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Is Communism Evil?

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Started: 9/2/2016 Category: Politics
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Many have said that Communism is evil, that the Soviet Union is the direct result of Communism, that Communism has killed 20, 50, 100 or even 200 million people. However, are any of these statements true?

Rules of the debate

*No Wikipedia (just a personal pet peeve)
*Must Cite information
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I accept the debate and will argue that communism is an evil ideology and its practice has resulted in the deaths of millions.
Debate Round No. 1


The idea that Communism has killed millions was first presented as an idea of Rudolph Joseph Rummel who created the idea of Democide which was the number of speculated deaths caused by a government. The Democide idea when applied to the Soviet Union, had also included the many deaths from the worst famine that had ever hit Russia in 1932, this had caused massive food shortages throughout the USSR and caused millions to starve, the Soviet Government did it's very best to help the people, by redistributing food, and seizing crops that had not been affected (this famine is also why so many Ukrainians hate the USSR, the government was not able to help them, and the famine had hit them the worst).

Another thing we have to realize, is the fact that there has never been a Communist society, excluding a few Communes today, Communism requires a successful Socialist society to be in place. To this day there have only been approximately five successful Socialist societies. (Paris Commune, Bavarian Soviet Republic, Republican Spain, Cuba, and Venezuela). The main reason that there has not been many Socialist societies , is that they require three things: a moderately educated working class, a second or first world economy, and an armed populace to fight against insurrections or counter-revolutions. Today, even the five I listed do not or have never had all three requirements. Because they did not have the requirements, they had to achieve them, hence the Soviet Union and China's rapid industrialization which caused the famines and deaths that are attributed to Communism.
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