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Is Free Limitless Energy a Good Thing?

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Started: 10/23/2012 Category: Politics
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We were talking about this on that forum and I think this would be a fun topic to debate with you.

Round 1- Acceptance

Round 2- Arguments

Round 3- Conclusions


I am new to this, so please point out any of my relevant mistakes.

I believe limitless energy would be greatly appreciated world wide.
With the need of new industry for economic survival on all continents, limitless energy (LE) would be greatly welcomed.

Limitless energy could be used to in factories.This would save industries money which can be returned to their business in some fashion.
Countries that have no industrial background would benefit from this as well, because now they would have capabilities never before comprehensible.

Every person who spends money on fuel and electricity would save substantial amounts of income. This would boost economic growth in the areas in which those people lived.

Societies that never possessed the convenience of electricity or urban living would have a new found comfort of life that can deliver unlimited possibilities.

I'm not sure what else to write or how to conclude.
Any advice is appreciated.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that while LE would be helpful, it would have a fair share of consequences in 2 major ways that some people may fail to see-

A)- 3rd World "Urbanization"
While free clean energy could be good for less than developed countries, it would eventually cause an economic collapse, and be a while until they could properly utilize it. Majority of their economies are based around 1 thing: oil, and free energy would put them out of business. You would have to completely rebuild their economy from the ground up in countries like Dubai, where the only export is oil.

B)- People are ***holes
If the world had clean free energy, what is to stop people and governments from abusing it and doing terrible things with it? If we have unlimited energy in our cars, what is to stop governments around the world putting unlimited energy in their tanks, bombers, and other weapons of war? It would only allow war to be waged with fewer resources and for less money. And how would we know energy in third world countries is even being used to better their country? How would we know local warlords aren't just hoarding it and extorting people to further there goals. It has happened in Africa before, except instead of energy it was Unicef's food shipments in Somalia.

These are my key reasons why this would be a BAD idea.


In response to (A).
I believe all economies would have a limited collapse and a huge industrial boom.
Even though other economies are based on oil, I believe it is fair to assume they only allow this because they have had no need to form a new income source to strengthen their economy.

I assume most cruel intentions are derivatives of greed. Greed should be almost non-existent if something more valuable than gold were freely accessible to anyone who wished to obtain it.
Debate Round No. 2


I have made all of my points and have no more responses. Vote Con!


Even with the almost certainty of economic collapse LE could be a positive future.

Energy is the only thing more valuable than gold.
If LE were available to all households in every society, the limitations of small business in these societies would endless.

When you combine the value of LE with human innovation and the human will to survive, our future would be unfathomably good for all societies.

Thanks for the introductory debate L_A_B, it was fun =)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
Likewise! May the best man win!
Posted by pozessed 5 years ago
Yea, me too. Thank you for the experience.
Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
I enjoyed the debate!
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Reasons for voting decision: The proposition being argued is really weird. It should have been "free limitless usable energy." Both arguments are not strong, but I think Con's was a little better