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Is Bullying a Natural Process

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Started: 3/4/2014 Category: Society
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While there has been a growing movement against bullying in schools and online, is it that bullying is a process that has been taken to far for too long, or have we as a society simply gotten fed up with a process that has been a part of human nature.
We see bullying as intimation or threat towards another person, however bullying in itself is a behavior pattern that can be seen in all kinds of species. Animals use the same process to defend themselves and their territories, and humans use it in a similar way.
We bully those who are seen as a threat, seen as weaker, or as something that we do not understand.
While it is mean for the weaker party, humanity has evolved to do it.
That said, are we doing society a favor by going after "bullies" with pitchfork in hand, or are we actually weakening ourselves by letting a natural behavior become unnatural.


Hi there. Good subject, I look forward to our debate :)

Rather than bullying being part of nature, it is really more about how a child is brought up and about it's environment. More often than not kids that bully have an underlying problem of either being bullied, abused or having a lack of love at home. There is a fear within the child and anger. I am no psychologist and I'll probably have to do some research for my next comment. But as an opening statement, I am saying that bullying is not a natural process. Kindness is a natural process.

Also animals are territorial and they do what is in their nature to do. They aren't exactly bullies in the same sense that humans are.

Bullying by all means should be punishable or at least there should be help offered to the bully as a means of rectifying behavior. Bullying affects victims in a really bad way. Many suicides and kids grow up really afraid and afraid of being themselves. They usually also blame themselves because they buy into the 'I'm a looser and deserve to be bullied' emotional abuse thrown at them.

Bullying is a very serious matter and it is by no means a natural human behavioral pattern. I'll even go as far as to say that cyber bullying is also a problem and should not be tolerated.

Here's an article on statistics of bullying and suicide.

There's also a law against bullying and cyber bullying. For there to even be one, there had to have been many an incident of serious victimization and consequences thereof.

For interest sake; if you had a child and he or she was bullied in a serious way and perhaps committed suicide or just grew up really fearful and broken instead of whole. Would you still think it is natural?
Debate Round No. 1


Hello there, and thanks. I look forward to it as well.
I'd like to start off with the argument that bullying is a behavior that is based on how a person is brought up. Although this is a common assumption , it is actually more that bullying is exhibited by all types of people, some of them with behavioral issues but MORE often it's done by people who come from more advantageous backgrounds and with higher self esteem.
It is actually not the people who have been bullied who turn around to bully others, as studies have shown that people are more likely to join with the group against the person being buillied See studies of "group think"

Actully people with underlying issues such a being bullied or feelings of detachment from their home ( a cause of depression based on loneliness) Are more factors in low-self esteem, and the people who have low self esteem tend not to be the bullies themselves but to be the victims of bullying. They are also the group of people who end to be most effected by the bullying and more likely to take drastic action such as suicide or attacks on their school.

My question is why do you think that a usual bully is a victim the self I another problem? Is it because that's there stereotype or because media portrays characters with bullying tendencies as troubled? That being said everyone has problems of some sort, so there as certainly times when it overlaps hat people with serious life issues are also bullies, but then does that explain why such a large number of people who don't have serious problems win their families end up bullying someone ?

That also ties in to what we consider as bullying because a person who has serious issues ARE less likely to control themselves because of stress; but verbal abuse and assault are extremes in bullying behavior it they are not the most common types of bullying.

A new study (will place link) actually links the reason behind bullying to a person's sense of heiriarchy in a group. The study found that men who displayed dominant traits by bullying were more Attractive to women. This was also true for women as found by the study that women who were the dominant figure in their group were more attractive to men.
The study also suggested that in a similar phenomena as groupthink bullying towards a less dominant member of the grip was the groups process of establishing a hierarchy and establish leadership.

This basically means that it is the individual who is most confident who tend towards bullying because it establishes their position in the group; versus those who lack self confidence tend to be the ones singled out.

I would also like to point out that kindness is not a particularly natural process; kindness or emotional intelligence and compassion, is balanced out with our other needs. The example is what people actually do. They don't tend towards being kind all the time or being mean all the time as would be the case if it were based simply on upbringing. It is dependent on other factors such as stability. Financial stability is linked to stress, and stress is linked to behavior; studies on stress show that the steps in which stress effects the body causes us to behavior more aggressively as a way to protect ourselves. Similar to emotional stability, and social stability. When a person is emotionally distressed they tend not to focus on other people. vice versa for kindness though as kind actions reap kind benefits although people don't just be kind automatically.

Thus another question of, in everyday life how many strangers do you see greeting other strangers or smiling at others? How often do you smile at, greet, do favors for, etc in every day life and is that something that most people do?

Also I am talking less about the physical and verbal aspects of bulling because those are actually the extreme versions of the issue when in general acts of bullying are more common in the form of passive aggressive behaviors. Talking about other people, excluding them from the group, as well as name calling and the like are mean things that people do every day that are forms of bullying but trying to fight that type of bullying is both impossible and it's fighting the wrong issue; in these forms of bullying which are Aimed at emotions and are the real culprits for why people become depressed and hurt.
Since these are the ones that cause isolation, a factor in depression and suicide for bullied people, What needs to happen is a more concerted effort to build self esteem in individuals instead if only going for physical violators but we are missing the point. When I was bullied as a child it was not by beatings or simply from name calling; what actually hurt were when my classmates purposefully excluded me from groups or talked behind my back because of how I looked and the fact that I cried easily and hey knew how to get to me. Thus why I push that it's those natural group-making behaviors need to be awknowledged as such so we can put in place measures that help a child facing them realize that although people won't like them for whatever reason, they have to be comfortable with themselves and learn to deal wih it in positive ways. Unless we awknowledged that it is natural then we will always be ignoring the most painful issues in favor of pretending that we care by going after the more extreme cases of bullying than taking care or individuals who need strengthening.
To be honest everyone participates in bullying if they have ever talked badly about someone, didn't include them in play, laughed at them when they messed up etc. and because everyone does it and because we know these are common social acts that we do inatly that bullying is very much and very seriously ingrained in us.

Out of curiosity, when or if you were bullied, what did they do do make you feel unwanted? Did they ever put their hands on you, or did they more likely talk badly about you. Also were they the popular kids in your class or where they the unpopular ones who bullied you or others?

Also cyber bullying is very much like verbal abuse and both are illegal as they are forms of harassment.

Finally; I would hope it should never happen that a child of mine commit's suicide, but the crux of what I what I would always teach my children is that bullying in some form or fashion is GOING to happen and I would hopefully prevent them from calling into the trap of suicide or low self image in general. Bullying is one of those thing that will always happen and I can be as angry as a want to, but it would be my responsibility to raise a child who knows how to deal with it.

But also conversely how would you handle it if your child got bullied? If thy already have a zero tolerance policy in place and it doesn't work because your child isn't physically harmed or verbally abused but still feels alone enough to commit suicide what does that tell you about the situation? About who your child was and how you raised them?

Or what if your child becomes a bully themself? If they don physically harm someone but another child claims yourS bullies them? You can't make your child like someone or even treat them well, so what does that say about how bullying effects your child, the bully?


Angie1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


The fact that you reacted rather aggressively proved my point in the last argument although it wasn't my intent to respond late. You didn't like that I was not faster in responding so your immediate response was to attack me an labeling me being indecent which is unwarranted. Just like you I had problems getting back to you since I also am a student and work full time. I actually had to resort to using my phone for that near-essay that I wrote which also took a long time to edit and actually write out. I had to re-write much if it several times for it getting lost on my phone. Either way, it wasn't intentional and I was trying my best, but instead of simply stating that I took too long you decided to also insinuate that there was something wrong with me personally because the outcome was not favorable. And that is the same pattern you see in bullies; they don't like something so they react aggressively. It also proved people are not automatically kind; kindness and understanding was not your natural response, aggression was your natural response.

I still looked forward to your response, and I apologize if you were offended, however to was not intentional.


Firstly I hardly see myself as being as aggressive as you've said, and you had a whole lot more to say about me and my so called offence and whatnot. I'll walk away and gladly lose this debate. I have no interested in silly arguments with people on a personal note, and I don't feel to debate you any longer on here or elsewhere. Goodbye.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Angie1 3 years ago
Pro you took so long to actually post your second argument and I couldn't log into the site from phone to post an argument. Maybe you can be decent and post your argument sooner than last minute.
Posted by Angie1 3 years ago
I am under the impression pro is for agreement that bullying is natural.
Posted by Pitbull15 3 years ago
What's your position on this issue?
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