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Is America becoming a country of SLAVES?

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Started: 3/8/2016 Category: Society
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With rising cost of living, lack of good jobs, decline of middle class, lack of purchasing power for most of common Americans, problems of illegal immigrant, high student dept, no medical insurance, high cost of medicines despite most of American work longer hour with standing like machines with few minutes breaks during 8 to 10 hours shift, while all their handwork earning is systematically benefits 1% at top richest . Is America turning into land of SLAVERY or Land of opportunity? If so how?


Exploitation is not the same as slavery. There has never been an economic system thus far that has not exploited our fellow man. Having said that, the first world industrialized nations are the best place to live. Compared to places like Syria and Somalia, the First World has a wealth of possibilities for class mobility. If you grow up as a farm boy in very rural Kenya, chances are you will grow up to be a farmer just like your dear papa. You simply do not have access to advanced education or ways of making much of any money. You can sell your crops, but it won't get you very much. If you are lucky, you will be educated by a charity organization or mission trip, increasing your chances to break out and climb the class ladder. Maybe now you will study abroad in an industrial country, and earn a well paying job either there or back home, a rarity in struggling nations.
Do some Americans struggle to make ends meet? Yes. But for the most part they live comfortably. They don't have to be worried of being eaten by lions or surviving the night, like our ancestors did. They do not have to be concerned about warlords coming and stealing their crops. Some other industrial countries do better than America does, but America is not terrible. In the American Economy, jumping through the Educational Hoop is the everything. There are some decent paying blue collar jobs, but College Education or at least Trade School Education is very important now a days. I can go to my local community college for somewhere around $5,000 USD tuition and live off campus. I can work a minimum wage job to pay for it as well, and living with my parents saves me money. Will it make me a brain surgeon? No. But it will at least help me get a bit better jobs than working at a fast food joint. (No disrespect to fast-food workers, I respect them for working hard and trying to survive.) I would have very little student loans after this, and would be able to pay what little I did borrow back. This education would increase my earning potential, and gets my foot in the door of social mobility. Now that I can get a decentish paying job with a 2-year degree, I can think about upgrading to a 4 year education at a university. My new job will allow me to grow my savings and be able to pay for my education and loans. Hopefully I will have worked hard enough to meet merit based aid criteria. If I choose to continue my education, I can get an even better paying job in my chosen career field. Right now, I'm in very lower middle class, with this path of development I will have graduated to the normal/upper middle class depending on how it goes and what career path I took. This is how social mobility in America is done. With hard work and a good amount of luck. Could there be social programs to greatly increase your odds of success? Yes and I think there should be. If you look at all of the sad stories shared by people struggling, it is usually a huge event if their lives that stops them from being able to succeed or push ahead. A lot of the time it is an unexpected teenage pregnancy. Sometimes the father runs off and the mom has to make it on one minimum wage income with little help from others. She will end up relying on government programs to survive. She will work long hours for little pay at a minimum wage position, trying to keep her and her baby alive. Babies are quite expensive, and this makes it hard on a single income, especially a single MINIMUM WAGE income. The cost of living is high, and the minimum wage isn't enough to really live. I believe all wages in America need to go up in order to adjust for the increased costs of living. Corporate profits and the well-founded concerns of small business owners are pushing back against this though.

However, let's get back to my main point, I am rambling..
Americans are not slaves, but many poor minimum wage owners are being exploited by the corporations they work for. They still live decent in comparison to past humans and humans of some rural third world regions however. But they do live worse than some others in other industrial countries. But America still has some social mobility left in her. It takes a great deal of hard work and more than a small bit of luck, but you can make it happen. Like I stated before, the best path is a cheap community college or trade school. It is all about getting your foot in the door.

In regards to Healthcare..
Yes. Healthcare in the USA is not very good. It is expensive. If you do not have insurance, you will have to dig yourself into poverty to get treatment. The situation is terrible, and worse than some other developed countries, but still better than the third world and the past. The good news is, if you are able to climb the class ladder to middle class, most employers will offer healthcare benefits, so its not too terrible once you get a decent job. Could be a lot better, could be a lot worse. As a whole, Americans would be better off with a healthcare system like our neighbor's to the north, Canada! Some wait times may be long, but at least you are getting treatment and it won't bankrupt you if you don't get job benefits!

In closing, America does better than the third world and the past, but also does worse than some other developed nations. Could be a lot worse, could be a lot better. Our nation is nationally, politically, economically, and socially in a state of "meh".
Debate Round No. 1


Your first sentence explain it all - "Exploitation is not the same as slavery". The fact is no body deny that America is highly optimized for every aspect. Everything you do, government does are recorded and yet people are not punished for the crime they have done or the extent they have done. It is always the poor, weaker get caught. There are some cleaver people in the system who can take advantage of the systems - thus proving that system has failed or not working.

It proves that there is no justice in the system. In the age of Information technology, where you can get the truth/reality in a click of a mouse it does not required you to study Harvard review to justify your answers. Today as you said third world is worse than USA yet third world countries produces more millions and billions than USA or top countries of Europe. Look at the CEO google and some other big companies of USA for example.

Furthermore you pointed out higher degree lead social mobility which is not true and society is built on injustice which does not allow or make the mobility hard which you are talking about. Education -which is controlled and expensive are the game of those same people who exploit the systems as you mentioned in your first sentence. Read the recent mobility report of USA on the Internet. If college degree made you rich then Bill Gates and CEO of Facebook where not college doped out and all PhD holders would be richest person on the planet.

Education is made so expensive that the same people can fund those to create their massive profit to brain wash people to follow their greed and expand their wealth.
Tell me how someone working 10-15 hours (standing with 30 minute breaks in entire shift) earning minimum federal (7.25 per hours) would afford to pay all the bills and afford to pay even minimum college fees (US$ 4K) for community college which does not hold much value in present world education standards.

Lets say you work hard for your American dream- all 365 days without taking leave and without becoming sick (God help you) you will make 10x7.25x365= US$ 26463. Your minimum-minimum (frugal) one bedroom cost you 1200 per month =12K per year. Your Car is another expense, leave about Mobile bills and food. This is simple calculation of financial cost of your Mobility for American Dream. Now lets calculate time cost - 24 hours -10 leaves you 14 hours. Your body need at-least 8 hours of complete sleep after hard work (Ask doctors, do some research). So it gives you 6 hours for your exercise, travel to work, take bath and all your natural activities of your life. Where is time for education to move up the chain. Where as all your sweat and handwork you put in your work systematically made the rich guy even richer and more funny thing is that you got government support -Food stamps, etc to keep yourself alive -To become SLAVE of the same systems. CEO gets more than 5000 times time of your minimum wage for downsizing the same labor force which profit depends, where as you depend on Food Stamps -does it proves the Land of Opportunity or land of Slaves?

Another big game is going on the name of Automation - employing self checkout to steal your(customer) time to make even more money on the cost of others. Why I need to scan my own item? isn't it the work of salesman or cashier? Where the profit of these process has gone? These things will not help business as well as society and country as a whole. Society and country has to pay the price soon or latter. And what you see today around us is result of that.

There are many things we can still discuss here which clearly point toward America is become land of SLAVES than land of Opportunity.


I will be breaking my argument into a number of central ideas or points.

1. Social Mobility
Social Mobility is not as bad as the Pro states. I will be proposing a variety of hypothetical situations as example.

A. Poor male, lives at home with two hard working parents. Able to survive due to two incomes. Not a lot of extra money, but they are able to survive. The poor male can achieve academic success and obtain a minimal wage position. He is able to live at home with his parents and get financial aid to attend community college with a mixture of merit based and need based aid. Or if he wants, he could just attend a trade/vocational school, which can be inexpensive as well. A degree does not automatically mean success, but it does greatly improve your chances. It is never a 100% chance to succeed. But you can do a lot of things to improve your chances. Doing well in school, attending vocational/trade schools, or going to community college.

B. Very poor family of immigrants, fresh off the boat. Unable to find much work, because they come from a poor region of the world and do not have a lot of skills for a first world industrialized economy. The family often cannot afford rent or bills, and the main provider of the family often has to drift all over looking for work. The odds of them succeeding are very slim. They are very likely not to succeed.

C. Middle class family, two incomes at decent paying jobs. Not a lot of concern about making ends meet and are relatively economically secure. The children of this family are very likely to succeed and could go to a private 4 year university or simply go to a trade school if they wish. They have a lot of options for career paths and such.

D. Rich family. VERY good chance to succeed.You would have to make very poor life choices to not succeed growing up rich. Or have very bad luck in life and something happens to destroy your family's wealth.

As you can see from these examples, social mobility in America is often based on how you grow up. The environment in which you live is a factor in how likely you will be able to break out of your current class and advance.

2. Minimum Wage Jobs

These jobs are not meant to be survived on. I'm not saying that makes it ok, but that is how they are advertised by the mega corporations employing these positions. The truth is, you cannot survive alone on minimum wage. But, you aren't really meant to either. The problem is that for poor people without skills, this is the only job open to them. A job not meant to live on or transfer you to a higher class all by itself, but is relied on by millions to live.

3. Causation of Poverty

The people who are poor usually meet one of the following: Dropped out of school, have a drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, or some other poor life decision.
Some of the poor did suffer actual economic misfortune that caused them to fall into poverty, but many ended up there through poor choices. Think of it as survival of the fittest in the modern age. Of course, there are many who grew up poor and failed to break out, either due to poor choices, bad luck, or a lack of opportunity in their area. If you grow up not totally broke, you can make good choices and attain a good living for yourself. If you make bad choices you are less likely to do well. The poorer you grow up, the harder it gets. The richer you grow up, the easier it gets. A large amount of the poor have no one to blame but themselves for their bad decisions.

Social Mobility in America is not dead and there is opportunity to succeed. Although a large amount of people fall into the pitfalls of making stupid choices during their early years, does not mean the smart individual cannot make a nice life for themselves. Many fall prey to their hormones and act like they have no brain cells, engaging in drunken partying, ignoring exams, taking whatever drugs they can get their hands on, and having kids before leaving High School. All of these activities will kill your Social Mobility. Just look at the numbers. Drop outs will experience a poverty rate of 30%. Associate degree holders experience 30% LESS unemployment than simple High School Graduates.
Debate Round No. 2


AskMeAgain forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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