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Is Donald Trump a good presidential candidate?

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Started: 2/2/2016 Category: Politics
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Argument: Is Donald Trump a good presidential candidate? Pro supports Trump as a presidential candidate while Con says why he is not a good candidate.

1) Keep this civil. Do not use hostile language, and do not be unkind.
2) Do not use lies, or false information to counter another argument.
3) Please do not "troll" or purposefully make this a joke, rather than a mature discussion on politics.

The first round is simply an acceptance round. No arguments will be submitted this round.

Format of the Debate:
Round One: Acceptance Round
Round Two: Main Argument
Round Three: Final Statements, Counter Arguments in Round Two


I gladly accept this challenge, this should be interesting. I wish you good luck and may the best debater win.
Debate Round No. 1


Point One
Donald Trump plans on lowering the country's debt. However, his solution is irrefudably flawed.
Not only does he promise to lower our debt, but simotaneously, he plans to lower taxes, increase military spending, create a new arsenal of nuclear weapons (which costs A LOT) and use some money to change common core education. He will only increase the debt, if anything.

Point Two
I feel that Donald Trump's skills with foreign negotiations is lacking. He plans to, as said from his own words, "nuke those maniacs [North Korea]," to solve the problem with North Korea. Not only is it reckless in creating civilian casualties, but it is also dangerous on America's behalf because North Korea has emphasized that if America makes any moves against North Korea, they will not hesitate to fire back, causing, surely, a war. Secondly, with the planning of building a wall along the Mexican border and calling most immigrants from Mexico dirty criminals, surely it would be an understatement that Mexicans are frustrated with Trump! Trump plans to build that wall with higher importation taxes from Mexico, so businesses would be fuming with hatred. Finally, the ordeal with Trump and the Fox reporter shows that he is not a linient man. If a world leader were to insult our president, we need a president who will keep his/her cool, and be able to still make a resolution to solve any conflicts between nations, not one, such as Trump, who demotes others that go against him. Even his little rant, #BoycottMacys, proves that he is too immature to manage this position as a foreign negotiator.

Point Three
Racism and hate towards other religions is one of my biggest concerns with Trump. He wants to ban all Muslims, destroying their right to practice their religion. Muslims have been kicked out from Trump fans at Trump rallies, only proving that his act of banning Muslims almost "justifies" the hatred towards Muslims, calling them all terrorists and evil people. Secondly, Trump has called African Americans lazy, and people who simply steal money from him.

Point Four
Trump's ideals contradict the constitution. Firstly, his belief that he should carry around a gun because of the second amendment doesn't exactly reflect the intent of the Second Amendment. The Amendment was made so that, in the event of the need to protect theirself, a person should be able to be armed, not just wave around a weapon like a little toy. Secondly, Donald Trump says he wants to "ban the internet" as a solution against ISIS recruiters. However, not only does he want to take down large businesses, but he wants to impeach our Freedom of Speech. Referring back to how bad it is that he wants to take down large businesses, large businesses help our economy. If we let go of those businesses, our economy would be in shambles.


Donald Trump may be inexperienced with policy making, but he understands economics, is a great negotiator, and shows aversion towards the current corrupt political system. For these reasons Donald Trump is a good presidential candidate

Point One: Donald Trump will create better relations with China. Firstly, he will denounce China as a currency manipulator. At first this may appear as a simple threat, but Trump will build upon this overtime through his other policies. Trump will make negotiations to end China’s use of sweatshops and cheap labor, this is not only detrimental to those having to work for slave wages, but it also continues to allow corporations to outsource jobs for the cheap labor. Another method to keep jobs in America would be to lower the corporate tax rate, which Trump also plans to do, this will encourage companies to keep jobs in America. Most likely our strongest negotiating technique is our military, which Trump will strategically place to prevent China’s continuing expansion into the East and South China Seas. By doing this, China will be more inclined to make negotiations about aforementioned plans.

Point Two: Trump’s tax reform plan will help the middle class save money, but will also work towards reducing national debt. Firstly, Trump will eliminate the income tax for single people who make less than $25,000 (or jointly earn $50,000). The tax bracket system will be simple with four brackets: 0%, 10%, 20%, and 25%. The corporate tax will also be reduced to no more than 15%, which will help small businesses grow, and encourage large corporations to keep jobs in America. Although these taxes may seem small, there is an aspect of Trump’s tax reform that raises money. Currently the rich and corporations avoid paying taxes though loopholes, if one can get a good lawyer, they can avoid a lot of taxes. Trump will work towards closing these loopholes, which cost us over $150 Billion lost due to offshore tax havens , moreover there is large amounts of taxes lost through capital gains and other methods of avoiding income tax. Trump will also reduce or eliminate most deductions used by the rich. Trump will encourage keeping money in America and not oversees.

Point Three: Trump is for the veterans. Trump will make sure veterans get the care they need and deserve. Trump will fund programs to look into medical conditions commonly found among veterans (such as PTSD).

I would really appreciate it if you could cite your source(s).

I found all of this information from his official campaign site:

Debate Round No. 2


FreckledSatan forfeited this round.


I am unsure why my opponent has decided to forfeit their last round. For whatever reason it was, I would feel that arguing an extra round myself would give me an unfair advangtage. At most I will conclude my restating both my and my opponents thesis, as if they were concluding themselves.

My OPPONENT'S thesis (in the best of my knowledge): Donald Trump is not a good candidate, evident by his inabillity to lower the national debt, lack of foriegn negotiating skills, use of racism and hatred towards other groups and religions, and his constitutionaly contradictory ideals.

To conclude, my thesis: Donald Trump may be inexperienced as a politician, however, he is a businessman, does indeed have great amounts of experience with negotiating and economics, and wishes to end corruption in politics. Although many of his ideals are arguably immoral, he is simply expressing them to generate large crowds, in which he instills excitement and enthusiasm. His policies may appear detrimental, but will in the long run improve the economy, and generate a surplus. For these reasons, Donald Trump is a good presidential candidate.

I would like to end by thanking Con for offering me this chance to debate this controversial topic. I would also like to thank them for taking their time to argue this with me. Although it appears we hit a mishap in the end, with you forfeiting your final round, I enjoyed debating with Con very much. I hope that the voters choose to vote with a lack of bias, and rather a direct answer to the voting questions.

Once again, I thank Con, and may the voters decide the winner.
Debate Round No. 3
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