Ironman? Did he cause a comic company to gain popularity? Is he a symbol of hope? Does he have a following of loyal crimefighters?
Debate Round No. 1


Well clearly the layout was ignored but none the less my response.

Bruce Wayne is a noble fighter of crime yes, but he is also too cliched and moral. Batman is soo rightious and noble, in fact, that he took the blame for a criminals actions, granted it saved the city from a horde of criminals said criminal put away, but he's always got a way out of everything and ends up ontop of the world. Last he did lose his parents yes, and it is tramatic.

That being said Tony Stark lost his parents AND watched Soldiers die from his own weapons, therefore his ideals are on a far bigger scale then Waynes, though also on the side of revenge. Plus Stark is a Genuis, Billionare, playboy, Philantropist as well (also I think Stark was the one who coined that in the Avengers movie). Stark also has a massive lab filled with gadgets and weapons he can BUILD into his armor to use.

When Stark appeared in Tales of Suspense #39, much like Spider-man, he became a hit and grew into his own legend, and eventually became one of the first members of the Avengers, forming it with Captian America, Thor, Giant Man (Hank Pym), Wasp, Black Widow, And The Hulk.

Plus Iron Man has fought with his addiction to Alcohol and lives everyday with a Glourified Pace-maker in his chest and the guilt of his weapons killing millions of young soldiers, so he deals with darker secrets then Wayne to be honest, and it's what drives him to fight and be the hero he is.


First, sorry if imisread something or didn't follow the rules fully or something, kinda new to formal debates and such.
And to Begin:
Batman is a Badass, granted cliched and overly moral, so is Ironman. It took the death of his parents, and countless others, and his "Glorified pacemaker" for him to use his wits, personal wealth, and technology for a better world.
The Funeral of Thomas and Martha Wayne was Bruce Wayne's turning point, in the first 10 years of his life. Batman has spent the majority of his life to adapt himself to fight crime. His entire existence as The Caped Crusader is a living tribute to his father's morals and ethics. Bruce took all he knew from his brief time with his father, and applied it fully. In saying that, is Thomas Wayne overly moral?
Let's take a brief step aside, in almost every movie, superhero-related or not, doesn't the protaginist see a moment where failure is the only option, but somehow they always make it? Society as a whole turned Batman in to the "cliched" escape artist that he is. His stories wouldn't be entertaining if he didn't have 98% of the answers in his utility belt,(If he had 100% of the answers his adventures would be boring, just like a utopia).
As you said, "Stark is a Genuis, Billionare, playboy, Philantropist as well (also I think Stark was the one who coined that in the Avengers movie)... Plus Iron Man has fought with his addiction to Alcohol and lives everyday with a Glourified Pace-maker in his chest and the guilt of his weapons killing millions of young soldiers..." Both men intelligent, both menwealthy, both men charitable. However, Stark basks in his own light, he broadcasts his own identity, he braggs of himself. Batman is a humble superhereo, if there could be one. And Stark's addiction, I fail to see it's relevence to his morality, dude can keep away from a bottle... cool good job! If however, his addiction was rooted in the guilt of millions killed by his weapons, okay his super-identity is to repent for letting his research and money and time, being used to kill many. Couldn't he simply change the aims of his company? Drop the weapons manufacturing and pick up shelter building in Africa? No, instead he continues to sell weapons which end up in the hands of those he's fighting.

Tony Stark does have a lab full of gadgets and weapons he could build into his armor, but that's just it... they're all in his lab... at his home. He'd have to fly out of combat, go to his house, enter the lab and fiddle with wrenches and computers, run diagnostics- I mean Iwouldn't use the new suit with out testing it... I don't wanna blow up because my armor's wrong, suit back up, and fly back to combat. Now that's all assuming his opponent allows him to fly off and doesn't follow him home, wait for him to leave and ransack the lab/mansion. Hell he might even wait till Stark comes back to rest and pull out that pacemaker of his.
Batman simply has his gadgets on his belt, anything else he could possibly is in the indestructable-selfdriven-all-terrain vehicles he rides around in. Okay sure a nuke could take out his vehicle, it'd also hit Whateversberg, in ThatOneCountry, starting a nuclear war. Then the villian get's into a giant fight with the UN and whatever country he/she/it just nuked.

Batman is Batman, just look around pop culture devours more Batman merch than Ironman. He's the people's choice.
Debate Round No. 2


Touche my good friend, Touche

Now to counter, Bruce Wayne might no have revealed his identity to the world but he as Wayne basks in his own light as well, difference is Stark is compencating for the guilt he feels from what his company does, and also he went after all his weapons and destroyed the ones in the wrong hands, since he wasnt truely responsible for his companies actions at the time, but he made sure less of his weapons were leaked out to enemies.

And Stark doesn't need to go to his lab to grab new weapons, with his advanced technology he can have the weapons teleported to him VIA pods like batman. However his weapons are much more advanced compared to Batmans quick little toys, giving Batman is more moral and doesnt kill, I will give him that one, but Iron Man can subdue an enemy far quicker then batman can and without killing them.

Iron man also fights on a bigger scale then Batman, Batman fights on the dark streets of gotham protecting the people of the city from criminals, whilst Iron Man fights to redeem the fallen heroes that were wronged by terrorists using his weapons, and fights to keep his weapons in the right hands and out of the wrong, Iron Man took responsibility for what has happened, even though he wasn't truely to blame, and has taken the guilt onto himself from what his company did.

Though Batman is far more moral then Iron Man, the fact that gets me is Iron Man didn't choose to the hero really, he was forced into the situation. Batman CHOSE to become Gothams protector, Iron Man was pushed into action, with no way out.


Stark can not take an enemy down faster than Batman.
"So what martial arts does Batman know and utilize?Well, according to the comic books "he is a master of allfighting arts" (Detective Comics #411) who "spent yearsperfecting every known fighting discipline." (The UltimateGuide to the Justice League). The Ultimate Guide to Batman is even more specific, describing how "There are 127 major styles of combat. While abroad, Bruce learned them all, from Aikido to Yaw-Yan." And not only is Batman seemingly a master of every known martial art in the world, he is also apparently an expert in many esoteric fighting styles, the nature of which seem to be only known by the writers." The Bloody Elbow {1}
It's been accepted by every DC writerr that Batman's expetise is in gadgetry and hand-to-hand combat. Bat-Gorilla is probably the better combatant versus Tony Stark.

And scales of magnitude? Batman has helped The Green Lantern Corps save the universe at least twice, he's defeated Equinox from "balancing" the multiverses, traveled across space to fight alien threats on planets humanity's never heard of, and traveled through time to stop too many baddies to count. Batman Inc. has the world cut into sectors where Batmen patrol and protect, All because Batman is Batman.

Your ending paragraph shows how Iron Man is a biased hero, whilst Iron Man fights to redeem the fallen heroes that were wronged by terrorists using his weapons. How are we to know that the "fallen heroes" are actually heroes, and not the evil-doers dressed as our allies? Or worse yet, those men are infact our allies performing heinous acts upon the men who just happened to buy a bigger stick, a stick built by Stark Industries.
Batman can be called Biased as well, however his enemies tend to be psychopathic indivinduals bent on murder, unjustifiable thievery, and other universal crimes. He's not fighting people our beliefs disagree with.

I'll give you a point, Iron Man/Tony Stark did get pushed, however we both know he has the money to hire someone else to do it! So your arguement saying he was "forced" is invalid, he chose to do it himself.

Debate Round No. 3


I am aware of Batmans skills in hand to hand, but if we are going by assests, lets not forget Iron Man is a man in a super-advanced Robotic Suit, sure Batman is better trained but with the suit one punch from the Metal-head can take out even Bane.

Also Batmans origins were the streets of Gotham, he worked his way up to the global scale, Iron Man was plunged into a Global fight, also with no training unlike Batman, and had to start from there. So thus he started on a bigger scale.

As for the Baised point, it wasnt just the fact that he was involved in a war of beliefs, he was involved in watching good men and women die FIRST HAND by his own weapons, yes he know the risks of selling war, but when he saw not just soldiers, but good people taken out because of his company, he stopped selling for war and started selling for defense, smarter weapons and better protection. Yes his weapons still get leaked out but that's were Iron Man comes into play, he eliminates the weapons in the hands of people who would use them in the wrong ways.

Stark was pushed into the hero-gig, but you have a point in that he could hire someone, but after the incident with his weapons he knew that he couldnt just trust anybody with this task, no it truely was his and his alone, plus the thought of another person dying becausing of him was not an option, sure money can buy alot of things but it wasn't about the money, it was about the risk.


At this point I'm sitting here thinking "What are we arguing, who's morally better, who's got a bigger arsenal, who's better suited to fight our criminals? I'm pretty sure there is no absolute way to tell.
Either Batman wins in hand-to-hand or Iron Man wins after suiting up. Both men are very intelligent, rich, and giving. Both have companies devouted to developing new technologies for peace or war.
It pretty much comes down to Iron Man would Kill someone, and Batman won't.
So there's no deciding who's better either someone dies or a criminal is locked away until the key is lost. Or we can look at the youth Bruce was taken in throughout the years, His wards. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Cassandra Cain, three young men and a young woman, whom he took off the streets gave an education and taught how to fight crime and protect the wolrd/multiverse from evil.
Iron Man, Tony Stark might have been forced into the situation, might have helped create the Avengers, but Batman... He's helped generations with the four children he took in.
Debate Round No. 4


I'll give you that one my friend, basically we're arguing two parralel stories with slight differences but the same side of a coin, two genuiss have their world crash down around them in some way and in an act of guilt, duty, and morality, both used their intelect and will to rise above the darkness and become the heroes they are today.

Also the four generations is a very strong counter, but it just goes to show how overly moral Batman is, fighting crime as the caped crusader as well as taking in four young kids, which if I do recall one of them ends up going crazy and betraying Batman and one dies, or it might be the same one i dont know.

Stark only has Rhodes, a long-time friend, and Pepper Podds, his secretary, as well as Jarvis his Butler and Hogan his driver, and only one of them, acting on their own, become a superhero. Stark never took in anybody because he felt the burden of his mission was his and his alone, thus showing that sense of duty that he has, also it goes back to the fact that Stark doesn't know who he can trust so he keeps his mission to himself, even though it really wasn't him but his company, the point I'm making is Stark isn't acting on moral, he's purely acting on guilt and grief, which is emotional and makes him a deeper more emotional character then Wayne.

Yes Waynes background is dark and gloomy, the lost of his parents and the downard spiral Gotham is in, one man takes up the call to be the Cities Dark Knight, it's very good and hits you close, but Stark, a billionaire who took over his dead fathers company and discovered that they were selling weapons to people who would use them to kill young men and women he invested in protecting as much as he could, get's captured and fights his way to freedome by building a suit from scratch, then redesignes the suit and, in a selfless act of duty, uses the suit to keep his weapons out of the wrong hands.

To me, Iron Man has more of a tear-jerker story then Batman, I mean yes Batman's story is dark and sad, but it's understandable in the sense of its his parents who triggered his crusade, but Iron Man took on the mission because of people he was never close too, people he never knew personally, who died by his creations, which most genuises would consider collateral damage, but not him, he considered it a personal sin of his own doing, he made the weapons and watched them work flawlessly in the effort to kill young soldiers he wanted to help protect, sure he doesn't usually show that he cares but deep down under that playboy persona he thrives on not simply being a hero, but redeeming those who were wronged by his company, he isn't Iron Man for the glory, he's Iron Man as punishment in his eyes.

So this is the final round of our debate, and I must say thank you for an interesting and testing debate, this is really my first debate myself and it was a fun one, now it's your turn to say your peice and we will let the voters choose.


This has indeed been a fun debate, my first too! I would like to thank you for the chance andfor the great conversation!
And now to business:
At this point we're arguing morals and personality. It'd be unfair and unsound for us to actually do that, we'd be placing one set of people superior to others. Making people who find the overly moral as sound people feel as though they are wrong, or right if we say those who refuse to share their crusades.
Simply put we don't have an answer for who is better, we have opinions. Biased opinions, but good ones in the end. No matter which position are charachters are in we'll choose one over the other, it's just life. I'm gonna keep this short and rap it up with this.

Batman is the Chuck Noris of Superheroes. Okay if Chuck Noris wasn't the Chuck Noris of Superheroes, Batman would be.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Rachelle0705 5 years ago
I say batman is way better then iron man hands down. Batman has no powers, defeats the "bad guys", gets the girl in a twisted ending, and he is someone who used what he was afraid of as a super hero. Batman has the ability to do what he wishes. Iron man has a iron suit he made with guns and the use of electricity. What happened if iron mans suit wires down and just stops working, or all of his electric gadgets stopped. All he would be is rich and snooty. He may not even be rich after wards because he got rich off of his weapons made with electricity. Batman could live without electricity and was still an super hero. He proved that in his third movie.
Posted by NotTheMessiah 5 years ago
Let's put it this way. I'd like to party with Iron Man, but I'd entrust my life and the lives of my loved ones to Batman before him ANY day...
Posted by ProwlerKnight 5 years ago
Thank you to Batboy for the awesome debate, we both truely pulled the differences out of each character and showed them to the world.

Really this debate was about two different characters who were one and the same, with quiet a few differences but the same tale-to-tell, and it came down to personal opinion on the matter.

And to the one voter I will say you're welcome for giving you a fun-debate to read as aposed to the political or whatever debates you said you were doing all day lol.

Thank you guys it's been real fun ^^
Posted by ProwlerKnight 5 years ago
I would say vote for pro but really it's an opinion-based debate really so either or lol
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Iron Man is a rich genius in offensive attire.

Batman is a hero in protective attire.

If only I could vote...
Posted by tuduashok197 5 years ago
I like Iron man....
Posted by Ore_Ele 5 years ago
"he fights for all that is just and fair, Granted it's for vengence"

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Reasons for voting decision: Fun debate to read! I've talked politics all morning and this served as my, "mental health moment." Vote to pro. He proved that, despite the similarities, the difference between the 2 were that ironman has global responsibility and has more effective technology for the cause.