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Is Donald Trump's made of a mixture of his wife's armpit hair and his pet weasel?

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Started: 8/22/2016 Category: Politics
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Yes, t'is made from Malania's hairs and his pet weasel geraldine.


no because on sunday i went with him to coles and he was like "hey bro" and i said: "hey~ ^///u////^"

anyway i hate this website and i want his wife to gimme some of dat hairs
Debate Round No. 1


No you didn't, I went to the dancing clubs with him on Saturday and then we ate some pickled onions with sugar coated peanuts from his garden in Costa Rico.

Then, his wife decided to go and have a leg wax and full body massage and she came back looking like some oily Mr America competitor except she was wearing some clothing (not a lot).


Ok nu-uh SISTER!

st0p bein SO creepie, and wake up and smell the weasel bro

Donald trump's hair IS REAL! IT IS A REAL TOUPEE BECAUSE idk dude i just want a partnership online/
Debate Round No. 2


A toupee ain't real hair brother, learn this english and you will succeed in life and all your adventurous goals. So anyway, his hair is made of the trash that it looks like it is made of because I said so and I love my pet fish called Lindsay...

Yes, so back to the massage, she was very grotty and when we went for the final spa bath together in the hot pools in Japan then I saw that she had no hairs on her body which meant that she froze at the core and then Donald old pal roasted her for dinner and ate her lungs because he was spending too much money on his fake hair that he couldn't afford proper food so we all got sent to the slaughter house and we all adopted some nice kittens after that because they were just on the streets.

I met Jesus.


"sebasTIAN i HATE YOU!!!! YOU HANDSOME LOSER!" said me
Edward elric is 150cm, even shorter than captain levi. This is a major achievement for corporal levi, he has never reached this height of 160cm wow.

There he was. An butt glinting in the soft pale moonlight. It was soft and supple, one could tell that it had only been freshly picked.
Once upon a time, there was a little boy called sebastian michaelis and he loved eating cookies whilst his grandma died. Sebastian is hawt. What about yato the hobo they fed everyday? Yes he is hot too.
Did you fart

One day for xmas, he wished for a new grandmother. So, santa claus was his new grandmother
(boo radley is pedo fun fact)
Santa (satan) gave birth to new gradfather and his name was Johnathan AND THEN YATO GAMI APPEARED AND SWAGGED SWAGGINESS EVERYWHERE. (ah baby <3)
Johnathan loved eating pork
Together they jouneyed to adventure time land (the land of OOO) or something. They defeated the as glinting in the moonlight for eternity.

Anyway johnathan died and poor little sebastian was left alone with no grandother because he is a prick who deserves to die alone and die. (jk, sebby baby <3)
[Saitama laughs at his pain.]
Debate Round No. 3
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