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Is Alfonso Soriano a HOF

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Started: 8/15/2013 Category: Sports
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round acceptance good luck


I accept.
I will argue that Alfonso Soriano is in fact not a member of the baseball hall of fame. Thus, did not receive the HOF title which can only be given officially by the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

I await my opponent's argument and wish him good luck.
On a side note, I believe that he is only above average and there are players more deserving of the honor.
Debate Round No. 1


I think Alfonso Soriano just isn't going to be a HOF'er but a first ballot HOF'er so far he has 1,107 RBI's which ranks him 200th 396 Home Runs which ranks him 54th, he was 1 of 4 players in the 40-40 Club (Canceso, Bonds, Soriano, and Alex Rodriguez) not to mention he is STILL PLAYING Sources;


I believe that my opponent have conceded by acknowledging that Alfonso is not HOF, and he further confirm that concession by posting the opinion that he will probably not become a HOF.
This would mean that I have won this debate as my opponent have self-admittedly failed to uphold the burden of proof, which is proving that Alfonso Soriano is a Hall of Famer.

List of HOFs:

As you can see in the link presented, Alfonso Soriano is not among the 300 admitted members of the HOF.

The definition of "Hall of Fame" according to is:

Definition of HALL OF FAME
: a structure housing memorials to famous or illustrious individuals usually chosen by a group of electors
: a group of individuals in a particular category (as a sport) who have been selected as particularly illustrious

As you can see, the process of initiating new HOFs requires a professional committee to decide.

Furthermore, the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum website states that the player must be retired for full five sessions before being considered for the HOF. Therefore Alfonso is not even eligible to be considered for the HOF yet, let alone be part of it.

Provided that they remain retired, the following is a partial list of former Major League ballplayers who will become eligible for consideration by the BBWAA for election into the Hall of Fame in upcoming years. Players who are eligible have played 10 seasons of Major League Baseball and have been retired from for five full seasons. For example, those players eligible for consideration in 2014 will have played their final game in 2008. Those players eligible for consideration in 2015 will have last played in 2009, etc.

Pro proposes that since Alfonso achieved certain statistics that would be enough to label him as a HOF in a certain point of view. However, his opinion is not professional based, and thus does not add to the HOF list.
My opponent did not specify that interruption in the opening statement, therefore we must assume the simplest and most logical interruption since this debate is not philosophic in nature, but by creating a Semantic and inventing an alternative definition this debate enters the realm of philosophy rather than pure facts, therefore he must apply the BoP on all logical interruption. I have already proved that the simplest interruption is indeed false, therefore my opponent have failed to verify his BoP.
My opponent recognizes that there are people with superior statistics, but that does not mean that they are HOFs, that argument presented is too shallow to be used.

Therefore, I conclude that my opponent have failed to maintain the BoP or present rational arguments for his case.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Oromagi 5 years ago
I agree with your sentiments, basketball, but as I am learning the formulation of the argument is a tricky business that's essential to get right if you want to win.
Posted by basketball 5 years ago
well, I wasn't excepting the other person to be smart about the Debate because obliviously he isn't in the HOF because he is still active but whatever
Posted by Oromagi 5 years ago
I badly misread the debate order and gave a conduct point to Con. I have withdrawn the vote and apologize for voting before I double-checked.
Posted by deever 5 years ago
Yeah, Soriano! He's on of my favorite active players. I wish he would be inducted into the Hall Of Famer, but quite frankly, he's probably not going to make it.
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