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Is David Cameron harder than Barack Obama (In a celebrity Deathmatch style fight)

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Started: 4/29/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I believe that David Cameron Prime minister of Great Britain would easily beat the puny and a bit geeky 'President' of the USA Barack Obama.

This debate in all seriousness is more for the all important manly bragging rights of which country has the hardest leader. (like who has the hardest dad).
There is to be no mention of any politics or Military power etc.
This to be a debate on the phisical and mental prowess of these two fine men and to be as ceative as you can (celebrity death match stye).
This will be an unorthodox debate at there is no factual data to support anything said, It is simply a battle of wits, creativeness and who can argue the most to represent there country without being too unrealistic.

The stats

(DC) David Cameron
age: 45
Height: 6ft 1 inches
weight: 88 kg approx
reach: long
class: Cruiserweight
Education: Oxford Uni

Last fight Vs the Labour party Gordon Brown

Barack Obama
age: 49
height: 6ft 1inches
weight: 86 kg approx
Reach: longer
class: Cruiserweight
education: Harvard law school

Last fight Vs Republican John McCain

Ding Ding
Round 1
DC because he is British and is the leader of a massive football hooligan nation knows a trick or two about fighting, nuckle dusters and head butts would definatley see off Barack Obama in the first round giving him a bloody nose and some hard facial and body bruises, all in the name of a bloody good show.
Now I know DC can not press a red button in this fight to launch any nukes but he can take the red button and press it onto Barack Obama's nose to make him look like a clown and look silly in front of the media.

DC (because it sounds cool) would easily be harder than Barack Obama, because he is British and also as the character of the man he would have too much self pride to lose. Both men phisically are pretty even so I think this would come down to sheer determination and guts brawl.


Interesting debate once again, you also have excelent facts

But i do believe obama would win, he is in excelent shape and loves sports. Were as david camble looks like he is made of plastic.

Ding ding
round 2

obama and DC step back into the ring. Obama quickly throws a punch confusing DC. Another three punches and he puts DC into a pin. He aplies presure to the back of DC neck blocking the jugular leaving DC Knocked out.

---There are two types of blood vessels in your body: veins that carry blood toward the heart and arteries that carry blood away from the heart. Your neck contains a multitude of veins and arteries pumping blood to vital organs. There are two near the surface that when blocked, result in temporary unconsciousness.
The first of these two blood vessels is the jugular vein. This vein is carrying blood away from the brain and toward the heart. This vein is relatively easy to find. It is closest to the body's surface about an inch above the collar bone. On some people it can be found sticking up slightly above the surface. The vein is found on both sides of the neck and a blockage on either side will result in temporary unconsciousness. To do this, apply a good amount of pressure to the vein with one or more fingers.
The second is the carotid arteries, which is pumping blood toward the brain from the heart. This artery can be found along the lower jaw bone extending straight up. They are in relative close proximity to the jugular vein. Like the jugular vein, it can be found on both sides of the neck. The same technique for causing the blockage is used as the jugular vein---

Obama then starts stomping in DC face, cracking his head leading too serious injury, almost dead DC luck changes and the bell rings

Ding ding
Debate Round No. 1


Did you not read the parameters for this debate.
It is a fun debate and you have turned this into something more serious and obviously have never even seen celebrity death match. I seriously suggest the next time you try and debate with me or anyone you read what your actually debating in the first place.
Due to the fact of you immaturity or lack of understanding you have taken away the banter effect for this debate between UK and USA. also ruining the funny side to this debate by bringing up medical terms.
This was not the chance for you to try and prove you are a serious debater and prove you can successfully find a source to use in a debate, and certainly not the chance for you to try and prove yourself as someone who appears to be at an academic level of intelligence.

Pro by completely misreading the criteria for this debate you have stopped your country from being represented properly for the bragging rights of who has the hardest president, The subject alone is humorous.

Just to counter Pro and his mad statement in round 1 you started by saying ding ding round 2, you just simply look silly + With your opening lines saying excellent facts, Really.
After pro went off on a tangent about his medical mumbo jumbo he then decided to give DC a serious injury to near death before the bell rang.
Nice 1 Pro the Idea was not to half kill your opponent but to dish out as much punishment in a cartoon fashion where nobody gets hurt.

Pro to continue in this debate with some degree of a serious element please ask your parents or borrow a DVD of celebrity death match to at least understand what kind of debate this should be and please read what the parameters are in the debate before you enter. I know I was not very precise but that was to inspire some freedom on the creative side of the debate, and when I say without being too unrealistic I did not mean in any way to start bringing up medical facts.

I feel this debate was obviously too much too comprehend for you pro due to lack of life experience.


Alright i think i got it

As DC was leaving in a strecher obama fealing real smart and clever about himself was sudenly hit in the back of the head. Geting up he realized that it was DC. But how said Obama, easy said DC in reply that was my stunt double. I had to go in to get another face lift, now are you ready for a real fight. All obama does is nod yes and both wait for the bell to ring.
Debate Round No. 2


Whatever Pro Just get this over with


I give you a chance to do something and all you do is say "Whatever Pro Just get this over with" you are either very lazy or very busy. But forget about that, anyway both DC and Obama walk back into the ring. both through a punch and miss. They then both try to do a hamer fist, both nail each other in the face and fall down unconsious. The reff seeing his chance pins both of them and is crowened the new champion.
2 minuets later as he was showing off he gets jumped by both DC and Obama, he is then thrown out of the ring. Both country leader realize that they should work together to beter them selves and there country.

ding ding
And it's a tie
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wizkid345 7 years ago
you said obama was geeky so i made it geeky but if you want it to be funny i can do both
Posted by wizkid345 7 years ago
He would beat stephen harper but obamas pretty tuff
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro easily won debate an Con forfieted. And It was Pretty funny to watch.