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Is "England" a Country?

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Started: 2/20/2015 Category: Politics
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England is not a country! I will tell you why.

1. It is a political region, much like a state or county, that is part of a country called the United Kingdom.
2. It does NOT have a passport.
3. It is NOT recognized by the European Union.
4. It does NOT have its own ruler.
5. It does NOT have its own parliament.
6. It is very similar to Scotland (also part of the UK), and Scotland recently voted to become a country.
7. It is NOT recognized on any atlas.


England is a constituent country, which basically means a country within a larger country or state; It is used simply to refer to a country which is a constituent part of something else.

Some other examples of 'non countries' by your logic are, New Zealand, the Netherlands, The Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Cook Islands, all of which are Countries.

I will now address your 7 points, some of which make no sense in regards to it being a country or not, but i will continue regardless:

1 - This has no bearing on whether is is a country or not, You could go to the next level and say the UK is part of the EU and the EU is a regional Organisation, like the Arab League or ASEAN for example.
2 - Yes it does have a passport, it has a British and Northern Ireland passport, Britain is made up of the constituent countries England, Scotland, and Wales.
3 - Yes, it is, it is recognized as a constituent country of the United Kingdom, the UK is in the EU.
4 - I assume you mean the Queen? you realise she is just a figurehead and doesn't have any political input, she is also the monarch of New Zealand and Canada, are they not countries?
5 and 6 - Scotland voted for independence from the UK, not to become a country, Scotland have been a country for over 1000 years, they want to make their own political decisions for things like taxes, immigration and strident missiles in their waters, and such things.
7 - This is ridiculous, what atlas' are you looking at, i have a globe of the world and it has England firmly placed right on there.
Debate Round No. 1


You gave valid points in your argument, yet some of them were wrong or misunderstood.

1.You are trying to relate the following; England is to the United Kingdom = United Kingdom is to the European Union.
This is wrong because United Kingdom has full authority over England, yet the European Union does not have full authority over the United Kingdom.
2. You are wrong here, the English Citizens do not own an English passport, they own a British passport. This is the passport that Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Islanders also use.
3. You misunderstood me. The EU recognizes United Kingdom as a whole, yet they do not recognize England independently.
4. The Queen of England is also the ruler of Scotland and Wales. That is like saying Obama is the ruler of Alabama, yet does that make Alabama a country? No it does not, because he also rules the other 49 states.
5. Scotland voted to be an Independent country.
6. If they do not have access to make their own political decisions for taxes, immigration, and missiles, then they are not a country.
7. You might have an atlas that also list Alabama, Texas, and California on the map. Are they countries? And if you look at a map of the countries, you will not see England and Scotland with defined borders.


We are a United Kingdom (Queendom) where the same monarch 'rules' over the countries contained within, just as she rules over Australia, Jamaica and New Zealand, are they not countries?

The United Kingdom consists of 3 countries and 1 province, the countries being England, Wales and Scotland and the province being Northern Island.

This is according the the International Organization for Standardization which is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations, which basically means, that various standards organizations around the world, agree that England is a country.

another way to look at it, is, If Scotland and England were the same country, then why would an English person be unable to represent Scotland at any sporting event? why do Scotland have their own currency? how do you explain University tuition fee's having a top level of 9000 pounds in England which up until 2014 was only around 3000 pounds in Wales? how do you explain prescriptions from your doctor being free in Wales and charged in England?

Each country in the United Kingdom has different Healthcare systems, Benefits systems and Educational systems which are decided by their own parliaments and authorities, Scotland has it's own Legal system, the reason the UK shares an immigration system is because of the ease in which someone can travel between the different countries, the borders are not manned or controlled and it's just a lot simpler.

An English person does not have a Scottish or Welsh nationality, in the same way they wouldn't have a French nationality.

In regards to point 5, I agree Scotland did vote to become an independent country, but they didn't vote to BECOME a country, they voted to become an Independent country from the UK, they were a country before the vote, and are a country after the vote.

I mean there are always going to be disagreements over whether a country is a country, so you have to come to some sort of general consensus which involves common sense, otherwise you are left with countries picking and choosing who they see as countries and who they don't see as countries, some examples would be:

Turkey do not see Cyprus as a country, whereas we can all agree, Cyprus is a country, They are picking and choosing their own ideology to determine what makes a country a country, another example is that Pakistan doesn't recognize Armenia as a country, we can all agree Armenia is a country, surely.

For all intents and purposes, England is a country, you can be in the minority who disagree and pick and choose your own rules as to what makes a country, but to the people that live there, and the ISO, which comprises of the various standards organizations around the world, agree, England is a country.
Debate Round No. 2


jbratina forfeited this round.


You have forfeited the round, I have nothing more to add, we have established quite clearly that England is a country.
Debate Round No. 3
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Your a retard.
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