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Is Africa destroying itself?

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Started: 4/11/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am here to address the issue of blacks in their homeland. How do they still exist, since each family only earns 3 cents per day, according to 3 cents per day cannot even buy them a camel to hump, but that is the muslims, sorry wrong race. Anyways the impressive part is that they are still alive, i mean they literally have poop-water. I wont even drink water if somebody puts they're finger in it, and yet the africans will drink water infested in dirt and hippo hepititus. How do they not die? The answer to this can be found on If you go to their homepage you will see a picture of a chimp instead of a black, but don't be surprised, they are the same thing. That is beyond the point however, the thing is, blacks are not humans!!
You will never see a human being, for example in the US, drink crap like that, but hippos and giraffes do that all the time. This is proof that black people are animals and not humans... Not convinced? Take a look at their homes... Does it look like the modern architecture in the US, Mexico, China, or even Easter Island? No! Blacks aren't sophisticated enough to build structures like this. The things they build resemble an upside down birds nest more then a door. They haven't even invented the wheel yet. I believe that is enough evidence to prove that blacks are animals.
One argument you may have is, "Don't blacks live in the united states, and don't we have on as a president?" The answer to the second question is simple, Obama is a reptilian. The second question is more sophisticated. You see, a study done by Dr. Benjaman, of MIT, showed that any animal, dog or snake, can live in human houses provided the resources they got were neccesary to live. This is known as the B-Animal Conjecture. Fortuantely for the blacks, the resources they needed were identical to that of a human enviornment, which lead to Dr. Benjaman to guess that they were mostly monkey, although that has not been proved.

I believe we have strayed too far from the point, and that is how Africa is destroying themselves. Jane Goodell once saw war among a species of monkeys, who were held in captivity. This is happening right now in Africa, but reporters are too afraid to see it! The tactics the black monkeys use are simple, let the females do the dirty work, then rape the kids. Its fairly simple. Just look at the study done by Yolanda Mann, a animal scientist from Oregon University, and found out that 99% of blacks have been or have done the raping.
My case is closed for now
Arnold Benjaman
PhD History and Literature


While, I must say it is VERY HARD to disagree with you, I have accepted this challenge. No, Africa is not destroying itself. The reason is, is because the colored folk are thriving there. They shouldn't have been brought to the Americas in the first place, but that is just an opinion. In fact, this link explains why black people exist, even though they should not.
Even an African American, Kanye West. Agrees that Black people shouldn't and don't exist.
A direct quotation is "Black people are an outdated concept, used to divide the world," he said. "Maybe once they existed, but in the 21st century we"ve got to accept that civilisation has changed. Everyone is now white." -Kanye West. It is very credible, even though civilization is spelled wrong. Thats because he is African, they don't know how to read or write. Africa is where they belong, and they will continue thriving there for decades to come.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Beluga,
It seems as if we both agree on the topic, so lets just bash the black monkeys. Why do black people have such low IQ's? It remains a question why blacks (we will use the words monkey, black, and scum interchangeably from now on) have an IQ comparable to an oak tree. But the oak tree can get clean rainwater, while the scum can only get water as dark as their skin. According to a study done by researchers at Harvey Mudd College blacks have an IQ amount of about 3.2 points, compared to 3.5 for a typical tree. Also after Hitler killed all those monkeys (which was good), Dr. Mengele of the Nazi SS dissected one, and found out that its brain was the size of a rice grain, which is surprising because blacks dont eat rice, they eat nothing.
Arnold Benjaman


Good riddance, Arnold.
You made some very convincing point that were quite simply hard to disagree with. Im sure anyone with an IQ more than 3.3 (Not Blacks) could agree with your statements. I was sleeping with my white tunic on and I was thinking to myself, why can't black people swim? Well, to be honest it is very easy answer. Swimming needs thinking, which these scum can't do. Why do black people like to shoot other blacks? A truthful answer is that these are their primal instincts, when they see a black person, they are alarmed because they know it isn't normal to have black skin, so they just shoot it. As the KKK said, "Black people have been scared of white people wearing hoods, for longer than white people have been scared of black people wearing hoodies." Dr. Benjamin, my best condolences and I hope you get your studies verified!
Debate Round No. 2


This is my conclusion
Arnold Benjaman


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
I don't know about all of you, but I thought this was funny. You guys just can't take a joke.
Posted by SegBeg 2 years ago
This is the most disgusting, offensive and sick debate I have ever seen. You are white supremacist. I am British but I have Nigerian ancestry and I am proud of it. Africa is a great continent and the media presents it as an AIDS ridden place which is completely inaccurate.

You my friend need to get your ignorant act together and shut your ugly moth up and not open it again until you can be nice to people who aren't white.

Ps. There IS Wi-fi in Africa. You just proved that YOU are the one with low intelligence and your ignorant self. Get more knowledge about Africa before you start dissing it!!!!
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
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4 points to Pro (Conduct, Arguments), 3 points to Con (S&G, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Lel this is funny stuff.

[*Reason for non-removal*] Troll debates are not moderated.
Posted by Arnold_Benjaman 2 years ago
Hello Ocean_knight,
I apologize for offending you. You are the same as all of us, nationality does not denote race. It is just that the majority of people living in Africa are black, so we generalized. Perhaps that was not the good thing to do. Are you in America right now, or some other country, because I do not believe there is Wi-Fi in Africa.
Arnold Benjaman
Posted by Ocean_knight 2 years ago
I'm South African and I find this extremely offensive. Not only is what you say about black people disgusting, but not all Africans are black. I'm white.
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