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Is Christianity a Good Thing for the World?

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Started: 5/4/2015 Category: Religion
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I would first like to thank my opponent for taking on this debate. It is an important conversation that needs to happen and I am glad that they are willing to have it with me. I would also like to ask my opponent to do as I do and cite their sources in parenthesis at the end of the paragraph where the information was used.

Now, before I go any further, I would like to specify that I am criticizing the doctrines and dogmas of Christianity as a whole and not the individual character of any one person. Now that we have that out of the way, let us begin.

Why do I think that Christianity is not good for the world? Well, as David Silverman put it, "it causes good people to do immoral things". That is really the only thing one should need to hear. Now, of course I am not going to argue without some facts and evidence, so I'll start broadly and narrow my criticism as the argue necessitates it. To start, I will name three things that I believe are evidence of the danger of Christianity.

Firstly, I should only have to write the word "Africa" and you should instantly know of what I speak. Pope Benedict XVI said that "condoms were not the answer to the continent's fight against HIV and Aids and could make the problem worse". He spreads this lie in order to ensure that the religion's dogmas are upheld, and in doing so he has condemned the African people to continue living miserable lives in servitude to the Church while they die at the same rate that Jews were being killed in the Holocaust. This is completely immoral and it comes as a direct consequence of the Christian faith (specifically the Catholic one, but Catholics are Christians). I believe that many years from now when Africa has seen the horror forced upon it by this institution, the Church will apologize for it and admit that it was wrong, but it will always continue to care more about its dogmas than the lives of its people. (

Second, secularism and Christian America. First of all, it is outright false to claim America is a Christian nation. Anyone who attempts to do it is either ignorant or a liar, and I hope my opponent is neither. However, this attitude of Christianity being integral to American culture, values, and morality is fast becoming a massive problem. Christianity attempts to block scientific facts and substitute its own lies and pseudo-science, Christians are fighting to outlaw contraception and abortion at every turn, it even has the gall to combat any attempt to increase our innate human freedom especially in area of marriage equality, and this is all done because it believes that it has a morality that is perfect and superior to any other that can be created. I'm sorry, but this is going to become a problem before I even turn 40. Sooner or later, Christianity will either need to back down and let important decisions be made by people who are intelligent and think very hard about the issues at hand, or it will consume this nation and plunge it back into the days when it had absolute power, also know as the Dark Ages. (,,

Third, it cannot bring itself to actually combat one of the most dangerous things facing all of civilized society, Islam. Yes, you might call me a racist or a bigot, but if so I am a well informed racist and/or bigot. I will also remind you that I am criticizing beliefs, ideas, doctrines, dogmas, and actions taken in the name of faith. I have read much of the Koran. There is some beauty and good in it, but it is drowned out amidst the violence and calls for violence against people within its pages. Read the Koran, and you will be able to then see that ISIS is actually following a theologically defensible path within their faith. Now why do I mention this with regards to Christianity being dangerous? Because I have tried to find a Christian out there who will stand up and say that they support the criticism of the Muslim faith and that the religion is a dangerous set of ideas. The reason Christianity cannot do this is because it would open up the criticism of itself. So it resorts to things like Pope Francis saying that while what the Charlie Hebdo incident was terrible and evil, he also says that one shouldn't insult another's religion. This is a very passive aggressive attack on free speech, and if there is one freedom that I will not let be taken from me it is the right to say what I damn well please. (

Well, sorry if I got emotional or hurt someone's feelings, but as a man who was a Christian for the first 15 or so years of his life (before I began to think), I have a very vested interest in helping a reform come about. I think Christianity has so much potential behind it as an institution, and most of it is going to waste. Sure, I don't believe any of its teachings and I think believing in God is dangerous on its own, but I live in a country where Christianity has the freedom to exist right alongside me. I only wish that it would stop exercising its power in ways that negatively affect my life and the lives of billions of fellow human beings around the globe. If one wishes to take this argument into the actual argument of God's existence or not, I am happy to go there, but I would suggest we stick to the question at hand, and give our answer to the question of if Christianity is Good for the World. You now know my answer.


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!
Debate Round No. 1


I wonder what pleasure you get from trolling people like this. You sir are acting like someone that some people would call a "waste of oxygen".


You're a waste of oxygen, you coward. Why do you blame Christianity for sin-spawned issues? It's just weak. And yes, I do call you a racist and a bigot. You need to wake up and smell the Christian.
Debate Round No. 2


MrJallar forfeited this round.


You forfeit. I win.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AllahoAkbar 2 years ago
I strongly agree, Pro is a waste of Oxygen, I'm in for taxing the CO2 coming out of his mouth, lol.
Posted by drag0vien 2 years ago
That comeback....
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
I like this debate so far :-)
More like this, please!

It's time for right-thinking people of all faiths to stand up and be counted about the excesses that religions sometimes create... most religious folk are moderate, reasonable and rational... but religions simply do screw with the World and it's time that we stopped allowing them to do so.

I completely agree that belief in God, in and of itself, is potentially dangerous. It predisposes you to take a certain view on abortion, GM crops (see Golden Rice), condoms (see AIDS in Africa), suicide and, in some cases, literally makes you believe that stoning people to death might ever be moral... let's just pause to think about that:

Can you imagine being dragged by a baying crowd out of the city gates to a hill, having your hands tied behind your back and your neck attached to a fixed post by a rope? Can you imagine hatred and fear and excitement and bloodlust in the eyes of your friends and family and neighbours and compatriots around you? This is torture by crowd - torture by one individual is disgusting enough, but try thinking about what psychological element it adds to be tortured by a crowd... one stone at a time, you become bruised and cut and dizzy... you bleed, screaming and begging for mercy as youths and elders alike continue to rain down rocks and stones on you... then you die.

Who in their right mind could think that this was ever a morally acceptable form of behaviour? I would not approve of this being done to the most twisted paedophile who had ever lived - I might support a simple, clean death penalty, but this extreme form of torture is simply despicable, especially as a punishment for infidelity, rudeness to parents or non-acceptance of metaphysical claims. That anybody today would be capable of justifying it (even in the past) disgusts me. Jews, Christians, Muslims: I'm watching you; I know that most of you are kind and reasonable, but please: admit that your scriptures are filthy.
Posted by Varrack 2 years ago
Varrack do I know you won't forfeit?
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