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Iron man is way better than batman.

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Started: 5/15/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Batman sucks. Your move.


This sounds like it would be a hilarious, and possibly enlightening, debate. So I gladly accept. This will also be my first debate. So, just to clarify my argument as you did yours:

Iron Man's awesomeness is not discernibly higher than Batman's in terms of either canon or concept.
Debate Round No. 1


Iron man is a billionaire, playboy, genius, and has the Iron man suit, which is a lot cooler than a guy running around a city with a cape, trying to be a bat.


Wow. Okay, you win. You've got me, and are now to claim throne as the victor. Batman is way worse. If only he was a billionaire, playboy, and genius as well, as he totally isn't, THEN he'd be better. I mean, can you imagine if he was, like, the World's Greatest Detective? That would make him absolutely incredible! But alas, he is not. Iron Man is clearly superior.

Oh, and Batman's running around (despite having a motorcycle, a helicopter, a jet, a boat, and a freaking tank*) in a cape. Dumb. Because if you happen to endow a sleeveless garment, that automatically entitles you a terrible character. You know how Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States President who repaired most of America's largest, looming economic issues during the Great Depression, wore a cape during his speeches? Man, what a loser. Remember when Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader seized an entire Galaxy, far far away, while wearing capes? They suck. Oh, and the dethroner who killed Palpatine, ruler of the Galaxy? Boring cape wearer as well. Oh, and Julius Caesar, the most famous politician in all of history who came, saw, and conquered and could make the best of friends out of the worst of his enemies, was such an idiot for wearing a cape when he would battle.

Now, let's actually make an attempt to be a bit less materialistic through this debate. Both have character development that's worth noting. Both are arguably antiheroes that have been driven to fight crime. Iron Man was kidnapped by Communists and fights anyone he thinks is a Communist or is a threat to America. That's his drive**.

Bruce Wayne witnessed the people he loved the most killed right in front of him. He saw his parents shot in cold blood in a random act of crime. Henceforth, he knew and EXPERIENCED the big difference a small criminal could make to someone's life, and he swore to fight it***.

Now, Iron Man may have had more of a pragmatic message (Communism is a terrible political stance and you should die by the hands of a man in iron if you're a Communist), but Batman's character would obviously be driven by deeper emotions, seeing the death of his parents. Imagine being kidnapped and being driven to fight crime from that. Now imagine seeing the person you hold closest to your heart being murdered for little to no reason at all. I want you to think about which would affect you more.

Debate Round No. 2


Thecomeback forfeited this round.


Due to Thecomeback lacking a comeback, I'll just wrap this up with a summarization of my points.

1) My opponent has failed to prove that Iron Man is better in versatility of resources, despite Pro's attempts.
2) Batman's character and backstory is much more intriguing.

That's all. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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