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Is Battlefield more innovative than Call of Duty?

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Started: 2/8/2014 Category: Games
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CoD 10 GHOSTS came out in November. I have been purchasing CoD since CoD: 4. Between Spec. ops, Zombies, and now Extinction, Call of Duty is now leading the field in the advancement of new game play modes. Moreover, Call of Duty has shown numerous advancements in mechanics over Battlefield. CoD not only added advanced mantling, but also implemented contextual lean for use in-game. Battlefield 4 hasn't changed anything but the maps, guns, and graphics engine. CoD has redesigned the whole multiplayer around with Blitz, Cranked, and Hunted, not to mention Extinction. Battlefield hasn't come close to this. BF4 is merely a reskined BF3. Battlefield 4 lacks any real advancement in game play, mechanics, or game modes. Battlefield hasn't changed at all.


Saying that Battlefield is a reskined,Battlefield 3,can be said for most modern day games. Call Of Duty Ghosts isn't all that different from past Call Of Duty's,which isn't anything that is bad,if a formula works for a company,why should they innovate,it's capitalism. Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts Instinctively,are two different games,with different Online modes,Battlefield 4 has large map's,Call Of Duty Ghosts has very small maps,when compared to the scope of Battlefield Maps,which isn't a bad thing,it's all personal preference,on what you personally like better. You pose an argument,saying that Battlefield 4 lacks any "Real" advancement in gameplay,mechanics or Game Modes,what exactly do you mean when you espouse that argument? Are you saying that Battlefield 4 offers no progression in gameplay,becuase last time i checked Battlefield 4 had a progression system,which is harder,and more complex than Ghosts. Ghosts is a much more casual form of shooter,compared to BF4.
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Posted by TheTenthDoctor 3 years ago
Call of duty has even reused animations from past games the animations in cod ghosts are sloppy and look like a pathetic excuse for claymation. In battlefield they've made the advanced destruction engine the new levolutions all add to the games feel cod ghosts feels like something they made while they were drunk and bored.
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Reasons for voting decision: There were random capitals in pros arguments so he lost spelling and grammar. For best argument pro only attempted to counter cons argument but failed since con referred to earlier COD games giving more believability to con.