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Is Demi Lovato psychotic or is she batman?

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Started: 10/28/2013 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I have heard many rumors that the reason Demi Lovato is as crazy and dumb is because she secretly stalks the streets of gotham city during the night as Batman. I believe this to be wrong as she obviously possesses no athletic or intellectual ability whatsoever. In fact if I had to guess I would think she would fit more along the lines of a gay Robin. Secondly, Batman has never had suicidal tendencies such as cutting his wrists (unlike Demi). To put this straight, she is not Batman. Batman is cool, Demi Lovato is a bum.


I gladly accept your debate, before we begin my arguments, I will counter your sad excuse of arguments.

First of, Demi Lavato is indeed both smart and athletic, she was attending school during her acting career on sonny with a chance, and has a college education in acting and the arts. Further more, this means that in order to get to college she would have to have graduated high school. which requires credits in PE in order to get accepted into college. To add on to her smartness, she actually wrote most of the skits in her she "sonny with a chance" such comedic talent requires skill.

Secondly, she was never depressed or was cutting herself, her time in "rehab" was so her handlers could fix and engineer her to become another puppet of the illumianti. She has that whole butterfly stuff going on in her music video heart attack, and everyone knows monarch butterflies symbolize Monarch Mind Control, which was a method of touture used in MK Ultra, an illegal government experiment in the 70's and 80's

Further more, her song "la la land" clearly states she has no more freedom of herself.
"In the la-la land machine, machine."
This line means that she is no longer in reality, for her mind is gone to a machine (monarch control machines) this can also be associated with Alice in wonderland and Wizard of oz, both advertisements of the illumianti.

"Tell me do you feel the way I feel
'Cause nothing else is real"
Shes calling out to other artists in this game, wondering if they too are imprisoned, because nothing else is real.

Also she came from disney, best known for engineering illuminati products Britney Spears, JT, Lisdnay Lohan, and so on.

she is fine obviously, but she is now nothing but a puppet, this proves that she is both physically and mentally strong enough to be batman, and is not some suicidal depressed person.

Now I would of submitted my argument, but SOMEONE *cough*nick*cough* only allowed 2000 characters, so ill submit in round 2.
Debate Round No. 1


As you started to mention earlier in your previous statement, Demi Lovato does indeed work for the illuminati sub consciously via mind control. Although she does this she cannot possibly be batman, as batman represents his own form of social order by defying the system and becoming a vigilante. This counters the work of the illuminati based on ideology focusing on their cold grip of power. When Demi became under illuminati influence (as you stated, mind control) she was being formed into a new Demi of the illuminati image by dying her hair and creating emotional lyrics within songs to attract sympathy for her struggles which she can use to avoid suspicion. She also hinted toward her plans with the illuminati from an interview posted on stating that she plans to achieve "global success" for her new album. This is no doubt an allusion for whats to come. As what was said before she could not possibly be batman because batman references earlier in his career that he's who he is because he wants to protect GOTHAM. Not the world. Demi has to be psychotic as well based on the effect mind control must be doing inside her brain. Imagine the damage to be done from fighting such control in your mind. I will now wait for your rebuttal.


This is not true my friend, Demi actually is battling the Illuminati AS BATMAN using her mind controlled demi as a disguise, for they would never expect their own product to suddenly turn on them, for even though they do have a grip on the world, that includes gotham, and she/batman must protect gotham, did you eminem is robin?

Now for my arguments

1. No one has seen batman or demi together in a room, remember that bachelor party a few years back? Batman and Demi weren't in sight, yet everyone else there was present, when asked why she wasnt there she said she was "busy fighting" though some speculate that she was talking about SSBB, its quite obvious it was about fighting crime

2. Here is a picture of demi lavato, CLEARLY SHOWN AS THE DARK NIGHT
If that isn't proof enough, here is another tweet confirming it

Debate Round No. 2


nicksquared forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfieted this round, obviously I won, amirite?

Ok though, its obvious I have proven demi lavato is not psychotic, and she is indeed batman, for all my reasons stated above. So I will hope you all vote for me.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by meowlol 3 years ago
Oh my god, I died of laughter.
Posted by devin.cooper64 3 years ago
Its a joke debate dip.
Posted by ambivalentsoul 3 years ago
This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
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