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Is Agent 47 from the video game series Hitman a "bad guy"?

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Started: 4/3/2015 Category: Games
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This first Round is just an introduction. Just post saying hello and that you are Con (Pro Hitman being a bad person), where as I will be trying to convince the readers that 47 is not a bad guy. I thank anyone in advance for signing up and a advanced Hitman player would be best.

Second round will be our first arguments.
Third round will be counter arguments.
Forth will be the conclusion.

Note: The films and the books, while some good and some not, are not as commonly read/viewed by hitman fans so lets just keep this based on the games.


Hitman- Agent 47 is a bad guy. I challenge you that Agent 47 is a bad guy.
Debate Round No. 1


Awesome I am hyped someone picked this up! Thanks a bunch! Also Nice profile pic, I love that show. =)

Well to get started everyone who is reading this over most likely knows who Agent 47 is, my opponent does, and I do. He is the Famed Clone Killer, a killer made from the DNA of five criminal masterminds. These 5 men met when serving in the French Foreign Legion in the 1950's. They are Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa, Franz Fuchs, Arkadij Jegorov, and last but not least, Otto Ort-Meyer. After their service Dr. Ort-Meyer founded a Mental Asylum in Romania as a cover for his genetic experiments. Originally he was able to clone organs of the 6 men and gave them transplants to increase their longevity and kept them alive as they continued to do various crimes across the globe to help fund Ort-Meyer. Eventually Ort-Meyer took the best genetic traits of the 6 men and combined them to make the "Perfect" Genetic code and made the genetic blueprints for a super soldier, a clone assassin.

After 46 other clones 47 was born, the first of the IV series, a type of genetic clone that would age slowly, the normal speed of a human, but would not expire quickly. Ort-Meyer had 47 confined to the asylum as a boy until one day he was able to "escape." Little did 47 know that Ort-Meyer wanted him to escape and join the ICA, or International Contract Agency, or just Agency for short. Years later 47 received assassination orders from his "Handler" Diana Burnwood to kill a group of triad members in China and eventually was to kill Lee Hong. As he continues to kill the other members of the 6 he begins to discover a pattern before being told he needed to kill a man named Dr. Kovacs at a romanian Hospital. Little does he know this is a setup and 47 has to fight his way to Dr. Ort-Meyer to stop him and his army of new clones.

After Breaking Ort-Meyer's neck, killing him, he escapes and leaves the ICA unsure of what he really is. Years later we follow 47 working as a Gardener for Father Emilio Vitorio, a sicilian priest. Through a confession with the father we learn that 47 has been trying to repent for his sins and has donated a large amount of money to the church, presumably all the money he had made in the ICA so far. As Father Emilio Vittorio leaves the church he is grabbed by a group of mafiosos hired by a Russian gun smuggler named Sergei Zavorotko, the brother of Arkadij Jegorov. Sergei had found out that 47 really did exist and that he was the one who killed his brother.

47 unable to pay the ransom for Emilio dugs up his old ICA equipment and gets in contact with Diana letting her know that he is still alive and that he needs information regarding the father's kidnappers. Diana is happy to hear 47 is alive but tells him that her helping him is going to cost him. She tells him that there is an assassination contract on the mob boss of the kidnappers and that he could go collect and save the father at the same time. 47 does the job but the father is nowhere to be seen.

47 then accepts a number of contracts to help gain funds and abilities to track down where Emilio is. Little does 47 know that Sergei has been the one hiring him to take out his competition in acquiring a nuclear arm. 47 does his contracts but discovers who has been hiring him and where the father is. Sergei, mad that his identity and his part in the nuclear crisis is revealed on the news, wants to meet up with 47 to take care of him once and for all. They meet back at the church where 47 sneaks his way into the tool shed/gun room and arms up. He finally finds Sergei and Emilio inside the church. Holding Emilio as a human shield, Sergei makes his way to the confession booth telling 47 that he will kill the father if he follows him. 47 shoots him through the confession window and kills him. Emilio shaken by the events thanks 47 for his deeds. 47, knowing he has ruined everything he worked for and that he cannot stay, leaves. Father Emilio tells 47 he can still be saved and that he is a good man at heart. 47 Takes this to heart but knows he cannot stay and so leaves the church resuming his life as a hitman.

Now we see that 47 does kill people. This is not up for debate, however we must look at the people he kills. 47's contracts are nearly all corrupt officials, drug barons, rapists, killers, mafia men, and men who should have been arrested and jailed but were not.

Some Examples here:

-US Ambassador Richard Delahunt: A man involved with a prostitution ring smuggling children from Eastern Europe to France, freed from all charges and untouchable due to his status.

-Campbell Sturrock: A Scottish crime boss who was responsible for the rape and killing of a wealthy Romanian man's daughter. And who knows how many other crimes before that. Saved by legal technicalities and his lawyer bribing officials. Even had the "Not Guilty" BDSM party in his slaughterhouse.

- The Gator gang: A Group of drug runners on the Mississippi River, untouchable due to bribing and blackmailing local police officials. Got their name for feeding their enemies to alligators in the river.

Now these are only a few of the many targets of Agent 47. As you can see all are despicable people who have done far worse than 47. These men, and occasional women, are criminals who through one way or another cannot be stopped by normal legal means. It is up to ICA contracts and 47 himself to bring justice to these people with a pair of silverballers.


About what Agent 47 does, he is a hired contractor who kills bad guys. Specifically-personnel or organizations. Out of these things, he assassinates the unjustified people in the area of morals good or bad. As we know, some of these people are not convicted therefore not criminals but intently and humorously safe due to the court's decision while being convinced any way they are.

Agent 47

I will point out that, bad or good doesn't matter in the end except what you do. If people find it different from what their and his majority would perceive, then it'll display as humane or inhumane by judgement. A judgement that is followed by influence and emotional behaviour that is condescended from their lifestyle. I imply that, Agent 47 is above common morals since he is a assassin. There are consequences in what he does but it will better the society and it's clear that Agent 47 would act inconvinced by humanity's morals. I mean, labeling someone wouldn't change a fact about him since the foundation of morals has been built by the last two centuries that is contributed by human rights and religion (but religion is a indecisive subject). So in fact, he does good things.

Agent 47 is a good person to the some views since he helps the 'innocent' and good willed people, showing he has faith in humanity in some way, Agent 47 isn't immoral but he does look cold-blooded in appearance. I believe (I, opinionated, subjective, non-objective, fact or fiction) that he's aware of the sacrifices and that consequences from beginning to near end. Even though humanity and the innocent is so cruel but we call ourselves innocent anyway, but innocence doesn't matter since it won't help in what you do. To clarify a human aspect, we do not care for many things, we ignore and are brainwashed from birth, opinionated and are subjected to how we perceive things but that is what a loyal human is. It's natural for us to be selfish no matter. That's why we see cold blooded people pursue their intents since humans were like that from the very beginning even if it's bad or good. But Agent 47 doesn't care as long as he's doing something. What I mean by this is that, Agent 47 is selfless by humanistic (commoner being/humanistic) and philosophical view since mainstream, war and murder is beyond morals and we should just support our life savers because they do what we are discouraged to do.

And why am I focusing on morals and society? Since he is factorized in morals and society because he is a contractor, assassin and killer while good or bad is involved in this.

So what is he trying to do than just kill bad guys? Exactly, we know he is a good person for the public but he is terrible by logic. FIrst of all, who is he good and who is he bad for? We don't know, why do we think animals have no better reasoning? They do what they want to do as animals, they don't know the concept of what's good or bad but still care. They are higher above us in philosophy, since we are so brainwashed by humanisms instead of animalism. We can't comprehend the saying as quick as animal gods. It's none of our business but we still proceed to do things in the way we are, we live for progression but we do not understand why. It doesn't matter since the world doesn't help us understand such a term. Progression everywhere, sky, Earth, humans, emotion and technology. But do animals live for progression? No, they live to survive, they don't progress since they survive by changing themselves rather than changing the things around them meaning they are not as selfish as humans but we still portray animals as humans through cartoons. Agent 47 is a 'reconstruction' of five criminal masterminds, he has become part of an animal and part of a human through the mindset of criminals(criminals are animalistic in behaviour and violence) but still does good things. He's still human though, that's my interpretation behind animals and humans. Darwin, a animal but lives humanistically in his mind.

Meaning behind all this boring stuff? Is Agent 47 motive, what exactly is he doing even though his made by five criminal mastermind? That's something I don't understand, where in the world did he just decided to kill un convicted criminals?

We call him bad by logic and what he does, but we call it good in human perspective for the innocent people?

He does bad things, but it's for the good. He's an animal, and when I say that. I mean the innocent are the cubs and he's the protector. He treats people below the corrupted by fending them off. And that is animalistic, like the Last of Us. Joel doesn't care what others do and doesn't try to progress in technology and society like his brother, he instead slowly choose to protect Ellie no matter if she was the cure or not.

Anyways, there's a stalemate in defining someone good or bad. Since Agent 47 is doing good stuff for the public but does bad stuff to do good stuff, that's called balance in Agent 47 case logically.

And there's nothing else to it, to define Agent like this isn't valid to our minds. It doesn't matter if he's bad or good, but what he does and how it communicates with people.

Sorry if this was hard to track, I don't know how to structure a debate.
Debate Round No. 2


(No worries, this is actually really good. Keep it up! =) )

But this debate is also not what 47 thinks but what we see of him. People, or at least people who really do believe in 47 at all, claim that he is an assassin. That his actions of killing people is unforgivable. The few people outside of the ICA who do think he exists either want him dead or behind bars. Criminals want him dead or want his DNA, anti-crime officials want him dead or arrested. And somewhere in the middle there are factions that want him dead to prevent anyone from getting ahold of his perfect genetic code to make more of him. He is wanted for his actions as well as because of the person he is. 47 in a way is a lot like Batman and The Punisher. Most view him as a menace but there are a key few who know he is important.

And what about 47 himself. He is a smart and intelligent person but he cannot be an assassin. It is in his personality and his ideals. When he tried to go clean with father Emilio years had passed and when Emilio had been kidnapped 47 jumped right away to his old life in order to save Emilio. Even after 47 saved him he knew that he could not stay with Emilio or stay away from assassination. He was mentally programmed to kill from birth and it is all he really truly knows.

Despite this this does not mean that 47 does not show mercy.

(SPOILERS) In Hitman absolution when he is hired to kill Diana because she betrayed ICA 47 does not kill her. He does wound her in order to make his new handler think she is dead but spares her instead. (SPOILERS OVER)

He also stopped the assassination of the president in the end of Blood Money.

"I will point out that, bad or good doesn't matter in the end except what you do. If people find it different from what their and his majority would perceive, then it'll display as humane or inhumane by judgement."

I think that 47 is a necessary killer. Many people would argue that assassins are just a tool and that the real killer is the one who signs the contract. A soldier who kills enemies is not normally seen as a bad guy by his peers. 47 to others may come across as a "bad guy" but I think years later when people really do find out about the clone killer and connect the dots between all of his kills they will see that his actions made the world a better place after all. It may be after he is long dead but I think that given time 47 will be regarded as a hero.


That was fast....thank you for what you said in the beginning.

In the term about you stating that Agent 47 is a hero, I believe that he is a hero. He has sought for the best possibilities while dealing with himself, we agree he is a killer and it's in his genetic code to do these things (Kill). We believe in some of the same concepts. But now I think of it, death is only natural and it's rather undefined on it's worth.

Agent 47 is a hero who came from a violent past, what does that mean in the first place if it links to being good or bad? It's not easy to say. A hero does heroic things while being burdened by all the things around him and many times accepts it all as a hero.

That made me think, calling a hero bad depends on who that person is. Does Agent 47 want to help people, or is it for some other reason? We await his motives, Agent 47 should be more complex then if it's bad or good.

I stop here while unsatisfied with the information provided by us to Agent 47. He has killed many innocent people but probably for the better, but we can assume if Agent 47 was controlling himself. That he would be able to kill the target without killing anyone else somehow.
Debate Round No. 3


Here we are at the last arguement. I have enjoyed debating my opponent and I want to thank my opponent as well as everyone who tuned in for this debate. I hope to host plenty more on this site in the future.

So we stand with a final draw of our debate guns. We have talked about 47's origin, both genetic and uprising. We have talked about the people he was created from and the organization he joined. We talked about the people he has killed and the people he has spared. And we have talked about 47's decisions, his actions, and his ideals. We know 47 is a killer but the people he kills are untouchable scum. We know that 47 has killed innocent people in the past, namely the journalist and the priest in the mission Requiem in Blood Money, but we also know that these kills were to protect his ghost like status.

"He has killed many innocent people but probably for the better, but we can assume if Agent 47 was controlling himself. That he would be able to kill the target without killing anyone else somehow." -This is also assuming the player does not get the cannon "Silent Assassin" Rating for each mission which you can only get by killing just the targets and remaining undetected. 47's only confirmed civilian kills are the Journalist and the Priest in Requiem. 47 otherwise is actually very tame with his kills.

But 47 doesn't kill for the satisfaction of the good deed or the money, we know 47 is known to give away nearly all the funds he gains through his kills, father Emilio for example. 47 kills because it is all he knows, he is like a bullet, he will be sent off from a contract (a gun) and will not stop until he meets his target. 47 is not a bad guy because he kills. He does not look at the morals of good or bad before firing off the silverballers but like a bullet will simply work to meet his target. And like how people never blame the gun for the murder, but the shooter himself, we should not blame 47 for his kills, but the clients who hire him.


Aleksandr forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Good job
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