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Is A Better Debate Website?

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Started: 9/18/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro is a brand new website that offers a real-time video debate platform- the first of its kind on the web. Users set up 1 to 10 minute structured video debates about any topic that can be watched in real time by a voting audience and shared socially across the web. Debates at Deeyoon look and feel like real life debates.

Users just sign in via Facebook and can challenge friends or strangers to video debates. Or you can watch past debates and vote on winners, share your comments, and share the debates to your social followers.

Debates are broken up into categories, or "rooms" to keep everything organized.

And, Deeyoon will soon be giving away prizes for active debaters on its platform. The more you debate, and the more winning votes you get from the audience, the more you can win.

I believe that Deeyoon is setting the new standard for the next generation of debate websites online.


I accept. As per site custom, I'll wait until round 2 to post my arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


dee forfeited this round.


Well, it seems to be more evident this is just an advertising ploy. Thus, my argument is that we have forums, we have a larger community, we have a more active community, we have external live debates (at and finally we don't resort to piggy backing off of other site's success in an attempt to steal customers. It's the equivalent of going outside Starbucks, and telling each customers "this place is sh!t, go to mine instead". Poor form, poor form.
Debate Round No. 2


dee forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alexrodrigues43 5 years ago
WMeevsu VS Deeyoon: who wins? (Let the arguments begin!) / I'd love to hear your opinion
Posted by alexrodrigues43 5 years ago
I disagree, because this site is neither the first, and in my opinion, not the best site for debates. Do you know
Posted by aaronkalfa 5 years ago
Hey Joe thanks for the response.
just FYI hasn't officially launched yet to the public. it only reason its open for public access is for various testing purposes.
so to address the points made by wallstreetathiest
1. there will be lots more people as soon as people hear about it
2. there is a comment section below each debate and a live chat feature is in the works
3. also in the works but for right now the focus is on simplicity of use and a working product
Thanks for checking it out!
Posted by joekalfa 5 years ago
The site is in Pre Launch, so no marketing has been done yet. Once the site is officially live there will be a ton of traffic and i believe Deeyoon will take online debate to a whole new level.

Posted by Wallstreetatheist 5 years ago
Team debate time:
1. There are so few people on that site that debating is very unlikely
2. There are no forums, messages, or profile comments
3. Profiles have no identifying features like ideology, information, summaries, etc
Posted by Wallstreetatheist 5 years ago
Holyfuck that site is really cool. I'm going to check it out.
Posted by AlwaysMoreThanYou 5 years ago
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