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Is Classical Education better than Public School Education

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Started: 12/24/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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For starters, I would like to say that I have absolutely no experience in the public school field. I will let my opponent defend public school before beginning my debate. Thank you.


I find this a difficult area to formulate discussion around as the boundaries between the two are not well defined and clear. Public school education to me is built upon a foundation of classical education with its three phases (primary, secondary and tertiary) central to how the process works and so the two are not mutually exclusive. That being said I still feel that public school education is not sufficiently evolving parallel to modern living and has not deviated enough from the classical framework to meet the needs in society today. The trivium of grammar, rhetoric and logic are important foundations but are not the only ones relevant and important to individuals and to society.

Could you then define what you see as classical education? and comparatively public education? Especially if you are based somewhere like America where the definition of public education is very different to that in the UK (where I am).
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OK, I define public school as the new school method. I don't know what they do in school, but I define classical education as the same as Classical Conversations. 10 student max., 1 tutor. Meeting every week. 6 strands: Debate/Rhetoric/Grammar/Research/Exposition & Composition/Logic

Public school is like 50 students in 1 class and the teacher doesn't teach concepts, only demonstrates problems. IDK how public school works, so thats why I say you defend P.S.
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