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Is ESPN focusing on the main few popular sports?

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Started: 3/10/2016 Category: Sports
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I would like to thank anyone for arguing against me. Anyway, to the facts. ESPN is known as the "worldwide leader of sports", but only focuses on certain sports, like basketball, football, and baseball. How often do we get bored and see a volleyball game, a racing event (NASCAR ended its deal with ESPN in 2014, and there's only 4 major horse races), or a soccer game? Yes, there ARE those things, but not as often as let's say a re-run of SportsCenter showing the "wide world" of baseball, football, and basketball most of the time. I'm not saying we should get rid of these sports from ESPN, but we should give those sports a little less air-time and have more air-time for other sports that we may enjoy. Who disagrees?


ESPN is a business. It is not a public serivice. Why not call themselves the "Worldwide Leader in Sport", it obviously stuck.

Most media companies make their revenue by selling advertisements, and commericals. There is a great deal of research conducted on advertising, on how and who to target.

Certain sports that have been popularized have a consumer base of viewers that have been studied and are well understood.

Call ESPN or their parent company, say that you are interested in advertising on their channel. They can break down the demographics, areas of viewership, and post advertising statistics for every major sport they sell. That is their business.

ESPN does not sell sports. It sells commercials and adertising that target to people who watch sports.

ESPN's biggest asset is the viewers not to programming. That is just the bait. If a day comes when their veiwership is declining and their ad revenue is declining, they will try to adapt by picking up something new to attract more viewers to sell to their advertisers.

There is a lot of programming and self advertsing for The Next Big Event!

You are their product. Not the sporting events.

Media companies can be like having a manipulative hot girlfriend. It's fun, addictive, but they really just want you to open your wallet.

Debate Round No. 1


I get that ESPN is a business, but you are changing the entire subject! I was talking about how there are too much of certain sports and not enough of others, so I was just saying that other sports deserve more of a chance, but I kind of get where you're getting to. ESPN needs more money by advertising, and so they show some famous, popular events. But, the thing is, should we give sports like volleyball, rugby, water polo, all great sports, a chance? Maybe a great game shows that boosts the sport's popularity and a lot of people will want to advertise for the sport. You'll never know if you don't give the sport a chance.


I am answering why they are not giving other sports a chance.

It is not about whether a sport will or will not be liked. They do introduct things and study the viewership. However the larger markets are well studied, and known, the data they have collected is used to sell advertisements.

Q: How much time, energy and effort would it take to make rugby, and water polo as popular throughout the masses as baseball, football, and basketball.

A: More money then it is worth.

Debate Round No. 2


Well, this debate went quick. I'm not trying to make the other sports as popular as football, baseball, and basketball. I'm suggesting that the other sports get a chance and see how it goes. If the viewer ship is low, then yeah, don't show the sport on ESPN. If it's close to what an NBA game is, then keep it for a while and see how it goes. All they need is to show a sport and give it a chance, and if none of the sports get good views, then it's fine, and it can go back to what it usually does, but I think Americans would like to see a Rugby game on ESPN once in a while (and no, I don't mean the UK ESPN). If you go to the ESPN site, would you see sports like water polo and even rugby in the U.S.A.? NO! Why? Because these sports are ignored by ESPN and are never given a chance. Where have you seen those sports? Never! Because they are never given a chance. I believe this is the final round and wish you best of luck during the voting session.


A large part of the sporting culture is based on what is popular during ones childhood, and social influences from friends and family.

If you really want to change a society reducate the children.

Start getting kids playing water polo, rugby, or cricket in mass and wait 15-20 years.

Most of the old farts are too set in their ways to change. New things scare them.

Debate Round No. 3
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