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Is Football More of a Sport than Marching Band ?

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Started: 10/26/2012 Category: Sports
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I believe that football is more of a sport because, there is actually a goal. For something to be a sport there must be a goal. In football it is to score and keep your opponent from scoring. If you don't succed you lose. In marching band there is a goal; to look "pretty". In football you must remember the play, know what you have to do, you have to be able to hit, and execute. That is why I believe football is more of a sport than marching bad.


I would first like to acknowledge that many of your statements are FALSE. You obviously know nothing about marching band whatsoever. As a very talented musician I know what I'm talking about. I also would like to say that we are not as strong as you are(except for those big tuba players) and we don't think otherwise so that is one thing I will not argue about. You win there.

Now, time to counter your absolutely false statements...

I believe that football is more of a sport because, there is actually a goal.

Band has many goals, more than I can count. Our main goal, however, is to portray a story through visual show of uniformity and the sound of music. We also have many secondary goals, but I will get to them another time. What made you think that band has no goal I don't know. If we had no goal then why would we do it?

In marching band there is a goal; to look "pretty".

Yes, in a sense we do like to look "pretty". But we look pretty in a way that follows the principles of band. We move from position to position in forms that make shapes or sections. But we don't look pretty when we do it. We look "uniform". One band, one sound, as quoted from Drumline. Part of being uniform involves staying in step, locking forms, and overall staying the same. Try doing that on a football team.

Now to say my thoughts about football...

I argue that marching band is more of a sport because it involves more physical activity, more intelligence and talent, and more competing among other schools. That's what a sport is, isn't it? Those three fundamentals. Football has these three things, but marching band has more of it. Here's why.

Marching band is more physically demanding.

When you run down a field, its not that hard, right? Just what you normally do. Now think about this. What if you ran down the field while exhaling your breath slowly until you have no more air left, then taking a quick, short breath and repeating the process over and over. That's what it's like just for 15 seconds of marching band.

Marching band involves more critical thinking and multitasking than football.

We have to move from form to form by marching, which means toes up, marching with the beat while staying at attention, listening to every command. When we move from form to form we have to make adjustments to ourselves to make the form look good. And then we have music on top of that. We have to play every note right, play every rhythm right while making one of a thousand adjustments to make it sound good. Try doing that.

Marching band competes among way more and often than football teams.

My band competes at 4 competitions every year. Doesn't seem like much, but instead of competing against one school, we compete against 20 schools. It becomes a very competitive experience, with scores with less than a tenth of a point difference. Football is not as competitive as that.

Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to state that marching band is hard and it does take energy. But that does not mean it is more of sport than football. Just because playing an instrument and marching at the same tiime is difficult does not make it more of a sport than football. Yes, I do believe it is a sport but I also believe that foitball is more of a sport.
Football has been around far longer than marching band. As we know, the first football game ever played was back in 1769 between Rutgers and princeton. Rutgers ended up winning the game 6-4.
Marching band has been around since 1892. As you can see, football has been played far longer than marching band.
Now I will state the definition of a "sport".
Sport-an individual or group activitie pursued for exercise or pleasure, often taking a competitive form.
There for marching band is a sport, but not more of a sport than football. Your not sprinting up and down the field in shoulder pads, a helmet, and football pants. No you dont. We have to be physically stronger abd physically smarter. We must know how to wrap up, when to wrap up, and where to wrap up. I play wide reciever, free safety, and cirner back. Tgete for must know and remember a lot of stuff. Many players play more than one position. We must work harder and be tougher. We have to be able to take a hit and give a hit. You guys aren't on the field catching passes, taking hits, and pulling off sweet moves.
The NFL is one of the most watched networks in the U.S. I don't see people watching marching band every week. Plus in football you can get awards like MVP of the year, Offensive Player if the year, Defensive Player of the year, etc. There's even an award for rookies, Offensive and Defensive rookie of the year. So as you can see football is more competitive than marching band. So once again, football is more of a sport that marching band.


Let's go back to your definition of sport for a second to start off...
Sport- an individual or group activity pursued for exercise and pleasure, often taking a competitive form

Now, marching band is a group activity pursued for exercise and pleasure. It also takes a VERY competitive form, far surpassing that of football. Let me give an example. Our band went to Valhalla Marching Festival about a month ago to compete. We had 8 bands in our class including us. Now that is competitive, much more than playing only one other football team.

If this argument was truly about which sport fits the definition that you provided, then marching band wins. Fortunately, that would be downright boring to debate about.

Just for factual correctness, the first bands that marched date back to the revolutionary war when the British marched through the fields to the songs of their country. The first marching band that made formations on a football field dates back to 1907. So, technically, marching band has been around longer than football.

When you say we aren't sprinting up and down the field in shoulder pads, a helmet, and pants, we actually do. Let us not forget where marching bands perform: on your own turf. We wear uniforms with shoulder "pads", a shiny helmet with plumes on top, and bibbers, which are basically overalls. These uniforms altogether make the temperature seem 30 degrees hotter than it actually is, and that's just standing still. When we sprint up and down the field(Yes, we do) to get to our forms, its physically and mentally demanding. To do this, it matches the physical demand of football but surpasses the mental demand.

In band, you have to be thinking about a million different things, unlike football where all you think is "I've gotta tackle a guy". In band, as you move to your next form, you have to think when and where the form is, how the form looks, how you've got to be in relationship to your fellow band mates, how many beats it takes to get there, and how to get around any obstacles in your way. And music wise, you have to know what beat your on, know what notes and rhythms to play, adjust to the surrounding parts to make sure your intonation, phrasing, articulation, balance and blend are all right. Marching wise, you have to stay in step, roll your feet, drag step with your heels up, mark time where needed, starting and stopping in the right places, and many more things I'm not listing.

We have to memorize a lot more things than football players. You should see a marching drill, same concept as a football playbook, only there's 150 squares and circles instead of 12. Every one of those 150 have to memorize everyone's positions so they can adjust. You have to memorize how you get to that form from the previous one(Which, in fact, the average show has around 90 forms) Then there's the music. We have to memorize seven minutes worth of hard music. You have to memorize every fingering, rhythm, entrance, cutoff, dynamic, phrasing, accent and articulation. We also switch positions, only we do every form.

Just because marching band isn't on NBC every Sunday night doesn't mean football is a better sport. The sport that is more of a sport has nothing to do with publicity and popularity. We do get awards in band all the time, like outstanding drum major, outstanding drumline, outstanding horn line and outstanding color guard. Bands like ours bust our butts at practice every week between competitions with the desire to get all those awards. More than football teams do. So, since marching band is more competitive, it is more of a sport than football.
Debate Round No. 2


As you said band is a sport, and as I recall I said that in my second argument. You act as if I don't appreciate a bands formality. I agree that it takes practise and hard work. It is a difficult sport and it is not easy to accomplish what you want.
You said that band is more competitive. I am going to have to disagree. You see, in football we play against teams every week and we only get a certain amount of time to get so many wins. Every player on the team must play to his fool potential or the team will not come out with very good results. In football we have individual awards and team awards making it a very competitve game. You say that we only play one team at a time and that is true, but evert loss counts against us. When we are in the play-offs it is probably one of the most competetive games around. If you lose a single game you are out for the rest of the season and you do not get to play again until the next season, which is a whole year away. When you are in band and you lose you still have many competitions and you get to play at OUR games. So when we lose and don't get to play any more, you are still going to competitions and many other places. I wish you would understand that as I said, football is a very competitive game and very physical.
Another thing that makes football more of a sport is the fact that we have to be physically and mentally tough. We can't just think about "who am i going to tackle". We have to be able to concentrate on every player on the field and still be able to know where that one guy that you are suppost to watch the is going to go. You have to know what is going on and what is going to happen. You have to be able to not only take a hit but also give a hit. If you can't then you are going to be a poor football player. We must concentrate on everything infront, behind, and around you. If you can't then you will lose. This is why football can be considered "more of a sport than marching band".


ParkourMan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BenvolioandJuliet 4 years ago
Ok, first off this debate was completely worthless. This is a opinion, therefor there is no right or wrong answer. Sure, you can back up your opinion with facts, but in the end, who really wins? Who decides if football is better than marching band. I absolutely LOVE both. I'm in marching band, and I agree that it takes a LOT of work and can be REALLY competitive. But I also LOVE watching football. They work just as hard as we do and are just a competitive. So as I see it, there is no "better" sport. All sports are great and amazing and everyone thinks of them differently. When you say something is better than something else I find it insulting and stupid. Nothing is better than anything else, and that's that. Your opinion and view might think it is, but it's really not. For every person who thinks football is better, there's another who thinks marching band is better. Both of you are both right and wrong on this. And some of both of your statements are way off. Good try but this was pointless.

Haha I just needed to rant xD but yeah BOTH ARE AWESOME just accept it and say they're equals
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